Hag or Sten Do: Hot Party Trend This 2014

2014 hen partiesTowards the end of 2013, a trend has already started with hag or sten dos on the rise. That is probably because of Riri and Chris Brown’s joint celebration which was quite controversial as they cruised around Corsica, Monaco, and the south of France. The whole affair lasted for much longer than the usual celebrations. Prior to Riri and Chris’ hag do, other celebrities also had joint hen and stag party celebrations like Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson.

Having a joint celebration like this comes with a lot of benefits too. So, there really is no need to follow tradition when the pros might outweigh the cons.

Friends Get Together

For many folks, celebrating that last night of freedom means getting a chance to spend time with some close friends they rarely see. Combining that stag and hen party means close friends of both parties get to celebrate their last night of freedom together. It is a great opportunity for their closest friends to get to know each other in case they don’t.

If they happen to be common friends, such a celebration is a good way for all of them to spend quality time together and have fun before the big day. This holds true for the celebrants as well.

Save Time

Save time planning and booking for two separate parties. So much time needs to be spent with other wedding preparations as is and having to make time for two other celebrations.

Save Money

Just by having a bigger group than the usual hen party or stag party, everyone can save some money. Group bookings come with discounts from hotels, recreation centers, and bars. Sharing the cost of drinks and food makes each meal more affordable as well.

For transportation or travel, renting a small coach or minibus might be more affordable than bringing several smaller cars to gas up. The group gets to save some money from that too.

Trust Issues

Trust issues will not even be in question with a joint celebration like this. According to a survey, 74% of men lie about their stag party activities while 43% of women will lie about it to their partners. Lying will be taken out of the equation as the couple will be celebrating their last night of freedom together.

Since it will be a joint celebration, does that mean that women or men won’t get to do what they want? Well, not really, the men can still enjoy paintballing during the day as the women enjoy a day at the salon or spa. When the evening comes, they can all party together at a particular bar or club. If the groups wishes to, they can even go pub crawling with their mini bus or small coach.

With those benefits mentioned above, hag or sten parties are here to stay this year as more couples see the benefits of having a joint celebration. Those that wish to have a more traditional celebration should still go for what they want. After all, celebrating that last night of freedom is still about the bride-to-be and groom-to-be having the time of their life before tying the knot their way.