Cole Exposes What Kate Middleton Did for Her Hen Night

What are the elements of a successful hen night? For sure, the night should be fun, funny, entertaining, and unforgettable. For some hens, “wild” is what it should be. Now, for Kate Middleton, who is now the Duchess of Cambridge, there was no better way for her to spend her hen party than to be the pop icon Cheryl Cole for the night!

Usually, what happens on your hen night stays in your hen night. However, now that Cheryl Cole is launching her autobiography, Cheryl: My Story, the story of Kate Middleton’s hen night leaked out to the press. Come to think of it, her hen do is not as wild as the most recent photos from the south of France circulating the media.

What Happened During Her Hen Do?

Should the Duchess choose to be a celebrity, Cheryl Cole definitely has some competition. Both are icons in the fashion industry for one. Second, after the Duchess of Cambridge’s hen night, her closest friends and even Prince William discovered that she can sing and dance just like Cheryl Cole!

For her hen party, she dressed up in the exact same costume Cheryl Cole wore for the Queen’s Jubilee Concert. That means the Duchess donned a similar military themed bodysuit and split trousers as she sang “Fight for This Love” which was the fourth best-selling single of 2009 in the UK. This song also topped the charts in Ireland, Norway, Hungary, and Denmark.

In a way, she did have to “Fight for This Love” as her romantic relationship with the Prince was not always smooth sailing especially in 2007. That was the time when Prince William took the liberty to enjoy his bachelorhood and focus on his military career.

What to Do for Your Hen Do

Kate Middleton’s hen party was not even as wild as other hen parties get. In fact, choosing to go for a military themed costume is not even out of the ordinary. It’s just that, different hens choose different themes.

Our website has a list of the most popular themes hens usually go for in our ideas section. This includes the angel, policewoman, disco, naughty nurse, the all-time favorite Playboy bunny, and lots of other hen party themes.

Hens do not usually do sing and dance numbers during their last moments of freedom, but they can always do so if they want to. A good alternative hen party activity for any musically inclined hen would be to have a recording session in a recording studio.

For hens that are not into that, there are a lot of other hen party activities to choose from. Just make sure to choose the ones you enjoy doing and make your last moments of freedom truly unforgettable!