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10 Reasons To Choose Us

Call us Now 044 936 2222

Mon-Fri: 9am-5.30pm

Sat: 10am-2pm

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For anyone looking to organise their own hen party, we have added all our supplier details below. You can contact each supplier directly by filling out the form under each advert. If you would like to call the supplier directly, there number is below each contact form. Happy hunting.



[expand title=”Martello Hotel ” rel=”hotel1″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=4997][/expand]



[expand title=”Pole Dancing at Pole Dance Ireland” rel=”dancing1″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=2562][/expand]
[expand title=”Dance Class at Dance Fix Ireland” rel=”dancing2″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=2567][/expand]
[expand title=”Latin Dance Ireland” rel=”dancing3″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=3150][/expand]
[expand title=”Salsa Nation” rel=”dancing4″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=3162][/expand]



[expand title=”Paintballing at Special Ops” rel=”adventure5″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=2712][/expand]
[expand title=”Bumperballz” rel=”adventure6″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=5770][/expand]
[expand title=”Archery at Outdoor Discovery” rel=”adventure7″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=3106][/expand]
[expand title=”Stunt Drive Ireland” rel=”adventure7″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=6843][/expand]


Something Different

[expand title=”Naked Man Painting at Arty Hens” rel=”somethingdifferentday2″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=6230][/expand]
[expand title=”Photo Shoot at Boudoir Girls” rel=”somethingdifferentday1″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=1881][/expand]
[expand title=”Ann Summers Party Ireland” rel=”somethingdifferentday7″][display-posts include_content=”true” id=3157][/expand]


Night Club

[expand title=”Koo NightClub of Martello Hotel” rel=”nightclub”][display-posts include_content=”true” id=5588][/expand]

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