10 Reasons to Book with Us

  1. Save money! We have cultivated close ties with our suppliers and have negotiated discounts in exchange for the sheer amount of business we give them.
    We are aware that if we charged extra, we’d go out of business because our customers would organise hen parties by themselves. We guarantee that we have the best packages for all the best destinations in Ireland at great prices.
  1. We always think of our customers. We only select the best activity and accommodation centers. We process them for you and they are individually hand picked.
  2. We have the experience! All in all, we managed to set up over 500 hen parties with varying group sizes from 10-50 people.
  3. We have an excellent customer support service that will make the whole booking process hassle free.
  4. If you do not believe what we say, believe what our customers say and read the testimonials. We really make an effort to ensure every hen party is one worth remembering.
  5. If you cannot find any package that suits you, you can use the hen builder and create one from scratch. From there, we will make all the necessary arrangements for you.
  6. We have everything you will ever need for your hen party. Our online store has costumes, novelties, accessories, etc to make your hen party perfect. We also provide advice, information,  and other hen party ideas.
  7. Life is good here at Henit! We have tried and tested all of our packages to make sure that you get the best.
  8. We really listen to our customers. All of our packages are flexible. We can easily provide for anything you want!
  9. We have an online payment system setup so that YOU don’t have to run around getting money from the participants of the hen party. Tell everyone to go to our website, log in, and pay online.