27 Fab/Funny Hen Party Ideas

Unique Hen Party Ideas

In the 21st century, hen parties are becoming more and more about the eccentric. Everyone wants something different than the bride before them, and every hen deserves as much! The glory days of L-Plates and feather boas are gone, and quirkiness is taking over as the top-dog of hen party ideas.

The hen do should be a reflection of the lady that it’s all about. Individuality is the spice of life, and if a whole party dedicated to the bride-to-be doesn’t reflect who she is, then it’s not reaching its full potential. *sadface*

So, with that in mind, we here at Henit have put blood, sweat, tears and glitter into compiling the most complete, comprehensive guide to unique hen party ideas that the hen-party world has ever seen.

Like, for real, ladies – this thing is the be-all and end-all of quirky hen party ideas. There’s definitely something in here to suit every bride-to-be, from the plainest Jane to the fussiest Francis. So, what are you waiting for?! Grab a pen, some paper, a glass of wine and dive in!

hen party ideas

Hen Party Ideas: Games

No hen night would be complete without some funny, cheeky games and activities to get the giggles going. However, we all know the favourites. The classics played at every hen party (Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare etc.) can get a bit dull after a while.

So in protest of the norm, we’ve included the best, most original games for a hen party that we could find; hopefully you’ll consider them as entertaining as we did!

(PS: Games are also an excellent ice-breaker for any groups that haven’t mingled much before the party. If this sounds like your guests, be sure to include a game, as it’s one of the few must-do hen party ideas!)

hen party ideas
hen party ideas

Bra Pong

Kind of like beer pong… but with C-cups instead of plastic ones!

For this game, you’ll need a large piece of board, some old bras and a couple of ping-pong balls. Work out a scoring system (e.g. lower-pinned/bigger bras are worth fewer points than higher/smaller ones), pin the bras to the board and you’re all set.

Banned Words: The Bridezilla Edition

This game requires a prop: A tacky veil, a blinged-out tiara etc. Choose a list of words that will be banned for the evening, such as “bride”, “wedding”, or whatever your party decides is appropriate.

The first unfortunate guest to utter one of these words will have to don the hat until the next person slips up, and so on. This game is sure to earn your group some questionable looks when out and about, but it’s so worth the laugh you’ll have!

Pass The Balloon

We know what you’re thinking. What’s so unique about this game? Well, Pass The Balloon is admittedly a classic game… but not the way we play it!

Write down a series of awkward questions and place one inside of each balloon. Blow it up and place it between your knees, passing it to the knees of the next guest. The unlucky lady who pops the balloon is the one who has to answer the question inside. If she refuses, she has to take a shot of alcohol of the bride’s choice.

Sculpture Making

hen party ideas

Here at Henit, we do love the cheekier hen party ideas, and this is the ultimate naughty hen party game so we just had to include it! You will need either a soft, cylindrical piece of fruit/veg(cucumber, banana etc.) or some play-dough.

The aim of the game is to sculpt the finest specimen of penile persuasion that you can. Put Michelangelo to shame with your phallic creations, girls! The bride gets to pick the best one, with a prize organised for the winner to reward her for her hard work. *ahem*

The Question Game

Again, a traditional hen party game, but we suggest playing it with a twist. Someone will have to quiz the bride’s husband/wife-to-be with some questions before the hen party, and take note of his/her answers.

Then at the hen party, the bride will be asked the same questions, but must provide the answers she thinks her partner gave. For every wrong answer, she must drink. For every right answer, she may pick a member of the party to drink.

Here’s the fun bit: instead of asking the usual, cutesy questions e.g. “what part of [bride] does [partner] love the most”, mix it up with some slightly dirtier questions. All in good fun, ladies!

The Lingerie Game

hen party ideas

Have every guest purchase a piece of lingerie for the bride. As they arrive, get them to leave the lingerie in a box until everybody is there. Then, have the bride pick out the lingerie one piece at a time and try to determine who bought it for her. If she’s wrong, she must drink.

At the end, she will have a lovely collection of lingerie to bring on honeymoon as well as a fab memory of her hen party.

(Pro-Tip: Set a price limit for the lingerie so nobody ends up feeling awkward about how much they spent on their piece.)

Story Time!

Get every guest to write down an embarrassing or unusual story about themselves (the less well-known the better). Place them into a bowl and mix them up. Take it in turns for each guest to pull out a story and read it aloud. Everyone must guess who the story is about.

If they get it wrong, they must take a drink. If they get it right, the owner of the story must drink. This game is a fantastic way to warm up for the night and get the drinks flowing.

hen party ideas

The Cherry Game

hen party ideas

Okay, this one is on the messier side of hen party ideas but it’s so worth it! Place a maraschino cherry into a bowl of whipped cream. The aim of the game is to eat the cherry without using your hands. The first person to finish theirs is the winner. Bonus points if you manage to tie the stem!

You can play this game in head-to-head rounds, or time everyone individually and declare the fastest time the winner.

Hen Party Ideas: Themes

When it comes to hen party ideas, the best way to make sure your hen party is unique is to pick a theme. Themes are broad, universal and versatile – every aspect of a hen party can be planned or based around a theme if it’s general enough!

(Pro-tip: Pick your theme at the start of your planning. This will make figuring out all the other parts of the soiree a lot simpler as you go along.)

hen party ideas

Vintage Theme

The vintage theme is the perfect hen party idea as it’s completely versatile and can be tailored to the person’s tastes.

What is vintage clothing? Everything from the 1920s up to the last decade is considered vintage clothing. This means that all you have to do is pick an era for your vintage hen party. We’ll take the 40s as an example: don a petticoat, source a tea-dress (or some overalls like Rosie the Riveter, if dresses aren’t your thing), pin your hair in some victory rolls and you’re pretty much good to go!

Attend a classy, old-world cocktail bar or tea party as an activity, and hand out a sheet with some 1940s phrases on it to give the gals a good old-fashioned giggle as they sip on some grasshopper cocktails.

hen party ideas

Fairy-tale Theme

hen party ideas

Again, this theme is extremely versatile, with all the fairy-tales in the world to choose from.

If her favourite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty, you could combine this theme with a slumber party and decorate accordingly. Create a pillow-paradise in your own home, with some Sleeping Beauty cocktails, matching pajamas, a stack of Disney movies, and personalised sleep masks as party favours.

For a broader take on the fairy-tale theme, get everyone to come dressed as their favourite princess or fairy-tale character.

Nautical Theme

A classic party theme, the nautical theme is an oldie but a goodie! Nautical stripes, splashes of red and gold, rope garlands and seashells are all good, solid décor points for this hen party theme.

As a cute little keepsake, every attendee could write a piece of marital advice on a small scroll of paper and place it in a large glass bottle to give to the bride at the end of the night.

This is another strong, customisable theme and there’s lots of room to play around with it, so have fun sailor!

hen party ideas

Mad Hatter Tea Party Theme

Looking for a theme that’s unique and far-removed from the usual hen-party palaver? Look no further! This hen party idea is amazing when done right, so if you’re a crafty person with some time on her hands then this is perfect for you.

Source some mismatched china and set your table for high tea. Label some little jars and bottles with personalised “eat me/drink me” labels before filling them with sweets, cakes or drinks. Every guest could bring a quirky hat or fascinator of their own.

The décor ideas for this are in abundance, so have a look on sites like Pinterest to gain some inspiration!

Hollywood Theme

Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with this party theme, where glitz and glamour reign supreme. Throw down the red carpet for your guests and greet them with champagne and hors d’oeuvres to make them feel like the superstars they are!

The Hollywood theme is a fun, easy hen party idea to follow, with enough variability to suit every party guest. Model your outfit upon the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, or any Hollywood icon, and party in style with your girls. How about handing out mini-Oscars or clapper-boards as keepsakes?

Another fun way to spin this theme is focusing in on an old-Hollywood movie as the sub-theme, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

hen party ideas

DIY Hen Party Ideas

Another brilliant way to make sure your hen party stands out from the crowd is to DIY it: the décor, the games, the gifts, anything you can take a hot-glue gun and some glitter to!

DIY hen party ideas are good fun and the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get when you see the finished product will be worth the effort you put in.

These DIY hen party ideas are the best, quirkiest ones on the web, and we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. So grab some craft paper and get stuck in!

hen party ideas

Gift Bags

Little party bags are a fantastic way to thank all your gal-pals for supporting you and attending the hen party! The ideas for this are endless, from mini-bottles of their favourite alcohol, nail polish with personalised tags, lippies in their favourite colour etc.

The list goes on and on, and the best part is it’s entirely up to you! You know your friends and family best, so you can put in that little extra bit of time to personalise each bag. They can be tweaked to fit the theme of the party also if there is one.

"Oh Sh*t" Kit

A little bit like the gift bags but specific to the hen party, an oh-shit kit is basically the life-saver of any hen party. We would even go as far as to say it’s an essential hen party idea!

Fill some bags with paracetamol, sunglasses, nail files, band-aids, hair clips etc. and hand them out at the start of the party to cover any hen-do-related mishaps. Your hungover friends and family will definitely be singing your praises the morning after the night before.

hen party ideas

Customised Glasses

Customised wine or shot glasses are an excellent accent to any hen party décor, and a great talking point to break the ice. Try dipping the stems of wine glasses in some chalk paint and letting your ladies scribble on their own glasses, or jazzing up some plain shot glasses with a healthy dose of glitter. These can be done to fit in with a theme or colour scheme also.

When all’s said and done, you can either send a glass each home with your guests or keep them for future soirées, so there’s no excuse not to give these a try!

Lipstick Print Board

An adorable keepsake for the bride-to-be, this lipstick-print board will be sure to hold a special place in the hen’s home for the rest of her life.

Simply instruct each guest to bring their favourite brightly coloured lipstick to the party, put it on upon arrival and kiss a large sheet of paper, leaving their lip-prints on it. Sign your name beneath your lip print and frame it for the bride!

If you want, you can place a photo of the bride in the centre of the page, or a quote about sisterhood, friendship, love etc.

Photo Props

Photo props are one of the most popular DIY hen party ideas and it’s not hard to understand why; they’re fun, eccentric, and they can be tailored to suit any and every style of the hen party.

Best of all? Making them is cost-effective and you won’t have to fork out a fistful of cash for some paper props!

Find some printable props online, print them onto thick card and cut them out, make a prop wall or photo booth, or craft a Polaroid-inspired frame to take the best, brightest, funniest photos with your group.


Now, obviously we don’t expect you to make the pinata; this is more about the contents of it! Fill a pinata with mini bottles of alcohol, candy, make-up, costume jewellery etc. and give it a good bash with the girls to get the party started.

If you want, you can even spice it up by putting in little on-the-spot truth-or-dares – the lady that’s unlucky enough to knock one must partake in the challenge. This DIY hen party idea is a fab way to get the ball rolling with festivities.

Personalised Balloons

hen party ideas

This is easily the most cost effective suggestion on our list of DIY hen party ideas. Instead of forking out a heap of cash for fancy balloons, all you need is a packet of regular balloons, some helium, glitter, glue, and a couple of magic markers – et voila! Decorative balloons that the bride-to-be will appreciate much more than something store-bought.

Scribble some doodles, positive messages etc. on a balloon, fill it with helium and decorate accordingly if you so wish. This idea is pretty, personal and a breeze to make, so what are you waiting for? Get doodling! (Tutorials here and here.)

DIY Lace Princess Crowns

We saved our favourite of the DIY hen party ideas for last – the elegant DIY lace crown. While it’s a bit on the difficult side of crafting, the end result is so worth the effort! 

You really will feel like royalty in these sublime crowns, and they’re completely customisable, so each guest can have one that suits them best if you really feel like pushing the boat out. They’re an excellent prop for a princess or fairytale-themed parties, and they double well as a keepsake. The full tutorial can be found here.

Hen Party Ideas: Locations

Leaving your hometown for a weekend of festivities has always been amongst the more popular hen party ideas, but the locations rarely vary. We’ve hand-picked the towns and cities not by popularity but by entertainment factor because popular doesn’t always mean good!

This list contains a healthy mix of national and international destinations, so whether you’ve got a staycation or a city-break in mind, there’s certainly something on here to suit you. Safe travels!

hen party ideas

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Mullingar is a town located in County Westmeath, in the heart of the Midlands. It is fast becoming a go-to destination for hens in search of a good time. If you’re looking for a craic-filled hen weekend, then Mullingar is the hen party destination for you!

The town is chock-full of hen party ideas and activities to take part in. Take on dinner and drinks at the Greyhound Track, mix it up with a cocktail class or play a round of bubble soccer to make the most of your time here. In the evening, Mullingar has a massive list of pubs to choose from, as well as late bars and nightclubs, so there’s no excuse not to have a good night. (Henit packages to Mullingar listed here.)

hen party ideas


Carrick-on-Shannon is an excellent choice for any hen looking to celebrate her last night of freedom in an unforgettable fashion. Relax on a boat cruise along the Shannon, play some bubble soccer with your gal pals, take a naked man life drawing class… the options are endless and there’s something to suit every hen.

Carrick hasn’t become such a popular hen party destination for no reason; the town boasts a great selection of pubs, clubs, and bars to party in with your ladies. (Henit packages to Carrick listed here!)

hen party ideas


Known as the Cultural Heart of Ireland, Galway is a perfect hen party destination for any group looking for an authentic, Irish hen do. Attend a trad session, fill up on a selection of the city’s fresh seafood and take a drive around the beautiful hills of Connemara during your stay.

In the evening, you can look forward to having a brilliant night as Galway’s renowned nightlife scene is vibrant, diverse and full of craic. Enjoy some trad music if that’s what you’re looking for, or partake in some late-night bopping in one of Galway’s top nightclubs. (Henit packages to Galway listed here!)

hen party ideas


Kilkenny is a medieval city located in Ireland’s south-east. The city prides itself as a historical hub, with lots of interesting activities to do during your hen weekend. Walk around the Medieval Mile and drink in the rich history of Kilkenny as you explore the city.

Partake in some naked man life-drawing or learn some new moves in a dance class to give you and your girlies a good giggle before heading to the pub later on that evening to celebrate. Kilkenny has a lively, engaging nightlife with plenty of locations for your party to sip on some cocktails and have a fantastic time. (Henit packages to Kilkenny listed here!)

hen party ideas


The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a center of culture, history, and the arts. Many festivals take place in the city throughout the year, which is something to consider when picking dates. (Side note:Festivals are definitely up there with a unique hen party ideas – just something to keep in mind!)

Edinburgh has a massive selection of daytime activities and nightlife spots for you to enjoy. Choose from things like a spa day, a day at the races, or Escape – a game in which the objective is to escape a mysterious locked room in 60 minutes, and an excellent chance for bonding with your friends.

By night, enjoy some quiet cocktails or undertake an epic pub crawl with your crew. Either way, Edinburgh is well-equipped to give you an absolutely unforgettable hen night. Let us know how the haggis tastes! (Henit packages to Edinburgh listed here.)

hen party ideas


All you need is love… and a hen that’s up for anything! Liverpool, a city famed for its musical connections (the birthplace of the Beatles, anyone?), is definitely a destination to consider when planning your hen night. Hens interested in culture and history can root around in one of Liverpool’s many museums by day, such as the Merseyside Maritime Museum or the Walker Art Gallery. Beatles fans can visit the preserved homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney or partake in the Beatles Story Experience.

By night, take your pick of Liverpool’s various pubs, clubs, and bars, hitch a ride on the party bus, or enjoy a casino or comedy night. (Henit packages to Liverpool listed here!)

hen party ideas


Why-aye pet! Newcastle is a city notorious for its party scene, made famous by the antics of theGeordie Shore crew. But visitors never leave disappointed, which became clear when the city ranked third place in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Destination Award for European Nightlife destinations.

Bustling, energetic and full of choices for hen party entertainment, Newcastle is a solid choice for any upcoming hen weekend. Enjoy a Dreamboys show, indulge in a day at the races or a night at the dogs during your stay. Whatever you decide to do, you can guarantee that Newcastle won’t let you down. Let’s get mortal! (Henit packages to Newcastle available here.)

hen party ideas


Prague is known as one of the greatest centres of culture in Europe. It is the capital city of the Czech Republic and has a breathtakingly beautiful, fairy-tale quality, with its cobbled streets and stunning architecture. Prague is the perfect city for a hen looking to explore a culturally and historically rich area.

Take a cruise on the river Vltava, chance your arm in one of the casinos, or have a go at white-water rafting – these are just some of the exciting things Prague has to offer your group! The nightlife is vibrant, with a huge selection of restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars to choose from. (Henit packages to Prague available here.)


The capital city of Catalonia, Spain, Barcelona is an excellent destination to hold your hen fiesta! Take the opportunity to wander down Las Ramblas and drink in the vibrant, electric atmosphere of a city famed for its culture. Enjoy the lively nightlife scene, with a huge selection of pubs, bars, and clubs to choose from.

Take a private cruise or indulge yourself in the Hammam Arab Baths before tackling a pub crawl with your ladies. For the more adventurous hens, take a shot at parasailing, a banana boat ride or a pole dancing class. (Henit packages to Barcelona available here!)

hen party ideas


Marbella is one of the top party destinations on Spain’s Costa Del Sol. The destination attracts multitudes of tourists every year, including many hen parties. Top up your tan on the beautiful beaches while you and your group decide where to go for drinks that night. If sunbathing isn’t a priority of yours, take a trip to one of the many museums or golf courses Marbella has to offer.

Still not tickling your fancy? Not to worry! Marbella has heaps of fun activities to partake in, such as boat tours, spa days and horse riding. By night, undertake a pub or club crawl with your girls and spend your last nights of freedom letting loose on the dancefloor. A full list of Henit packages for Marbella is available here. )

hen party ideas

Hen Party Ideas: Activities

The activity is the essence of the hen party. it should be something that the bride will really, truly enjoy as opposed to just a time-filler before the pub. With that in mind, read on to get low-down on our round-up of the best unique hen party activities.

hen party ideas

Tea Party

Put your Sunday best on ladies, it’s time for high tea! Tea parties are scaling the list of popular hen party ideas with vim and vigour, as the traditional activities are falling out of favour.

Book yourselves for afternoon tea in a fancy hotel or posh castle, and indulge in some cocktails and cakes while dressed to impress. Tea parties are fun and fabulous, the perfect idea for a girly hen who doesn’t fancy taking part in a rigorous activity.

Boat Cruise

A moonlight boat cruise is a lovely way to celebrate a hen party without going too overboard (get it?!). Spend the evening lounging on the deck with a glass of champagne in your hand, gliding along the water with your best friends beside you. Sounds like a recipe for the perfect night!

The Shannon River Cruise comes complete with a state-of-the-art sound system and light machine. It provides all the essentials for you and your soirée to get turned up when night falls.

Extreme Sports

For every hen that adores tea parties, cocktail classes, and crafting, there’s a hen who loves hiking, getting muddy and driving quad bikes! A day of extreme sports, such as quad biking through forestry, white-water rafting and zorbing sound like heaven on earth for a lot of brides-to-be.

Hen parties don’t have to be all luxury and lace – some girls love nothing better than working up a sweatand feeling the rush of adrenaline, and here at Henit we’ve got them covered! See our list of activities for more down-and-dirty hen party ideas.

hen party ideas


If you’re really looking to turn the hen party stereotype on its head, giving up the afternoon to volunteer for a worthy cause is the best way to do it.

Now, we’re not suggesting you abandon the entire hen party and spend a weekend volunteering (although if you’d like to do that, more power to you!), but skipping out on a couple of hours of drinking or pole dancing to help out a charity close to your heart is a great way to make your hen party really mean something.

You can finish out your party on a good vibe that night, knowing that you got to enjoy yourself as well as giving your time to a cause that really needs it.

hen party ideas

Spa Day
A popular choice for hens, a spa day is a perfect way to de-stress a busy bride-to-be. Pack your bags, turn off the phones and steal away to a spa retreat for the weekend. Indulge in a massage, recline in a seaweed bath or treat yourself to a facial. The options are endless, each one as blissful and chilled out as the last. When you’re feeling relaxed and pampered to the highest degree, throw on your glad rags and take on a night on the town looking radiant.

General Divilment

Okay, so we know we said this was a list of unique hen party ideas, but we couldn’t make an entire index of hen party ideas without giving a nod to tradition! Hen parties are first and foremost all about the craic. This is a well-known fact – nobody goes on a hen party to sit quietly in the corner of the pub drinking water!

For hens that are looking for the traditional, no-holds-barred hen do, there exists an entire world of possibilities, bathed in a sea of pink feather boas and spilled tequila. Grab some L-Plates, rent a party bus and book the niteclub before letting the girls loose on the town for a pub crawl of epic proportions.

Pole Dancing Class

Time to learn some new moves and impress your spouse-to-be! Pole dancing is an excellent choice of activity for any hen looking to have a giggle and learn something new in the process. Take a class with a professional instructor and leave feeling sexy, sassy and ready to take on the dance floor that night.

Who knows, this class might even spark a passion for pole dancing that you never thought you’d have! You’ll never know unless you try, so add this fun class to your hen party activities and give it a whirl.

hen party ideas


Strippers are a long-kept hen party tradition, and deserve a special mention on this list. Hot, hunky fellas mad to take their clothes off for your viewing pleasure – what’s not to love about that?! Book a private dancer for your bride-to-be, and at the very least you’ll all have a good giggle. Hit us up at Henit for more info on our Stripogram service… you won’t regret it. 😉

unique hen party ideas

Hen Party Ideas: Gifts

Nobody goes to a hen do expecting a gift, which is why they get their own entire section in our post of unique hen party ideas – they’re unexpected, not usually done and a lovely little bonus for your attendees!

There are myriad excellent hen party gift ideas out there, but we’ve pulled together the best ones for our lovely hens.

hen party ideas
For the Guests
hen party ideas

This adorable idea is a perfect little keepsake for your hen party attendees. Unlike a lot of mementos, this pedicure-kit will actually get used instead of being left on a shelf or in a box under the bed!

Simply purchase some mason jars with lids (these ones on Amazon are perfect), and fill it with bits of an emery board, nail clippers, cotton wool and a couple of mini nail polishes.You can even make some personalised tags if you’d like! 

Survival Kits
Fill some bags with paracetamol, nail files, band-aids, hair clips etc. and hand them out at the start of the party to cover any hen-do-related mishaps. Your hungover friends and family will definitely be singing your praises the morning after the night before! Throw in a disposable camera so you’ll all have lots of funny pictures to remember the night with.

unique hen party ideas

credit: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/weddinginateacup/product/hen-do-survival-kit-fairtrade-cotton-pouch

Personalised Accessories
Accessories are always a great idea when it comes to keepsakes and thank-you gifts because they will always get used. Customise some sunglasses with individual names on the arms, or purchase some matchy-matchy best friend bracelets for your bridesmaids on Etsy.

Glitter-Covered Champagne Bottles
Nothing says “celebration” like champagne and glitter! These hen-party favours are cute, glamorous and easy to make. The bottle can be kept as a memento once the champagne has been drunk, so the effort you put into customising them will be worth it. Tutorial here.

unique hen party ideas

credit: http://somethingturquoise.com/

Charitable Donations
Hen party ideas don’t usually revolve around giving to charities but hear this one out. For the hen who’d like to make her party favours leave a really lasting impression, why not make a charitable donation in the name of each attendee? A charitable donation will not only help out someone who really needs it, but it will give you and your guests a little boost of positive energy, and it also ensures that the hard work you put into organising party favours doesn’t go to waste.


For the Bride
unique hen party ideas

A newlywed bride can never have too much matching lingerie. Get her measurements and purchase some for her, or obtain a gift voucher for her favourite lingerie store and let her treat herself.

Bridal Keepsake Box
A bridal keepsake box is a beautiful idea for a bride-to-be. Keepsake boxes can be filled with all the little things the hen wants to keep from her wedding planning, hen party and wedding day. This way she can have them to look back on for years to come. DIY it or find a gorgeous one online, like this box from Etsy.

unique hen party ideas

credit: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/365354588501409418/

Scrapbook of Memories
Another touching gift idea for the bride, a scrapbook filled with memories from her life is a lovely way to mark the end of her singledom. Gather letters, photos and words of encouragement from her parents, family, and friends and decorate the pages accordingly. This one can be a real tear-jerker, so keep the Kleenex handy.

Spa Day Voucher
Wedding planning is challenging at best and a complete nightmare at worst. It goes without saying that your bride-to-be could probably do with a little bit of pampering. If a spa day isn’t the hen-party plan, then why not purchase her a gift card for a day of treatments at a nearby spa? She can relax and give herself some much needed TLC in the hectic run-up to the wedding day.

unique hen party ideas

credit: http://sweetcsdesigns.com/

Date night Ideas/Marital Advice Jar
This one is simple and cost-effective. Have every member of the hen party jot down some date-night ideas or a piece of marriage advice for the newlyweds. Then place them all in a jar which can be decorated accordingly. This is a really adorable idea and can be adapted many quirky ways, like this “Recipe For A Good Marriagejar.

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