DIY Hen Party Ideas that will help you save!

Planning hen parties can be very expensive. You are already saving money for the wedding and to top it all off, you have to save up some money for the perfect hen party! Splurging in this situation can be very easy, especially on the things we can easily make at home. Here are some DIY Hen party items you can create in the comfort of your own home! 

DIY Party Decorations

Decorations are the most important thing for your hen party! Even though they are cheap but all of these added together can make them quite costly! There are hundreds of DIY hen party decorations ideas that you can find on the internet! They require a less effort and will also help you save a ton! Also, there will be a personal touch to your hen party! You can even get together with your girls, it will definitely help to make that bond even stronger! 

We have selected excellent DIY Hen Party Ideas on your Pinterest Page! Click here to see how you can save up money with these cute DIYs.

DIY Hen party Decorations


DIY Hen T-shirts!

Purchasing customized hen t-shirts can be very costly. They can range from €15 to €25 per person. This is especially extra costly if you have a large group of hens at your party. It can be costly for you and as well as your hens. You can easily cut down the price by using transfer paper, a printer and an iron. I have a link to a perfect tutorial that involves glitter and some DIY-ing! I am sure this will cut the cost as well as make you some fabulous t-shirts!

DIY Hen Party - DIY T-shirts

DIY Party Favours

A little gift at your hen party will make your friends love you a little bit more, however, if you were to buy these, you will be left with no money in your pockets! Party favours don’t have to be expensive or cost any money at all, in fact, it is always the thought that counts, right? You can make easy DIY party favours with almost no cost at all! In Fact, you can spend that leftover money on some drinks 😉 

DIY Hen Party Favours

DIY hen party snacks

Everyone loves food, especially if it is anything covered in chocolate! Snacks are one of the single most important things at a hen do but having beautiful looking, Instagram-worthy snacks can also throw your budget go off the rails. Simple home made snacks can rock your party and also help you save up big time! Don’t worry if you are like me who burns their cupcakes as soon as they are in the oven, these few snack ideas are no bake! 

Don’t worry if you are like me who burns their cupcakes as soon as they are in the oven! These few snack ideas are no bake, and no effort required! You can also check out our Pinterest board for even more ideas or if you are generally good at baking. 

No Bake rice crispies cookies – click here.

Chocolate dipped bananas – click here.

Strawberry Kabobs – click here.

DIY Hen Party - Snacks

DIY Hen Party Costumes

Costume hen parties are always a unique way you can pump up your hen party! Whether you dress up as your favourite Disney princess or a Roman goddess, it will make your hen party ten times distinct and more memorable! However buying these costumes can be a hassle as well as a waste of your time and money. Making your own costumes will help you stay in budget as well as be creative! 

You can also click here to see which other ways you can have your hen party unique!

DIY Hen Party - Costumes

Planning a hen party can be difficult but here at, we do everything for you so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your day! Enquire now to get a quote for your hen party!

7 Best Hen Party Games

What is a hen party without fun games that get you giggling and most importantly a little bit tipsy? These hen party games are bound to make you LOL. Here are the seven best hen party games out there that will create your last day of freedom a day to remember!

1 – Maltesers Mouth

This game is very simple but is sure to bring out those laughs. First, get  all your hens to sit around in a circle and empty a packet of those delightful Maltesers into a bowl. Leave the Maltesers bowl in the middle of the table (you might see some hens drooling at this pleasant site.) 

Pass a drinking straw around along with a bowl for each hen.
Each member has exactly 30 seconds to try and pick up Maltesers using the straw and pop it in their own bowl. No hands allowed!

The game finishes when everyone has had their turn. 

Member with the most Maltesers in their bowl wins! They might get another packet of Maltesers all for themselves as a prize!

What you need: Maltesers, drinking straws, bowls.

hen party games - chocolate

2- The Bubble Gum Game 

This game requires a bride-to- be.

All hens should start by writing down few questions about the groom (hens should drill the groom before the party to dish out those juicy secrets) 

Once all the questions have been written down, gather them all into a bowl and hand the bowl to the bride.

The bride opens each note and tries to answer the questions.

For any wrong answer, she must put the bubble gum in her mouth. 

The harder the questions, more fun the game becomes, so make sure to drill the groom down for the deep stuff. 

All fun and laughs sides, do make sure that the bride doesn’t choke! 

What you need: Bubble gum, bowl, questions about the groom.hen party games - bubble gum

3 – Pop that Balloon

This hen party game can be as risky or as hilarious as you want. All you need to do is brainstorm some reckless dares and write them down on a piece of paper. 

Put each dare into a balloon. 

Line up all the hens and ask them to pop each balloon, whichever dare they get, they must do! 

Make it extra funny – they must pop the balloon with their bum. 

What you need: Balloons, notes with dares. hen party games - balloons

4 – DIY Bride

Hens, it’s time to get those fashion designing talents out. This is one of the simplest yet creative hen party games out there!

Simply divide the group into two parts: Hen Plucker and Hen Clucker. Each group must come up with a wedding dress made out of toilet paper ONLY! The design with the best and most creative dress wins! 

The prize ideas are beyond limit but let’s face it, shots or cocktails will be the best one!

What you need: toilet paper

5 – Drink if

Now this is one my favourite hen party games. All you will need is this printable version of drink if tasks and some drinks and away you go!

Follow the tasks on the list and drink if any applies to you! 

The objective of the game is – get drunk! 

(You can access the printable version by also clicking on the image below.)

What you need: Alcohol, task list.

Hen party games- drinks

6 – Words not allowed 

This is one of the most common hen party games that is bound to make everyone drunk.

Get a list of words (5- 10 words max), these will be the words you are not allowed to say. 

If any member ends up saying it, they must drink. 

Make it extra crazier and entertaining by adding dares for everytime someone says the forbidden word.

What you need: List of words, a list of dares. 

7 – Trip down memory lane.

Last but definitely the most amusing one of all, might even leave you a bit emotional. 
Each hen at the party should write down the place where and how they met the bride. After every hen has written is down, put all the notes in the bowl. 

Now, it’s time for the bride to match the memory to the correct hen. 

For every wrong answer, the bride must be punished! Punishments can be from dares to drinking, the ultimate power resides with the hens. 

Make the memories as funny and embarrassing as possible, this will sure to get some laughs out. 

What you need: notes for writing the memory, dares, drinks, bowl.

hen party games

So now that hen party games are out of the way, why not finally plan that hen party with us! Book with us or get a quote for free.