Five Of The Best Geeky Hen Party Themes

Posted by Caragh on  October 26, 2016
 Every girl has a nerdy side; whether it’s a love for all things Lord Of The Rings or a grand obsession with Game of Thrones, everyone has something they enjoy freaking out over. And in 2016, being geeky is no longer a reason to be laughed at – it’s actually

The 10 Most Popular Hen Party Activities

Posted by Caragh on  October 6, 2016
1. Tea Party Tea parties are scaling the hen party ladder quite quickly in terms of the most popular hen party activities. They’re quirky, cute and a unique way to add a classy twist to your hen do. They don’t have to be all prim and properness, either – spike
​ As far as modern-day hen parties go, vintage themes have been soaring in popularity over the last handful of years. And rightly so - when done properly, a vintage hen party can be an utter delight!Vintage doesn’t just mean one set theme of doilies and tea dresses - anything

18 of the Cutest Proposal Stories Ever

Posted by Caragh on  September 16, 2016
Here at Henit, we do love a good proposal story; the more romantic the better! Hearing the tale of how two people decided to spend the rest of their lives together fills us with the warm-and-fuzzies, so we went to this thread on Reddit and put together a list of

The A to Z of The Irish Hen Party

Posted by Caragh on  August 29, 2016
​A Is For ActivityAhh, the notorious activity. Cocktail classes, pole-dancing, and paintball are all fair game for a hen party. Nobody really knows why activities are a thing, but hey, it’s tradition. And if you’re lucky, an excuse to drink! (see: cocktail class.) B is for BestiesSure what good would
A hen party is the ultimate ladies night, but anyone who's been to a hen party will know that they can be hard work. Your patience will be pushed, your dress will be ruined, your mascara will run and your friendships will be tested. So pretty much like every girl's

10 Of The Best Hen Party Gifts

Posted by Caragh on  July 5, 2016
So, you've got a hen party coming up. Stuck on what to give your friends as party favours? Or maybe you have no idea what to get the bride as a token of your congratulations? This list should fix all of your problems then! We've put together a list of
One tradition that still stands with hen parties is that of matching hen party accessories; the deely-boppers, whistles, feather boas and shot-glasses with penis motifs all fall under typical hen party garb.  source: But what about those of you who'd still like to do matchy-matchy, but with less tacky-tacky? Alternative

Top Tips To Throwing A Cheap Hen Party

Posted by Caragh on  July 1, 2016
When it comes to organising a hen party, there is a belief that it must be an expensive affair; after all, who doesn’t want a bit of pampering on their last night of freedom? However, just because a hen party is planned on a budget doesn’t mean that it can’t still

The Stages of Planning a Hen Party

Posted by Caragh on  June 29, 2016
So, you've been roped in to planning a hen party. You might be the chief bridesmaid, the best friend, the sister, or some other close female relative; someone the bride trusts with anything, which is exactly why this mammoth task has befallen you.  source: If you're the lucky lady

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