How to Avoid Turning Into a Bridezilla During Your Hen Party

Are you a budding bridezilla? Weddings can get quite stressful which is why some people tend to be “more understanding” when it comes to the bride’s mood swings as the big day gets closer. Still, no one really wants a bridezilla and here are some ways to avoid turning into one.

As early as your hen party, you’d probably start showing signs of transforming into a dreaded henzilla as it starts there. So, keep your hen party free from all the drama and arguments and here are some tips to go about it.

What You Want

Well before your hen do starts, make sure to let your bridesmaids know what you want. After all, your hen do is supposed to be a way for you to de-stress before the big day. Though you’re close to your bridesmaids, they are not mind readers.

That is why you should let them know what you want and do not want. This way, they can avoid planning certain hen party activities that will only annoy you or add to your stress.

Lay Down Reasonable Rules

Just last month, an article on the New York Daily News website featured a bridezilla’s email to her prospective bridesmaids. This email included outrageous requirements such as their financial ability to contribute for the hen do, to buy a dress, and other wedding-related expenses.

The email also had something to say about communication. Bridesmaids are expected to reply to all emails and being out of the country is no excuse. The woman who sent the email is a certified bridezilla.

Some would understand that she really only wants her wedding to be perfect. Though money and communication are both important, those are needless rules. Think about it, if you’re sister is giving birth soon. She cannot really postpone something like that until after the big day.

So, make sure to give out reasonable rules. Take the other people’s needs into consideration as well. If you’re bridesmaids are your friends, you’d want to keep it that way as well and some effort on your part might be needed.

Communication and Updates

Whenever you feel compelled to give daily updates, stop and postpone sending your text blast for a few days. Your friends also have to deal with their own lives and cannot really focus on the things you have to say each and every day.

After saying your piece, trust your friends to plan the ultimate hen weekend or hen party for you. There really is no need for you to keep sending them daily text messages.

Relax and Have a Great Time

On your hen night, stop thinking about everything else that can go wrong. Stop thinking about all the other things you still need to do for the wedding. Do not even start thinking about what your husband-to-be is doing for his stag do. Just sit back, relax, and have a great time.

Trust your bridesmaids and in their capacity to plan the festivities to celebrate your last moments of freedom. Just make sure to make the most out of it and enjoy!