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Hey Everybody, welcome to our new hen party website. We decided it was time to dedicate a full website to our hen parties. We have put a lot of effort and work into this website so please let us know your feedback.

We also have some great features on this website like our stagit.ie stag party website.

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Create Your Own Hen Weekend

We make sure that our customers get exactly what they want, if not more. That is the reason why we are allowing you to create the hen party or hen weekend that you have always wanted. After choosing what you want, we will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

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Girls Night In

Though it has become common practice for hens to have a night out, that does not mean that they cannot have a “girls’ night in.” Brides that do not really have the time for a hen weekend or do not really want a night out can always opt to have a more intimate time with their girlfriends.

If you find yourself being too busy planning for the wedding, have a girls’ night in instead. This way, you can still have a lot of fun with your closest friends before your wedding day. Here are some tips to make sure that your girls’ night in will be a blast!

  • Enjoy a retro night and dress up in 80s fashion! Relive the good old times with 80s music, neon clothing, music, and movies. The possibilities are endless as you can just as easily go for another era.
  • Enjoy hen party games! You can always play certain games with your girlfriends like Bunco, Dame to Do, or any other game that does not really require other people.
  • Get lessons from professional instructors! You can actually stay in and learn various dances like pole dancing, burlesque, belly dancing, or any other dance. As alternatives, you can opt for other sorts of lessons like cooking, cocktail making, painting, and more.
  • Get together and whip up something special with the girls. You can get everyone to help you prepare all the dishes. Make it an unforgettable night for everyone by preparing everyone’s favorite dish.

There are so many fun activities that can be included in your girls’ night in. Just make sure to choose activities that everyone will enjoy and have a great time! Take a look at our ideas section if you need more help planning for your girls’ night in.

Mature Hen

Hen nights are known for being wild with daring games, outrageous activities, and an all-out night of indulgence. However, mature hens might not appreciate such hen parties. Still, every bride should celebrate her last moments of freedom! So, if you are planning a hen party for a mature hen, here are some tips that might help you.

  • Since you will not really have a wild night out, you can just have the party at her house or your own house. You also have the option to have the hen night or have a hen weekend at another location. If it will not be so wild, you can even have it in a hotel room.
  • As activities go, you can always do stuff that the hen will enjoy doing. To be on the safe side, activities for rest and relaxation will be ideal. After all, every bride needs to be at her best for the big day. So, a day at the spa or the health club will give her that glowing skin and fresh feeling for her wedding day.
  • A themed hen party will not be so bad either. Just make sure that the theme will be to the bride’s liking. A masquerade or pop star theme party can be quite fun!

A mature hen party should be different from typical hen parties. Even so, it can still be a lot of fun with the right activities. Just like any other hen party, you will have to make sure that everything is organised in advance.

Hen Party Planning

Planning for that hen party is really not that difficult if you have enough time to devote to the planning process. Where do you start? We will provide you with a short guide to planning for that fabulous hen party.A hen night is a tradition and seen as a rite of passage from being single to being married. It is one last chance for the bride to fully enjoy those last moments of being “single.”

Now, if you happen to be the bride, bride’s maid of honor, a close friend, or relative, you will want to make sure that her hen night will be an unforgettable affair. Better yet, make the event last longer and plan for a hen weekend. Here is a short guide to help you plan for your fabulous hen night or hen weekend:

    • Consider making it a theme party because the theme itself can already add excitement and color to the hen party. However, if you do go for a particular theme, make sure that the costumes needed are easy to obtain. There are popular hen theme costumes that are available in the market like angels, devils, policewomen, Playboy bunnies, and more.
    • Choose the best location and venue for the party. If it will be a hen weekend, choose any location within the country or outside the country… whatever suits the bride’s fancy. Just make sure that the location and venue will be suitable to the bride’s taste and personality.
    • Activities should always be part of a hen party or weekend to make sure that not a minute goes to waste. One activity that should always be included in every hen night would be dancing. If you want, you can even get lessons before the big night. The possibilities are endless, the whole group can learn how to dance burlesque, the cancan, 80s dances, or other sorts of dances before the big night.
    • Games can make sure the whole night is full of laughter. It makes the event fun as well. You can choose among so many different games as there are fun and wholesome ones and those that are a bit more daring.
    • Make sure that you plan for everything ahead of time. Also, make sure that you have appropriate hen party invitations, accessories, etc. especially if you have a particular theme for the hen night. You might need hen party decorations too, but that will depend on your hen party location and venue.

Now, you’re all set and can organise a fabulous hen party. Do not forget to check out all the other hen party ideas under our ideas section.

Hen Party Activities

Are you planning for that hen party, but do not know when to start? How about adding some hen party activities to make those last moments of freedom even more memorable? To get you started, here are great ideas that you can choose from. We have gathered a list of fun hen party activities that the whole group can enjoy.

Quirky Fun

River Cruise

Disco Bus

Dog Racing


German Bierkellers

Quad Racing

Pole Dancing

Spa Day

Horse Racing


Go Karting

4×4 Driving


Boat Trip



Quad Biking

Chocolate Making

Circus Skills

Clay Pigeon




Foreplay Lessons

Fire Engine

French Cuisine


Greek Cuisine

Highland Games

Water Rafting

Horse Riding

Italian Cuisine


Party Bus


Pop Star Video

Hen Parties Abroad


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Top 10 Hen Party Packages

Based on what most of our customers want, we present you with the top 10 hen party packages. You cannot go wrong in choosing any of these. All of these are pre-made hen party packages that will be good for hen nights or hen weekends.

Tried and tested by other hens, any of these can ensure that your last moments of freedom are truly memorable. So, take a look and book a fabulous hen party!

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