The Funniest Wedding Prank Calls

Wedding prank calls are not that common, but common enough to be quite controversial for the bride, groom, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and folks that are close to them. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Worst case scenario… the couple calls the wedding off. Those that can take a joke will find humor in the situation.

In a sense, a prank call can, sometimes, make or break the couple’s relationship. It can happen. Like an unsuspecting test that should not really break strong bonds. Witness the funniest and most popular wedding prank call videos online.

Mom, I’m Pregnant

Couples get married for a lot of different reasons, but what if the bride-to-be was pregnant and her mom did not even know about it? Hence, a rush wedding…

Marriage License

Getting married comes with a lot of expenses. How would you react if you had to pay more just for your marriage license?

Wedding Ring

How much does your wedding ring mean to you? How would you feel if you lost it before the big day?

Your Wedding & a Funeral

As the bride, will you be willing to dress up beside a corpse?

Wedding Venue

If the hotel for the wedding only has 10 rooms? Will you bring your own rooms as well?

Unacceptable Fiancé

What’s wrong with marrying someone from another country, of another religion, or culture? Nothing really…

Wedding Dress

Scots can be quite difficult to understand especially when they’re angry. Here’s one angry Scot. Hilarious for those that understand it.

Wedding Cake

So many things can go wrong in the wedding planning process. What if the cake supplier is a problem?

Walmart Wedding

Walmart is a one-stop shop for a lot of things. Though destination weddings are not unheard of, who would actually think of getting married in Walmart?

During the Wedding

Pranks can also be played during the wedding especially when the bestman and his crew did not have enough of it during the stag night. Here’s one funny prank pulled during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding pranks are the worst of the lot since all brides want their wedding day to be perfect. From another perspective, however, most brides and grooms won’t even notice such pranks since they tend to be in cloud 9 during the ceremony.

So, which prank call would you react violently to? Or, were you also the victim of a wedding prank call? Tell us and leave a comment below.