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A night at a comedy club means a nice table by the stage with a steady stream of food and drink, the chance to scream hysterically at a surprising new act and cringe with embarrassment at the dire failings of another. Live comedy is unpredictable and exciting, full of audience interaction and deadpan one-liners to keep your ribs sufficiently tickled until the after-show nightclub gets going. Nothing beats a good giggle on your ┬áhen night and an evening of laughter lies ahead for you girls. Sit back, enjoy the show and be prepared to laugh… a lot!


Smile, giggle or laugh

out loud, some of the very best comedian talent will be setting out to entertain you. They’ll be hurtling their best jokes, gags and one-liners in the hope of hearing much laughter from you hen party girls.

So prepare to laugh the evening away.

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