The Price of Celebrating That Last Night of Freedom Soars

In the span of five years, the price for having a hen or stag party just got higher and higher. Though part of this may be due to inflation, the big change is quite noticeable.

It’s not news that a lot of people get married every year and everyone knows that getting married can get quite expensive. Now that having a hen party is also becoming more expensive, the cost involved with getting married can seem daunting to a lot of folks.

The Average Cost of a Hen Weekend

In 2008, the average cost of a hen weekend was £102 per person. This year, 2013, that amount increased by £55. That means, each person that goes on a hen weekend, will cost £157. That’s also a lot more than last year’s £118.

With the United Kingdom feeling the effects of the recession, these figures are quite interesting. In addition, these figures and the recession just means one thing. Most folks are still willing to spend a whole lot of money just to make sure their friends’ last night of freedom will be an unforgettable experience.

What People Usually Do

The price involved in giving a proper send off to a friend or relative also increased because hens tend to go on hen weekends instead of just having a wild night on the town. Hen weekends are like mini vacations with hen party activities. The hen night just becomes a part of that.

The popularity of hen weekends can be one of the reasons why the average cost is much higher. What’s more, the location will also be a factor. Hens that choose to spend their hen weekend out of the country will be looking at air fare in addition to the cost of accommodations and activities.

Reasons to Have a Hen Do

So, now knowing the cost of celebrating that last night of freedom, will the tradition continue? Absolutely! Aside from being part of tradition, a bride-to-be’s hen party has its perks. First, it serves as a break from all the wedding preparations. What’s more, this gives the bride-to-be time and chance to bond with her closest friends.

The recession may be felt throughout the country and everything seems to be getting more expensive, but every wedding is still cause for celebration. Hen parties will always be part of that celebration. If you’re the one tasked to plan for that party, start looking around for hen party ideas and plan for a hen party that the bride-to-be will never forget.