Clay Shooting – Knocknagoshel Shooting Ground

Clay Pigeon Shooting (also known as Inanimate Bird Shooting) is a thrilling experience demanding calm concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions from the shooter. Knocknagoshel Shooting Grounds offer clay pigeon shooting in all of its forms from the beginner to the experienced. Beginners with no experience are welcome to take part and can benefit from our fully qualified instructors who will help you get started and enjoy the learning experience. In order to obtain the best tuition our fully qualified instructors have international experience.

Here at Knocknagoshel, the clay pigeon shooting range can be used as target practice or a great way to relax, allowing visitors to compete with one another in tournament, competition practice, or just for fun. Clay Pigeon Shooting can also be a great day out to entertain clients or reward staff. Everyone gets involved and it becomes great albeit competitive fun, especially as most people have never handled a gun before! Shotgun sports like this are a safe and enjoyable sport for men and women of all ages.

We take the hassle out of Clay Pigeon Shooting, providing all the necessary professional tools needed from shotgun supply and coloured clays to ammunition, goggles and earmuffs. You can even relax afterwards in the club house and talk about your experience over a cup of tea.

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