Ways to Celebrate Your Hen Party in Ireland

Every year, a substantial amount of people get married in Ireland. For this reason, the hen and stag party industry thrives. In addition to being good for local tourism, a lot of other businesses benefit from such weddings as well.

It is a fact that there are so many towns and cities in Ireland worth visiting. Furthermore, some of those popular tourist destinations have become popular hen party locations as well. Now, though that may make it difficult to choose a particular location, it might be much easier if you base your choice on the type of hen party activities you can enjoy in that part of Ireland.

Here are some ways to celebrate your hen party in Ireland:

Your Own Girly Space

Have your own girl space at a hotel, or even better, a self-catering accommodation. There, you can line up activities to enjoy. Get dance, painting, make-up, or other lessons in the comfort of your own girly space.

Dance or make-up lessons will definitely be good hen party activities before the evening festivities start. When the evening comes, you either have new dance moves to show off at the dance floor or just look fabulous after the makeover.

Murder Mystery Game

For an evening of mystery, intrigue, and excitement, how about playing a murder mystery game on your hen night? You and your girlfriends can portray different characters involved in a murder mystery. Throughout the night, there will be clues and evidences as the night unfolds to let you guess who the murderer is.

Different towns in County Mayo can be perfect for such a game. You can actually just buy the game and play it, but there are also businesses that can arrange all of that for you.

Be the Perfect Homemaker

Aside from dance and make-up lessons, there are also other lessons that can help you become the perfect homemaker. For one, you can always take cooking or baking lessons.

If neither appeals to you, take pottery lessons instead. By taking a pottery lesson, you can easily create pots, vases, and other decorations that can make your home a “sweet home.”

Kilkenny and Dublin have businesses that specialize in pottery. Though you can actually just shop for new furniture or decorations, they also offer lessons that will allow you to make them yourself. That’s actually better in the long run.

Hen Party Activities

Though a murder mystery night might appeal for some stags on their stag night, most of those activities are activities that most hens will appreciate. So, start planning for your own hen party by choosing certain hen activities to enjoy.

Once you have chosen certain activities, you can start looking for the best location to enjoy all of those activities you plan to do. For sure, certain cities and towns in Ireland will be much better for certain activities. By basing your chosen location on the hen party activities you plan to enjoy, you can have the hen do that you have always wanted!