Boom Balloon

(Protect your balloons while trying to pop others).

Brand New for 2014, is bringing you the latest craze that is sweeping across Ireland – Boom Balloon
You are inside a Zorb ball and go head to head with the rest of your group to try and burst their balloons before they get you.
This is great fun and a must try for your hen weekend.

Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine that makes wide use of herbs, vegetables, grains, fish, lamb, and of course, olive oil.

Greek cuisine ranges from very simple dishes like grilled meat and vegetables to complicated layered casseroles to delicate pastries sweetened with local honey.  Greek food also balances the most eclectic tastes from the West with the raw and upbeat flavors of the East, thus bringing the best of both worlds to the tables.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is a popular choice for sharing with family and friends alike.  

It  is characterized by simplicity, with most dishes made up of less than 8 ingredients. These ingredients is given utmost importance and the complex method only comes second.
Since natural ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, whole grains, olive oil, and leafy greens are used, Italian cuisine has been as considered one of the most healthiest diets.

Pizza and pasta of varying shapes and sizes are the popular picks while cheese, wine, and espresso complete the Italian meal experience.

Condom Fitter

Each player holds a cucumber with a condom on top.  The goal of the game is to unroll the condom the fully onto the cucumber using only the mouth, so only hand one should be used to hold the cucumber and the other hand should be kept behind the back at all times.  The girl who unrolls the condom the fastest is declared the winner.  Now, who’d have thought cucumbers can be this fun?

Male Model

Hand each player some play dough or molding clay and ask them to mold male body parts within 2 minutes.  Extra points will be given for details and realism, so let your creative juices flow and try real hard to remember how “it” looks.  To make the players use their imagination twice as hard, you can have the players blindfolded.  This game is sure to make everyone giggle and blush.

Hen Night: Truth or Dare

Get ready for a night filled with giggles and laughter as you play the Truth or Dare. Give this classic game a hen party twist by using questions and dares that range from innocent to downright humiliating. This game is perfect for involving everybody and breaking the ice.

Prepare Truth or Dare questions printed or written on strips of paper. Fold up each strip and drop them in a bowl. Like Pass the Bouquet, you sit around in a circle and pass the bowl around while the music plays. When the music stops, the girl holding the bowl will then pick a paper from the bowl and proceeds to answering a question or performing a dare. Anybody who does not answer a question or perform a dare has to take a shot of cocktail or down a glass of beer in one go.

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