Five Of The Best Geeky Hen Party Themes

 Every girl has a nerdy side; whether it’s a love for all things Lord Of The Rings or a grand obsession with Game of Thrones, everyone has something they enjoy freaking out over.

And in 2016, being geeky is no longer a reason to be laughed at – it’s actually cool to be super-passionate about something, and why shouldn’t it be? Hen party themes can be based on anything and everything, so it’s only fair that us fantasy-fanatics have our day too!

For some ladies, hen parties aren’t always about strippers and spa days… although we wouldn’t say no to a massage from a semi-naked Jon Snow.

So, with that lovely vision burned into your brain, go forth and plan the best hen party of your lives – geeky girls unite!

hen party themes


1. Harry Potter

Perfect for any budding young witches, a Harry Potter themed hen party is a must for the Potterhead hen in your life.

Sort her pals into houses, have themed food, drinks, outfits, party favours and games – all must-haves to make her hen party a bewitching event. Accio vodka!

hen party themes



2. Super Heroes

If the hen is into her comics, Marvel movies, or even just fancies the pants off Thor (who doesn’t?), then a superhero-themed party is a fabulous idea. This one requires a little bit of forethought however, to make sure nobody turns up in the same costume!

hen party games



3. The Lord Of The Rings

Channel your inner hobbit and customise a Lord Of The Rings hen party theme for a nerdy bride-to-be! The internet is full of awesome printables, recipes and games to turn your house into Middle Earth for the evening.

hen party themes


4. Game of Thrones

Organise a hen party fit for the Mother of Dragons! You could assign a house to each guest and customise decorations, favours etc. with their individual sigils on them as a simple way of fitting Westeros into your hen party.

Also, a GOT marathon and a round of this drinking game wouldn’t go amiss… You’ll end up giving Tyrion Lannister a run for his money with the amount of wine this requires. 😉

hen party themes
5. The Hunger Games

We’d volunteer as tribute to attend this hen party! The world of Katniss Everdeen and co. provides so much material for hen party themes.

You could have a movie night, assign everyone a separate district and come up with some funny activities and drinking games to keep the evening interesting. And with characters like Effie Trinket for inspiration, the outfits have the potential to be very intriguing. May the odds be ever in your favour!

hen party themes


Do none of these hen party themes tickel your fancy? Are you still struggling for some hen party inspiration? Head over to our Ultimate List of Hen Party Ideas!

Have you been stuck with planning the hen party? Why not save yourself some hassle and book with Henit? We’ll take care of the important stuff for you, so all you have to do is show up and have a good time! Contact us for further details or give us a call on 044-936-2222. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂 Ciao for now! xoxo

The 10 Most Popular Hen Party Activities

1. Tea Party

Tea parties are scaling the hen party ladder quite quickly in terms of the most popular hen party activities. They’re quirky, cute and a unique way to add a classy twist to your hen do.

They don’t have to be all prim and properness, either – spike your tea with a drop of whiskey et voila! Perfect hen party activity.

hen party activities

2. River Cruise

Take your hen party into unknown territories with a river cruise! Booze, best friends and banter, all quite literally in the same boat – what’s not to love?

A river cruise is a nice way to do something a little different without straying too far from traditional hen party activities.

hen party activities

3. Pole Dancing Lesson

Ahhhh, pole dancing – the hen party activity to top all hen party activities!

Swinging yourself around a pole in front of the girls might not seem like it’s going to be good craic at first, but trust us on this one – it’s one of the best laughs you’ll ever have, and it’s a great way to bond with your pals. There’s a reason it’s so popular after all!

Plus, you might even come away with a few new moves you didn’t know before hand. 😉

hen party activities

4. Spa Day

Male or female, hen party or no hen party, everyone deserves a spa day at some point, but brides-to-be arguably deserve one most of all. And, as far as hen party activities go, there are a lot worse things to do than getting a massage and facial!

The stress that goes into planning a wedding can take its toll on our poor hens, so why not book her and the rest of the crew in for a day of bliss? Get primped, preened and pampered before you take on the town that night.

hen party activities

5. Cocktail Making Classes

Cocktail making classes have become somewhat of a hen-party staple in the last decade, and we can see why – they’re educational and an excuse for fruity drinks! (OK, educational might be a bit of a stretch, but still.)

Take an hour or two to learn from the masters, and arrive back to your accommodation ready to mix up all your favourite poisons perfectly. You’ll be a cocktail queen in no time!

hen party activities

6. Zorbing

For those not in the know, Zorbing is the act of being strapped into a gigantic inflatable ball and rolling down a track at breakneck speed. Sounds like great craic! Zorbing is a perfect day out for the hen with a passion for adventure.

This activity is great for working up a decent thirst before your big night out on the town. Go solo or grab a few of your ladies and ride it out together on Europe’s only cornered globe-riding track here in Ireland. 

hen party activities

7. Party Bus

Don’t fancy pushing your way around a packed nightclub on your last night of freedom? Why not rent a Party Bus, your very own nightclub-on-wheels! 

Hop on and experience the road-trip of your life, with unlimited alcohol, fingerfood, your choice of music on an excellent sound-system, and plenty of space for your crew to shake their tailfeathers. If you decide that you’d like to go to the club after all, the Party Bus will drop you outside the door of a club of your choosing. Nice one!

hen party activities

8. Archery

Channel your inner Katniss Everdeen and try your arm at archery, easily one of the most fun hen party activities on the planet. Grab a bow and arrow and let loose at some targets for the afternoon with your best friends – it’s a fab way to work up a thirst for the pub that night.

You’ll walk away feeling like a complete and utter badass. Trust us, you’ll be ‘volunteering as tribute’ in no time!

hen party activities

9. Go-Karting

Traditionally assumed to be more of a stag-night activity, go-karting is becoming a more popular choice for hen party activities, and rightly so. Who wouldn’t enjoy zooming around with your friends, competing for the title of the fastest gal on the track?

Choose this as an activity for your hen weekend and get the adrenaline pumping before you take on a bar crawl that evening.

hen party activities

10. Strippers

The ultimate in ladies’ entertainment, a stripper is the Maraschino cherry on top of the boozy hen party cake. Can you think of anything better than a broody, bicep-flexing babe breaking out his best moves for you and your party while you sip on some cocktails? We certainly can’t!

If a whole show seems a bit much for you, why not enquire about our Butler In The Buff service? We’ll send a handsome hunk to your party ready to wait on you hand and foot for an hour, and he’s all yours to ogle. Perfect!

hen party activities

Have you been stuck with planning a hen party? Do the thoughts of planning activities and collecting money stress you out? Why not give a shout? We’ll do all the hard work for you (location, accommodation, money collection. etc) so all you have to worry about is getting there and having the craic! Enquire now or call us on 044-936-2222. Ciao for now! xoxo

A Modern Vixen’s Guide To The Vintage Hen Party

vintage hen party

As far as modern-day hen parties go, vintage themes have been soaring in popularity over the last handful of years. And rightly so - when done properly, a vintage hen party can be an utter delight!

Vintage doesn’t just mean one set theme of doilies and tea dresses - anything between 1910 and 2000 can be considered vintage, anything before 1910 is considered antique, and anything post-2000 counts as modern. A little language lesson for you all!

Bearing this in mind, picking a vintage theme shouldn’t be all that difficult. Every lady has a decade she wishes she could have lived in (or even a decade she already lived in and loved!)

vintage hen party

You can base your outfits, food, activities, party favours and pretty much everything else on your theme. This makes the whole ordeal of planning both easier and more enjoyable - who doesn’t love coordinating?

So now that you have the low-down on the trendiest hen party plan around, it’s time to dive into some ideas.

The Theme

The world really is your oyster here, darlings - you’ve got almost an entire century to choose from. There’s a style to suit every hen. 1920s fabulous flapper, 1940s Rosie The Riveter, 1990s grunge groupie and everything in between is fair game.

vintage hen party

Movies based in eras can also make good themes - The Great Gatsby, Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Grease are all excellent ideas.

vintage hen party

If decades aren’t general enough for you, why not try a theme like old-school Hollywood? Zeroing in on one set theme makes the rest of your party planning much less effort - a theme pretty much color-coordinates itself, and props and trinkets can be easily found online for pretty much any party theme.

If you're still unsure on what to do for your theme, have a look at this fab video portraying defining aspects of women's fashion over the last 10 decades.

The Food

Food for vintage parties is always fun, quirky and eye-catching. Cupcakes, cocktails and champagne are all on the menu for any decent party, never mind a hen party!

Pair your 1920s theme with some champagne in classic glasses, throwing back to the Prohibition Era when the forbidden bubbles tasted so much naughtier. Served with some lemon cakes and millionaire’s shortbread, the girls will feel like they're in Gatsby's mansion.

vintage hen party

If you’ve chosen a 1950s theme, why not serve diner-style mini-burgers and fries with some grown-up frosty milkshakes like these ones?

vintage hen party

Mason jars are also all the rage lately, and tie in perfectly with a vintage party. Serve some retro cocktails in pretty jars, poured from vintage glass pitchers, et voila - rustic and refreshing!

vintage hen party
The Decorations

Vintage decor is a topic that’s been explored in countless blog posts and Pinterest boards. For a general vintage theme, upcycling old teapots, vases, jars and milk bottles are all on-trend.

vintage hen party

Fill some teapots with flowers for centerpieces or serve cocktails from milk bottles with striped paper straws if you’re looking for that extra sparkle.

Bunting is something that rarely makes an appearance in modern-day parties, but it’s definitely making a comeback. Garlands of flags in pretty floral patterns, antique-looking signs spelling out sweet sentiments, it’s all coming back into popularity, and no wonder - it's such a pretty look.

vintage hen party

As far as themed vintage parties are concerned, finding or DIYing decorations specific to your decade/theme will be simple. Sites such as Pinterest, Etsy and even Amazon have more than enough choice for any aspiring vintage hen party planners.

The Invitations

Vintage hen party invitations are an adorable way to ask your hens to come to your soiree. If you have an eye for design, you can use a design site to build your very own unique invites.

Try eBay, Amazon and other wholesale websites for pre-printed designs, or use a graphic design site like Canva to make your own for that personal touch.

vintage hen party

Again, physical invitations aren’t something people do any more, with the exception of weddings, so actually being handed/posted an invite will definitely give your vintage hen party that extra touch of old-world class.

The Activities

What can one actually do at a vintage hen party, I hear you cry? Well, the answer: quite a bit actually!

vintage hen party

Photo-shoots are wildly popular amongst vintage hen parties, and in fact a company in Dublin has set up shop especially for them. Cake decorating and cookery classes are also available across Ireland for anyone channeling their inner 50s housewife.

vintage hen party

A Downton Abbey Experience exists in Westmeath, for anyone with a fondness for the 1910s and 20s. For anyone who’s chosen a 1980s theme, book yourselves into a nail bar like Tropical Popical (Saoirse Ronan's fave nail salon!)and get some stunnin’ neon nails done while you swill some cocktails.

If you’re staying in, organise a movie-night with movies from the era you’re channelling, or pick out a playlist from the decade and break out the microphone-brushes!

Henit have a huge selection of hen party activities to choose from, and we’re sure there’s something in there to suit your vintage hen party.

The Favours

Are party favours a thing anymore? We certainly haven’t seen them being handed out in a long while… Perfect for a vintage hen party then!

vintage hen party

Personalised champagne bottles, mini-sewing kits, lipsticks to match the era, nail polishes, sunglasses, whatever your heart’s desire is - pop it into a little party bag and hand them out to your ladies to thank them for attending.

If you were following a 1960s theme, some chunky earrings, light lipsticks and pastel polishes would make excellent favours. Scrunchies and eyeliner would suit a 90s theme perfectly.

vintage hen party

They’re adorable, and everyone will leave with a keepsake to cherish from the weekend.

Now that you’ve got all your bits together, it’s time to get to work girlies. That vintage hen party won’t throw itself!

vintage hen party

Planning a hen party? Don't want the fuss and muss of organising the whole soireé by yourself? have your back! We'll take care of all the big bits (accommodation, venue, payments etc.) so all you have to worry about is planning the fun bits. So what are you waiting for? Enquire here or give us a call on 044-93-62222. Ciao for now! xoxo

18 of the Cutest Proposal Stories Ever

Here at Henit, we do love a good proposal story; the more romantic the better! Hearing the tale of how two people decided to spend the rest of their lives together fills us with the warm-and-fuzzies, so we went to this thread on Reddit and put together a list of our favourite pop-the-question moments. 

proposal stories

Have the tissues at the ready, because some of these are just too much. *sniffles* ​

1. This thoughtful throwback:

2. Anything involving puppies is a sure-fire "yes":

proposal stories

3. This guy has better acting skills than the whole cast of Fair City:

4. Bonus marks for creative use of vegetables:

5. Sometimes, simple really is spot-on:

proposal stories

6. This guy watched one too many chick-flicks (still cute though):  

7. Let's hope Santa Claus didn't get his hopes up: 

8: He wrote an entire scene from a play for her. That's dedication:

proposal stories

9. Secretly hoping the kitten's name was Jon Snow...:

10. Hard to say no to a man in uniform!:

11. This guy, setting the bar impossibly high for everyone else for the rest of time:

proposal stories

12. This one that's more hapless than hopeless romantic:

13: This one sounds like it's straight from an episode of Grey's Anatomy:

14. Even Picasso's wife would be a little jealous of this one: 

proposal stories

The portrait in question.

15. His fianceé wouldn't make a great detective anyway:

16: Diamonds and kittens are a gal's best friends: 

proposal stories

17. If you're gonna be annoyed while doing #2, this is probably the only acceptable interruption:

18. And finally, the proposal tale as old as time...:

proposal stories

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The A to Z of The Irish Hen Party

A Is For Activity

Ahh, the notorious activity. Cocktail classes, pole-dancing, and paintball are all fair game for a hen party. Nobody really knows why activities are a thing, but hey, it’s tradition. And if you’re lucky, an excuse to drink! (see: cocktail class.)

irish hen party
B is for Besties

Sure what good would a hen party be if you didn’t have your best friends there with you?! Hen parties are a fab opportunity to reconnect with old friends, or even just spend some quality time with current ones.

irish hen party
C is for Carrick-On-Shannon

Carrick-on-Shannon, the home of hen and stag parties since the dawn of time. The town is well-known for its influx of brides-to-be every weekend, meaning the craic is always mighty there! Check out our packages for Carrick-on-Shannon here.

irish hen party
D is for Drink

Look, you’re lying to yourself if you think you’ll be sober at the end of a hen party. Between champagne, shots, cocktails, toasts and drinking games, you’ll never want to look at alcohol again.

irish hen party
E is for Emotional

There’s guaranteed to be a few tears shed. Not just by the bride, but her mum, sisters, bridesmaids, single friends who’ve realised they’re never going to get married… You get the idea. Bring hankies.

irish hen party
F is for Fights

There’s always one. Either the bride and her chief bridesmaid end up killing each other in the middle of the club, or the girl that no-one really likes ends up kicking off for nothing. Eejits.

irish hen party
G is for Games

Games are a hen-party staple, ladies! Never Have I Ever, Mr. and Mrs. Quiz, many willy-related games - they’re good craic, and a fab ice-breaker between guests who might be strangers to each other. Have a gawk at our post on games here.

irish hen party
H is for Hangover 

It’s inevitable. You’re gonna wake up with dry eyes, a pounding head, and glitter and mascara everywhere. Do yourself a favour and have two Panadol and a pint-glass of water waiting on the bedside locker.

irish hen party
I is for Inebriated

The stage of drunkenness where it’s impossible to sober up without sleep. There will be some girls who hit this alcoholic no-man’s-land early on, and you must carry them to the finish line. It’s the hen-party code!

irish hen party
J is for Jelly Shots

Does anyone like them? Is there anything appealing about the taste of watery jelly-vodka? No and no, but they’re a hen party tradition. Man up!

irish hen party
K is for Killjoys

There’ll always be at least one guest who just dislikes everything. The activity, the venue, the accommodation, even the other guests. Your best bet is to let her sit in the corner and stew. Some people just can’t be pleased.

irish hen party
L is for L-Plates

Another Irish hen party staple. Hang around the bride’s neck or waist for good measure. We’re still not sure of the origin of L-Plates as hen party gear, but hey, when in Rome.

irish hen party
N is for Neurotic

The bride (and possibly some guests) will switch between crying and laughing for the entire party, more so if alcohol is involved. It’s an emotional night! One of you is about to get married. It seems like only yesterday ye were braiding each other's hair and gossiping in the back of class. *sniffle*

irish hen party
O is for Old Times

While we're on it, be prepared to reminisce to the point of ridiculousness at a hen party, especially if you’re a relative or you’ve known the bride for many years. Swapping old stories, remembering funny times and poring over the past is essential.

irish hen party
P is for Prosecco

Another hen party staple, Prosecco is the ultimate Irish hen party drink. It’s fizzy, pleasant and not too strong to sip on. Grab a glass and treat yo'self.

irish hen party
Q is for Quirky

Every hen wants her hen party to be unique, quirky and unlike any other. The result is often a fantastic theme, destination or activity that makes the party unforgettable. Have a look at our masterpost of quirky hen party ideas to get some inspo.

irish hen party
R is for Roadtrip

Applies only if you’re leaving town for the party. Snacks, gossip and good tunes on the radio are the perfect ingredients for this mini-roadtrip. There’s fun to be had in every aspect of a hen party!

irish hen party
S is for Strippers

Because how can you kiss your singledom goodbye without watching a gyrating, oily hunk take his clothes off for money? Embrace it, ladies. He's there for you to gawk at, so get your fill! (PS: Henit offer a Stripogram and Butler in the Buff service. Enquire here!)

irish hen party
T is for Themes

The infamous theme. Pimps and hoes, cowgirls, and angels and devils are all on the more traditional end of the spectrum, but themes are becoming a lot more creative and universal in 2016.

irish hen party
U is for Uploads

The utter fear on the morning after the night before, when you’re lying face-down dying of a hangover… and the phone starts to beep with Instagram and Facebook notifications. It can only mean one thing. That cow Mary is at it again with her unflattering photos of EVERYONE but her.

irish hen party
V is for Vanishing Act

The one, lone friend who’ll be laughing and chatting with everyone at 11:59, and gone by the stroke of midnight. Where’d she go? Did she tell anyone she was leaving? Did she leave with a lad? Who knows? You get back to the hotel and she’s in bed, no explanation. Every single time.

irish hen party
W is for Willies

Willies. Willies everywhere. Willies on straws, willies on headbands, willies on cupcakes, blow-up willies. There is an unspoken assumption that once a woman marries, she’ll never see a willy again, so best to let her see as many as possible on her last night of freedom.

irish hen party
X is for X-Rated

In the same vein as willies, the party games will be x-rated, the cocktails will have names like “slippery nipple” and “dirty orgasm”, all in the name of the hen party. Embrace this too, young hen, for it is tradition.

irish hen party
Y is for Yum, Chipper Food!

It happens every time. You leave the pub/club and are just about to undertake the arduous journey home, when suddenly you spot the neon sign just ahead on the street. The best part of the night - a massive feed from the takeaway to soak up the drink. Massive cheesy chips and chicken tenders please, sound!

irish hen party
Z is for Zzzzzzzz

A moments' silence for the entire day lost to sleeping off the hen party weekend. You'll be up on the couch on Sunday, passed out with a cold cup of tea and a half-eaten Chinese next to you, the way it should be. Godspeed. 

irish hen party

Have you been asked to organise the hen, but party-planning isn't exactly your cup of tea? Why not book with Henit? If you plan with us, we'll do the legwork for you, including chasing up the payments, so you can sit back and chill out until the big night. Enquire here or give us a call on 044-93-6222. Ciao for now!

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Which Hen Party Suits Your Personality Best?

Vintage Hen Party Invitations

Planning a vintage hen party? Help yourself to one of our adorable invitation designs for free! 

Just save the image and print accordingly. Have a fab day! xoxo 


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