Top Places to Eat and Drink Incredibly Well in UK

When you are in London and about to embark on a tour to different places in UK, you could definitely take a culinary tour as well. There are many quaint places tucked away in countrysides and little known towns which have amazing cuisine and dishes to savor if one has knowledge of the same. There are many guides that highlight the different eating joints in Britain and one could take their pick from these lists to make their own list of places to visit to make a culinary tour across UK. If you wish to fly to any destination in UK, you can note down an easy jet phone number for making bookings instantly.

A place for savoring Indian cuisine

If you are in the mood to taste the Indian cuisine in the heart of London, Amaya should top the list. It offers the following features:

  • There is a chic bar and grill where one can savor grilled kebabs straight from the tawa, sigri or the tandoor
  • There is a sense of theatre added to the sparkling environment of the restaurant
  • One should try the biryani dish which is light and aromatic and a signature dish here
  • The other items to try are Awadhi dishes which originated during the time of the Moghul Empire in Luck now.

Savoring European delicacies in London

Arbutus is the place to go if you wish to try modern European cuisine. Arbutus does it in style where thrifty and simple ingredients are used to form fine dining delights.

  • One could find ingredients like tripe, trotter and pig’s head used in different dishes
  • There are set lunches which are of great value
  • One will find well priced wines here

Different suburban joints in UK

Amongst the other places in UK, the following places will certainly fulfill one’s quest for finding good eating places:

  • Penny hill Park located at Bagshot, Surrey has been awarded two Michelin stars and not without reason. The complex and modern European food that is served here is akin to works of art under the supervision of Michael Wignall. One can opt for a tasting ten course menu as well as the three course or seven course set menus for a luxurious lunch or dinner.
  • The dining room at Cleveland Tontine located at North Yorkshire is known to offer delectable dishes like prawn cocktails, duck-egg custard tart, chilli fennel risotto, horseradish ice cream amongst other unique dishes
  • Tucked away at a remote woodland in John Buchan country, one can stay at the Knockinaam Lodge and avail of the home grown ingredients in wonderful dishes. The menu is mostly Scottish such as hand dived scallops, smoked salmon, shellfish dishes and others.
  • If you visit the Lake District area of Cumbria, you could stop by The Samling in Windermere for fine dining options. This Lakeland hotel offers delights like Cartmel venison or sloe gin crème brulée for the connoisseurs who enjoy fine food.

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