Planning your Hen Parties

Planning a hen party can be an arduous and frustrating task; especially if you include it in the wedding set-up as a whole! It needn’t be though with some basic planning and list-making (who doesn’t love making lists?). Follow our basic planning guide and make sure you have the right party for you – and all with minimal fuss and stress! Nothing is set in concrete here, but if you consider these basic points then you will soon be on your way!


The duration is an interesting point and really the first thing you should consider. Are you thinking about just a standard night out? Or possibly an activity in the day followed by some sort of evening event. Maybe you want to push the boat out a bit and go away for the weekend with your hens, and if so, are you going to stay in the country, or even go abroad?

What you really need to take into account is the budget – both yours and those of all attending (assuming everyone would pay for themselves). You also need to think about the boring things like getting time off work and passports etc. Once you have an idea of this you can make an informed decision and then start planning where you go…


Once you figure out what kind of hen party you are going to plan you can decide where it takes place. If this is a hen weekend/holiday affair then that means researching various destinations and packages to find something that speaks to you. If you are staying in blighty you want to start thinking about what places appeal to you and where can you really let your hair down. Remember, it’s all about location, location, location; wherever that location may be.


This is definitely one of the most important decisions you will want to make regarding your hen parties and nights. At the end of the day, it doesn’t necessarily matter where you have your party, as long as you have fun while you are there. This means looking at what makes a good party and what is going to make your nights memorable.

You first might want to decide if you are having a theme of some kind, and this means fancy dress. Though it is not for everyone, you cannot deny that when people really get together and make an effort the hilarity of it all makes it worthwhile. Pick something that reflects the bride-to-be, her tastes, and her personality as a whole – don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with something new.

Whether you have decided to dress up or not some games and activities certainly help make it a proper hen party so take a look around for some. We also suggest getting some novelties in the form of hen party accessories involved. These will not only help assist you with your themes but will increase the frivolity and give your guests little mementos that they will recall for years to come.

The main thing you can do when planning your hen parties is relax a little bit, it’s meant to be fun remember! Just make sure your hen party says something about you and people will, inevitably, love it.

This guest post was written by Luke Mulligan of Come and take a look at our site for some awesome hen party accessories and hen party ideas.