To Have or Not to Have a Hen Night

Every bride has to ask that question before the big day. For some, that question need not be asked and a hen night is seen as a must because it is tradition to have one. Whether it’s a high tea party or a wild night out with your girlfriends, it really does not matter how one celebrates it. Of course, that is so long as one does actually celebrate it.

On the flip side, there are also women that do not think it is important to celebrate their last moments of freedom. Maybe, that’s probably because a night of embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety, and dangerous debauchery does not really appeal to them. Nowadays, most hen dos and even stag dos are associated with such things.

The Sense of “Fun” Involved

For sure, different women will have a different idea of what fun is. It really is something subjective. Since bridesmaids are usually the bride’s closest friends or relatives, people just assume that they really know the bride. It is the maid of honor and bridesmaids’ responsibility to plan for that hen party.

Some of those hen party organizers would take the time to ask the hen what she wants. Of course, there are others who would rather leave all the activities planned as a surprise.

There is one thing that the bridesmaids should remember and that is to really know what the bride would appreciate. After all, the celebration should be all about what she actually wants.

What Women Want and Don’t Want

A woman that does not really want to have a hen night is not necessarily anti-social or anti-fun. At times, it becomes an issue of what a hen night nowadays entails. What’s more, some women do not like the idea of the reason behind celebrating such a night.

Saying that a hen night is a night to party and commemorate a woman’s last night of freedom does not sit well with a lot of women. It implies that once they get married, they are less free or chained to their husband forever.

Of course, with the divorce rate nowadays, most women know that is no longer completely true. Hollywood celebrities even demonstrate how easy it is to get married and then divorce not long after that.

Virtually all women are aware of that. However, fairy tales from those childhood days linger somewhere at the back of every woman’s mind. Notions of romance and that happily ever after with prince charming continue to be most women’s dream.

Party… Why Not?

That’s why, for most people, getting married is still a big deal. Others still stick to tradition and get married once they reach a certain age as if all women were meant to do so. Usually, for those that value tradition and custom, certain rites of passage like a hen or stag party is still celebrated.

For those women that do not want to think of marriage as a trap should just view their hen night as a means to celebrate one’s upcoming marriage with their closest girlfriends. After all, it is also about relieving the stress involved in weddings and spending quality time with your maid of honor and bridesmaids.