Mixo-logic Cocktail Classes

Photo grabbed from Twitter (@mixologic)Is your hen party coming up?
Do you love cocktails and are you interested in how they’re made?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to both questions (even a yes to only one question would still work perfect–haha), then we’ve got the thing for you: Mixo-logic’s Hen Party Cocktail Class

Mixo-logic, Ireland’s premier bar consultancy, offers a wide range of services from brand development, bar design, cocktail demonstrations, and even hosting hen party cocktail classes!

The venue depends on the availability of the cafes/bars. Mixo-logic has used some of Dublin’s best venues including The Vaults, Clarendon Bar, Fallon & Byrne, and Cafe in Seine.

The cocktail classes lasts for 2 hours and are done after 5PM on weekdays and no later than 3PM on weekends and the package includes everything from the ingredients, room cost, hen party-themed props, glasswares, the host , and bartender(s).

Mixo-logic caters to the varying interests of their clients, so they’ve got 3 classes for you to choose from:

  • If you’re interested in making (and learning the history) of the world’s biggest-selling cocktail, then take the MOJITO MASTERCLASS.
  • If you’re into every girl’s favorite drink, The Cosmopolitan, then choose SEX AND THE CITY (Yes, just like the hit TV show).
  • Love Pina Colada and other popular cocktails during the 80’s? Then groove your way to the RETRO/FLASHBACK CLASS.

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