Hen Party Photo Booth Props: Adding Playful Pizzazz to Your Celebrations

Ahoy, lovely lasses! If you’re gearing up for a fabulous hen party that’s destined to be a blast, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet. We’re about to dive into the wonderful world of hen party photo booth props, those charming little add-ons that can turn your shindig into a photo-snapping extravaganza! So, gather ’round, and let’s explore the delightful array of props that’ll have you striking poses and capturing memories that’ll make you chuckle for years to come.

The Best Hen Party Photo Booth Props

Team Bride Signshen party photo booth props

Ah, the timeless classic! Team Bride signs are like the trusty anchors of hen party photo booth props. They’re a fantastic way to show off your group spirit and might even provoke a few giggles. Imagine holding up a sign that says “Team Bride” in vibrant hues while winking at the camera – instant fun, right? With an array of colors and styles to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect match for your crew’s personality.

Lipstick Props – Pucker Up, Gorgeous!

Who said photo booths couldn’t be glamorous? With lipstick props in tow, you’ll be puckering up, making goofy faces, and adding a dash of elegance to your snapshots. After all, no hen party is complete without a touch of glitz and glamour, right? Pout, pose, and prepare to unleash your inner diva.

Sunglasseshen party photo booth props 

Whether the sun’s shining bright or not, sunglasses are the ultimate hen party accessory. Slip on a pair, strike a pose, and watch as you’re instantly transported to the land of fabulousness. These shades aren’t just stylish – they’re also the perfect cover-up for those unexpected makeup mishaps. Say goodbye to panda eyes, and hello to carefree photo fun!

Mustache Propshen party photo booth props

Alright, lads, time to muster up some laughter with mustache props! From dapper and dashing to downright hilarious, these little wonders can turn even the most demure dame into a comical character. Want to see Aunt Mae rock a handlebar mustache? Here’s your chance!


Cue the royal treatment! Crowns are the quintessential props for making your bride-to-be feel like the queen she is. Whether it’s a plastic, metal, or even a floral crown, these beauties will have the leading lady radiating elegance and poise.


Boas – the feathered wonders that let your inner flirtatious fluffball run wild! Wrap yourself in vibrant colors, sway to the rhythm, and add that extra layer of playfulness to your photos. With boas in hand (or rather, around your neck), you’re in for a feathery good time!

Handcuffs – Naughty but Nice

Okay, let’s add a touch of mischief, shall we? Handcuffs are all about spicing things up, but remember – play it safe, darlings! A cheeky cuff here and there can lead to some uproarious snapshots that’ll leave everyone in stitches.

Champagne Glasses

Hen party without champagne? Unthinkable! Grab those elegant champagne glasses, strike a toast-worthy pose, and let the bubbly flow. Whether you’re sipping or simply striking a pose, these glasses are a photo booth must-have.

Flower Crowns

hen party photo booth props

hen party photo booth props

For the dreamy souls, flower crowns are here to weave their magic. Whether you opt for fresh blooms or exquisite artificial blossoms, these crowns will frame your face with ethereal beauty, creating photos that are as enchanting as the day itself.

Personalized Props

Inject a dash of personal charm into your hen party photos with personalized props. From the bride’s nickname to inside jokes that only your squad understands, these custom-made wonders will make your pictures uniquely yours.

Neon Signs – Let Your Party Shine Bright

Say it loud, say it neon! Neon signs bring a splash of radiant personality to your photos. Capture the energy of the night with phrases like “Hen Party,” “Bride to Be,” or the cheeky “Let’s Get Drunk” – because who said you can’t have a bit of naughty fun?

Fake Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are your passport to instant edginess. Hearts, flowers, or perhaps a cheeky phrase – slap on a fake tattoo and flaunt your inner rebel. It’s all about capturing that bold spirit in your hen party pictures.


Fancy some feathered finesse or floral fascination? Headpieces are here to grant your wishes. Transform into a regal goddess with feathers, flowers, or even a tiara, and let your charisma shine through every pose.


Want to add a burst of excitement to your photos? Streamers are your secret weapon. They’ll bring a kaleidoscope of hues and an undeniable sense of celebration to your snaps.


Ah, balloons – the ultimate party essential. These floating wonders are ready to soar through your hen party photos, adding a dash of whimsy and playfulness to every frame.

Silly Glasses

When in doubt, throw on a pair of silly glasses! Cat eye, heart-shaped, or even with a mustache – let these quirky spectacles be the crowning glory of your hen party shenanigans.


From bold and brazen to elegant and enchanting, wigs are your ticket to a fabulous photo transformation. Change up your look and channel your inner diva with a wig that matches your mood.

Smile, Snap, and Celebrate!

And there you have it, dear party planners – a whirlwind tour through the delightful world of hen party photo booth props! Whether you’re donning lipstick, rocking shades, or adding a regal crown to your ensemble, these playful accessories are bound to turn your hen party into an unforgettable extravaganza. So, gather your squad, strike a pose, and let the laughter and memories flow. Cheers to fabulous photos and unforgettable moments!


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