What’s Hot in the Hen Party Industry This Year?

Summer is the best time for weddings and that is also why a lot of hen parties will be taking place soon enough as well for all those June brides. So, for those that will be celebrating their last night of freedom soon, here are some of the latest trends in the hen party industry.

Those tasked with organizing for the party should take a look as well especially those that do not know how to get started with the whole planning process. It helps to know what other hens want for their hen night or hen weekend to have some hen party ideas.

Think of horse drawn carriages, disco cruises, personalized shirts, vintage themed party… those are just some ideas to get you started. Most of the hottest trends in the hen party industry were carried over from last year.

Glamour and Glitz

Though some hens would still rather have traditional hen nights with male strippers, free flowing alcohol, and outrageous antics, more and more hens are going for more elegant and stylish experiences. A lady’s day at the race and high society tea parties are now popular hen party activities.

Instead of the usual L-plate theme, more hens opt for themes like the Sex and the City or vintage theme. Such themes allow them to dress up for the occasion, but in a more fashionable and sophisticated way.

Cool Lessons

As hen party activities go, cocktail master classes and dance lessons are also the most popular hen party activities. Hens nowadays opt for such classes that put everyone in the mood for the hen night celebration.

Learning how to mix cocktails is not only a useful skill for hosting future parties, it is also a way to start the party. Hens do get the chance to sample whatever they mix. The same can be said for dance lessons. Those new moves might even be useful for an evening of dancing.

Close to Home

Due to the current economic situation, there are some hens that choose to stay closer to home instead of flying to Amsterdam or Prague for their hen party. Some would even choose to have a girls’ night in if a night on the town is not really that appealing.

By having the party nearby, more guests will be able to attend as opposed to having a hen weekend in another country or location. For some hens, the attendance of their closest friends rate higher than the adventure to be had elsewhere.

Those are just some of the hottest trends today in the hen party industry. Still, it need not be said that all hens will want to celebrate their hen party in such a manner. Other hens might opt for other outdoor recreational activities such as surfing, rock climbing, gorge walking, or racing and there is nothing wrong with going for such activities.

After all, the party should still be about what the bride-to-be wants. That is also true for husbands-to-be and their stag parties.