Ways to Be That Radiant Bride for Your Wedding Day

Brides have to be radiant on their wedding day without question. Though our company mostly deals with making your last night of freedom worth remembering, we also think that every bride should look wonderful during her wedding day.

It goes without saying that you should not obsess yourself with your husband-to-be’s stag night celebration. That tends to stress out some bride-to-be’s.

That aside, if you’re the type of bride-to-be that wishes to look absolutely fabulous during the big day, here are some things they can do to make that happen. These tips are based on some hens that have really prepared for their wedding day.

Stop Drinking Alcoholic Drinks

Let’s face it, alcohol turns to sugar in the blood. That means, there are actually so many calories in a single bottle of beer. So, in order to be at your best during your wedding day, you can reserve a day for all the alcohol consumption for that hen night and stop there.

By not consuming all of those calories that come with alcoholic drinks, you will definitely look great on your wedding day. Naturally, this will not apply to hens that do not really drink.

Find a Fun Way to Stay Fit

Going to the gym may not be something for everyone, but there are a lot of ways to actually stay fit. So, just find a fun way to stay fit. It helps to get an exercise buddy, but by choosing something that you are really interested in, you’d be motivated enough to do it every single day.

For some hens, that activity can be something like boxing or pole dancing. One can never go wrong by adapting a healthier lifestyle and finding a fun activity to stay fit can serve as the first step. In addition to being good for one’s health. Regular exercise can make sure that you are trim and toned to don that wedding dress.

Watch What You Eat

No one wants to wake up to their wedding day to find that their dress no longer fits. So, to make sure that will not be a problem. Watching what you eat might help.

If you happen to be a certified chocoholic, you do not have to totally deprive yourself of chocolates. Set a “Sin Day” and have your fill once a week. Or, another option would be to take it in moderation.

These are just three tips to make sure that you’re the radiant bride that you should be on your wedding day. There are hen party activities to relieve the stress that can help as well.

How Her Hen Party Changed Her Life Forever

True love really is hard to find and one woman was lucky to really find it. Today is Valentine’s Day and love really is in the air. Those who love and those who are looking for love will find this woman’s story inspiring and romantic.

Rachelle was totally looking forward to her hen party celebration just like any other bride-to-be. She expected to have a great time with her girlfriends. Instead, she got a surprise that literally changed her life forever.

A resident of Knightdale, North Carolina, Rachelle Friedman had everything planned for her hen party that was held on May 23, 2010. For months, she was looking forward to spending the day with four of her closest friends. They were to go shopping, she would be trying out her wedding dress, enjoying a barbecue party, and dancing at night.

However, for Rachelle, things did not really go as planned. At least, her fiancé, Chris Chapman’s stag night was not as eventful.

What Really Happened

On the day of her hen do, everything started out as planned. After the barbecue, they rode in a limousine and went to the best clubs in town. They danced until around two in the morning, but since everyone was on a high, no one really wanted the fun to stop there. So, they went swimming.

Initially, no one was really worried about anyone drowning since three of them were lifeguards. They all fooled around by the pool, pushed and nudged each other until… Rachelle fell. Unfortunately, she fell at the shallow part of the pool. Unable to break her fall properly, she broke her neck. After that, she lost all sensation from the chest down.

What Happened After

The paramedics came as soon as they could. One even admitted that after thirty years of working as one, only one person walked away from such an incident. Rachelle was very determined to be the second.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors conducted some tests and an injury at her spinal cord was confirmed. That also meant that she would be on a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Though she could move her arms, she could not even move her fingers.

She started worrying about her impending marriage and if her fiancé will still be willing to go through with it. She soon got her answer after he walked into her hospital room. All her fears were washed away when he said, “you’re just the same. I still love you.”

A Fairy Tale Like Ending… Not

Her hen do was not just a memorable moment, it was life changing. She had to adapt to a new life. If she used to be so physically active and independent before, she had to learn how to do things differently as she had to learn how to live on wheels.

Through physical therapy, Rachelle was able to join a wheelchair rugby team. Her passion for sports was at least fed by playing rugby. After some time, she was even able to regain the use of her fingers.

No one can find princesses in wheelchairs in any fairy tale story, but Rachelle did seem to get that happy ending many people never get the chance to experience. Hopefully, over time, she improves and gets to find her place in this world.

Katie Price Will Celebrate Her Hen Do After Saying I Do

Everyone knows that it is customary to celebrate the hen do before actually saying, “I do.” However, for Katie Price, it will be the other way around as she already got married earlier this week.

A bride-to-be’s hen do is supposed to be time for her to say goodbye to the life of being single to being married. It need not be said that it is tradition to celebrate that last night of freedom before getting married. The name says it all.

Tradition Thrown Out the Window

She’s 34 and he’s 25. Age may be a big difference between the two, but it might not really matter. Folks can say that, “age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

For Katie Price and her new husband, Kieran Hayley, tradition was thrown out the window as their whirlwind romance made them decide to fly to the Bahamas and just get married. It was definitely “lust at first sight” when Katie laid eyes on Kieran and who can blame her?

After setting her eyes on those pecs, two months later, the couple got married. Did she tell anyone that she was getting married? She actually did tell her closest friends a day before she was scheduled to fly to the Bahamas.

What Her Closest Friends Think

Katie’s friends are still in shock about the whole wedding fiasco. Some were even vocal and said that they do not really feel like celebrating. Even so, luckily, she continues to have friends that will stand by her no matter what. It is safe to assume that some of her closest friends just felt left out as she did not really tell them that she had plans of getting married until the last minute.

This is already Katie’s third marriage and some people may not know that. She was previously married to Peter Andre and Alex Reid. Will this one last? Some folks are already betting on when the two will split up.

A Hen Do or a Hen Don’t

In Katie’s situation, the traditional L-plate hen party may not really apply. Still, there are lots of ways to make that hen party fun especially since it will take place in London. Though, at this point, it may be difficult for her to rally all of her friends for the big bash, she will at least know who her real friends are.

Will her husband, Kieran, celebrate have a London stag party as well? It might just turn into a hag party (hen and stag) since an article on the Mirror implies that the party will give her friends a chance to get to know Kieran better. Come to think of it, since they got married after two months, she herself needs to get to know him better.

How a Hacker Spoiled a Hen Party in New Zealand

Though the internet has its many benefits, it also has its disadvantages. The internet does have hackers and security has always been an issue. Even so, people will continue using the internet simply because it offers convenience.

In this particular instance, the HolidayHouses website was attacked by a phishing scam which allowed hackers to get the money out of eleven bookings. HolidayHouses is a website that allows people to rent houses conveniently for holidays. Though this happened in New Zealand, it does not mean that it cannot happen elsewhere.

What Actually Happened

Last December, a hen party group of ten women from Auckland thought that they booked a house in Onetangi for this weekend. They thought everything was in order as they paid a total of $1990 (kiwi dollars).

To confirm their booking, they called the owner of the house they were renting Monday. That was when they found out that the house was rented out to someone else. It was like their booking never happened except for the fact that the bride-to-be, Amber Mepsted, lost $1990.

Due to that incident and ten other booking, HolidayHouses discovered that their website was hacked. HolidayHouses is currently working with the Interpol and the local police to trace the stolen funds from their customers.

What Can Be Done

For Amber’s hen group, this certainly put everyone in low spirit. After all, she did lose money and there is no guarantee that it will be returned soon. What’s worse is that HolidayHouses warned the home owners, but not their customers.

So, what can be done in such a situation? Unfortunately, for this case, everything is now in the hands of the Interpol. Those who are thinking of booking with HolidayHouses should also be warned that they were vulnerable to such an attack by hackers.

As mentioned earlier, the internet does offer convenience for a lot of people. However, in certain circumstances such as this, it simply made things worse for the bride-to-be and ten other people. Until now, programmers are still finding ways to make sure that the internet is a safe place. Hence, until now, there is no fool proof way of knowing if a website is hacked or not. If it’s any comfort, this incident is still a “one in a million” occurrence.

Internet Security Issues

For those that plan to use the internet for booking hen and stag party accommodations, activities, and venues, it helps to pay through a secure connection or a website that is verified to be safe and secure.

Website owners are better off getting online payment service providers to take care of online payments. Those specialize specifically in making sure all the payments are safe and secure. This will include companies like Digital River, Ingenico, and Ogone. As an added note, Ogone was recently acquired by Ingenico.

Social media helps a lot too. Everyone just writes about everything on Facebook and Twitter. That will certainly warn others in case such a thing happens to other people. What’s important is that people become more aware and learn from this incident.