A Day in the Life of Salsa Nation

Salsa Nation brings those hot Latin dance moves to the Emerald Isle. Founded by an accomplished Latin dancer whose main goal was to bring some spice into the heart and soul of music and dance enthusiasts, Salsa Nation is now an establishment where people just go to have a great time.

He did meet his goal. No longer limited to teaching salsa and other Latin dances, this establishment has become a place for people of all ages and dance skill levels to just enjoy the feeling of dancing. Let us take a closer look at what a typical day is like for the founder of Salsa Nation.

What made you decide to start Salsa Nation?

The love of music and dance

Describe a typical day in the life of Salsa Nation.

I get up (usually late, around 10am), have breakfast, and play with my daughter for a while.

Then, I hit the PC and do some admin work and check my email.

Around 2pm I will have lunch with my wife or friends if she is working.

Then, it’s time for dance practice or back to the PC depending on the day.

Around 5.30pm, I get in to my car and drive to wherever I am teaching that evening. Usually it’s an hour and a half or two hour drive each way.

I teach my fist class at 8pm and an advanced class at 9.30pm.

I dance until 11pm and get home around 1 am.

I get something to eat and relax for a while.

I go to bed around 2.30 am or 3 am.

What has been your best achievement?

I represented Ireland in the Salsa World Championships in Miami in 2002

What are all the activities you have to offer?

Lots of dance styles: BeyoncĂ©, Bollywood, Burlesque, Charleston, Dirty Dancing, Disco Divas, Irish Dancing, Line Dancing, Salsa, Swing, Thriller, Vintage, Zumba, First Dance…

Obviously I don’t teach them all myself. We are a team of teachers.

What is your hobbies/past-time?

Badminton and swimming

Coffee or ice cream?

Coffee, strong 🙂

SALSA NATIONhttp://www.salsanation.ie/