18 of the Cutest Proposal Stories Ever

Here at Henit, we do love a good proposal story; the more romantic the better! Hearing the tale of how two people decided to spend the rest of their lives together fills us with the warm-and-fuzzies, so we went to this thread on Reddit and put together a list of our favourite pop-the-question moments. 

proposal stories

Have the tissues at the ready, because some of these are just too much. *sniffles* ​

1. This thoughtful throwback:

2. Anything involving puppies is a sure-fire "yes":

proposal stories

3. This guy has better acting skills than the whole cast of Fair City:

4. Bonus marks for creative use of vegetables:

5. Sometimes, simple really is spot-on:

proposal stories

6. This guy watched one too many chick-flicks (still cute though):  

7. Let's hope Santa Claus didn't get his hopes up: 

8: He wrote an entire scene from a play for her. That's dedication:

proposal stories

9. Secretly hoping the kitten's name was Jon Snow...:

10. Hard to say no to a man in uniform!:

11. This guy, setting the bar impossibly high for everyone else for the rest of time:

proposal stories

12. This one that's more hapless than hopeless romantic:

13: This one sounds like it's straight from an episode of Grey's Anatomy:

14. Even Picasso's wife would be a little jealous of this one: 

proposal stories

The portrait in question.

15. His fianceé wouldn't make a great detective anyway:

16: Diamonds and kittens are a gal's best friends: 

proposal stories

17. If you're gonna be annoyed while doing #2, this is probably the only acceptable interruption:

18. And finally, the proposal tale as old as time...:

proposal stories