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group payments

The Biggest Headache of your Hen or Stag is now GONE! 

Recently we carried out a survey on our groups with some interesting results. We found that the No.1 problem with organising a hen or stag party is collecting money off everybody.

People do not realise the hassle until its too late there pulling their hair out trying to get money off Tom, Dick and Harry. Its great being nominated to organise a stag/hen event but who wants the hassle of collecting money off 20-30 people.


The biggest problems we found were:

  • The organiser does not know all the group members personaly.
  • The group are spread all over the country/world making it impossible to collect payments.
  • The organiser does not want the hassle of setting up a bank account and constantly reminding people to pay into it.
  • The organiser has not time or simple can’t be bothered to collect money off everybody.
We have a solution to cure your headache.  
We are now offering groups the facility to use our online payment collector, even if you haven’t booked through us. Yes, you read that right, organisers can now use our system to collect payments from all the group members so their is no work on their part.
  • No driving around the country collecting money.
  • No phone calls or texts trying to remind people to pay.
  • No setting up once off bank accounts.
  • No awkward moments trying to make small talk with a person you never met before, before taking money off them!
We have a simple process to take all the hassle away from you. 
  1. We will Create a group and give you access details. We will add the payment you want collected and the date it has to be paid by.
  2. You login and  invite all your friends.
  3. Your friends login and pay.
  4. We send out gentle remidners to anyone who is running late.
  5. We pay you the full amount into your bank account 2 weeks before the event date.
This service costs €2 per payment made through the system.
Credit and debit card fee’s are also applied during checkout.
Please Use the contact form below to enquire about this service.

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