Laser Combat – Kartworld

Celebrate your last day of freedom in a way you’ll never forget! At Kartworld, their aim is to provide you with a fun, stress-free way celebrate your hen with a difference.  Their packages offer great value for money and you can always choose a tailor-made option to make the day even more personal.  Kartworld can even organise pick up and return from your hotel if you’re staying in Cork for the weekend.  Don’t worry about hungry bellies, they’ve got that sorted too with lots of tasty food available in their Pit Stop Restaurant.

Based on the same laser technology as used by the military, this activity is guaranteed to get your teams hearts thumping and minds racing… Imagine the scenario: You’re tired, your team is down to 6 men, you have 20 bullets left and the enemy is out there, somewhere, about to attack again at any moment. You must defend the base at all costs, the lives of your teammates depend on it, so check if your ammo is loaded, keep your eyes open and your head down.

Leadership skills, ingenuity, imagination, tactical planning, time management and above all teamwork are essential if players are to meet their objectives in these adrenaline fuelled action packed laser war games.

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