Where Not to Go for Your London Hen Do

Make no mistake; a hen night in London can be a lot of fun for a lot of reasons. However, there are also reasons why London might not be the best hen party location for you. In particular, it might be a big mistake to go to Soho, the red light district. Take note, a stag do in the same district will be a completely different case.

Due to the attachment people have with social media, it is definitely a bad idea. To get caught being in Soho is already bad as it is. Lined with sex shops, strip joints, and downright skanky establishments, it might not even be your thing. Worst case scenario would be one wherein your maid of honor thinks it’s the best idea ever when it’s not something that you would personally go for.

How Your Hen Night Should Be

Your hen do should not be a nightmare. It should be a celebration of your last night of freedom before the big day. Though, it may seem as if tradition dictates a wild night out, wild is somewhat subjective.

Soho is not for everyone especially hens that do not really appreciate what it has to offer. There are so many other alternatives that are more private. For instance, how about hiring a male stripper to perform inside your hotel room rather than watching and being watched in a public display in one of the night time establishments in Soho?

What’s really important is that you and your companions actually enjoy what you will be doing. A night in that part of London will only be fun if that is your idea of fun. So, before having your hen do, make sure the daytime and night time activities are actually activities that your whole group will enjoy doing!

Things to Do for a London Hen Do

A hen night or hen party in London can be a lot of fun with the right activities. Instead of strolling around the red light district at night, how about trying these other hen party activities?

Try something unique… instead of settling for the most popular nightclub in the city, how about bringing that party to the streets? You can easily do so by choosing to have your hen party aboard a double decker disco bus! Of course, the bus will have state of the art light and sound system. Finger food and all sorts of spirits can be included as well. A moving private party can be just the thing to make sure that your last night of freedom is an unforgettable experience!

Feel sexy and be sexy after sexy salsa lessons! If you don’t really like that, you can also choose to learn other dance moves from pole, can can, burlesque, or dirty dancing lessons.

Hens that would rather immerse in London’s culture and high society can choose to enjoy a high society tea party in the city. Other alternatives can involve perfume making lessons, luxury pampering, or a West End weekend.

Making the most out of your hen weekend or hen party will mean engaging in activities that you really enjoy doing. Have no regrets during the big day and have the hen do you have always dreamed of having.

How to Write a Meaningful Bride Speech

Preparing for your wedding will require a lot of time and other resources. However, since the internet came into existence, everything became a lot easier. For instance, why would you bother going through all the wedding details and plan for your hen party when there are many businesses that can do that for you?

Now, for your bride speech, if you’re clueless and do not know how to get started, you do not even have to panic. If you cannot seem to find the right words to say for your wedding speech, here are some of the best online resources that can help you create a meaningful one.

Wedding Speech Builder

If you need a wedding speech builder, there is a particular website that will meet your needs. It is a good thing that it also goes by the same name because that makes it easy for anyone to find them. This website provides tips on creating wedding speeches for best men, grooms, fathers of brides, and brides. So, anyone else that needs to create their wedding speech can do so easily by going to this website.

For your own bride speech, Wedding Speech Builder provides a good outline of everything that you should cover. Virtually every bride speech will start with opening lines and end with the toast. Everything else in between will depend on what you want to give emphasis on.

Funny Best Man Speeches

Funny Best Man Speeches is another website that can provide a lot of helpful tips that can help you create your wedding speech. The website even offers templates to make speech writing a whole lot easier for you. A funny speech will definitely break any tension lingering in the air during the reception and put everybody in the mood to party.

Though the website specializes in best man speeches, the website also contains other articles and samples that you can base your own speech on. Any best man will definitely find the site useful as it is a wedding speech website that’s made especially for them.

Have a Deadline for Your Speech

So that you have enough time to make your bride speech perfect, allot enough time to create it and give yourself a deadline. Ideally, your speech should be ready a week before the wedding itself.

Now, if you plan to use the services of the websites mentioned above, make sure that you decide to do so at least two weeks before the big day. Doing so will give you enough time to create, edit, familiarize yourself, and practice the speech itself.

With all the wedding preparations going on around you, the last thing you want to happen is to have nothing to say when it’s your turn to deliver your speech. Though a lot of people would go for funny speeches, if you’re not comfortable with that, just do your own thing.

Your wedding speech can be however you want it to be – emotional or funny. What’s important is to create one that suits your personality so that you can deliver it well.

Five Hot Hen Party Locations This Winter

Planning for your hen party starts with choosing a hen party location. Now, there are so many locations all over Europe to choose from. Though there are so many locations to choose from, this winter season, there are five locations that might seem better than the rest because of what they offer.


Now, if you’re looking for the best hen party location in Ireland, you cannot go wrong with choosing Dublin. Regardless of the season, it will always be one of the best places to have a girls’ night out. With over six hundred pubs to choose from, pub crawling in this city will always be an experience worth remembering.

Just head south of the River Liffy or the Temple Bar and you will readily see so many night time establishments. If pub crawling is not your thing, one of those establishments can still be the perfect venue for your hen night.

As far as hen party activities go, you will never run out of things to do in Dublin. You can enjoy various activities… day or night.


Get away from cold and snow, and have your hen party in Ibiza. This island is internationally known as a popular clubbing location and there really is no better place to party than in Ibiza.

Make sure that your last moments of freedom are worth remembering by enjoying beach activities during the day and partying hard at night. A perfect way to rest, relax, and enjoy the view during the day would be to ride a catamaran around the Mediterranean. Don’t forget to bring drinks before you go for a ride!

Photo by Gene GozumPrague

During the winter season, Prague’s medieval appeal gets even better. Shopaholics should not miss the Christmas Market in the Old Town Square. You can expect the Christmas Market to be there for a month… from December to January.

Besides it charm and fairy tale like appeal, this Eastern European Gem is also known for having the best crafted beers. Your hen night will definitely be a lot of fun with great tasting beer to boot!


As an international city and a very popular tourist destination, you can expect London to be busy 24/7. That’s also why it is one of the best places for your hen weekend or hen do. For sure, this city has everything you will ever need.

Start the evening with a show at the West End Theater and find lots of fine dining establishments within the area as well. After dinner, you can look forward to an evening of non-stop clubbing within the city.

Carrick on Shannon

Carrick on Shannon will always be a popular hen do destination because it does have something unique to offer… the chance to party aboard a ship cruising along the River Shannon. In addition, hens that want to get away from the busy city might prefer to spend their last moments of freedom in this town. Though it gets its fair share of snow during winter, you can still choose to party all night aboard a cruise ship.

These are five of the best hen party destinations in Europe. Of course, there may be other hen party locations that will be more to your liking. Just make sure to choose a place wherein you can do all the hen party activities you wish to do.

How Hens and Stags Prepare for the Big Day

Most people would think that brides usually spend more time and money getting all prepped up for their wedding day. That is no longer completely true. Though stags do not really have spa days lined up for their stag weekend, a survey shows that they do pay attention to their grooming well before the big day.

As preparing for the big day goes, a lot of hens would include a spa day in their hen weekend. This allows them to rest, relax, and get some beauty treatments done at the same time. Of course, the ritual hen night may still be there, but having a spa day as a hen party activity will ensure that a bride is at her best during her wedding day.

Stags and Spa Days Do Not Go Hand in Hand

The “Rise of the Metrosexual” is probably the main reason why a lot of stags now spend time in the salon, clinic, and spa before the big day.  Since the term was coined in the 1990s, a growing number of men have started to frequent the best shops, hairdressers, gyms, and clubs.

After the “Rise of the Metrosexual,” there was nothing girlie or gay about men who go to the hairdresser to sport the latest hairstyle or hair color. In addition, it is also became quite common for a lot of men to go with the latest fashion and even go shopping.

Though a growing number of men have a metrosexual lifestyle, it does not necessarily mean that all stags are actually metrosexual. Still, similar to how most women want to look perfect on their wedding day, there are men who make the effort to do the same.

A recent survey shows that lots of grooms get a haircut, professional shave, teeth whitening, fake tan, waxing, dance lessons, plastic surgery, plucked eyebrows, manicure/pedicure, and hair dye before their wedding day. As you might have noticed, the list is similar to that of brides.

Hen Party Activities and Bridal Preparations

In essence, brides should never be outshined by anyone… not even her groom. That is why lots of brides make it a point to get the necessary beauty treatments well before the wedding. This includes constant exfoliation, using sunscreen, and other skin care treatments.

To address those concerns, a lot of hens choose to include a spa day in their hen weekend or hen do. By spending a day at the spa, hens and their closest friends can rest, relax, and beautify themselves at the same time.

If that’s not enough… get a fashion consultant! With the help of a professional, you can spend the daytime shopping and having a complete makeover. This can be an additional daytime activity to make sure that you make the most out of your hen weekend or hen do. Of course, there are a lot of other hen party activities to enjoy. So besides some pampering, make sure you have a blast as well!

Girls’ Night in, Marriage, in Sickness and in Health

Some people find themselves in a dilemma when the person they love gets cancer or any other medical condition that can lead do death… are you willing to marry someone that is about to die? Until now, there is not 100% cure for certain medical conditions especially when a particular disease has progressed so far.

Answering that question can be quite difficult and the choice will definitely be life changing. Hopeless romantics might immediately say, “Yes,” but more practical folks will have a more difficult time making that decision. In a way, it is actually impractical to spend money on a wedding instead of splurging it and fully enjoying your time together with the person that you love.

Practicality aside, but fully knowing what lies ahead, for Alice Faulkner, the answer is “yes.” She is lucky to have the full support of Scunthorpe Telegraph readers and local businesses in Broughton.

Girls’ Night In versus a Night Out

Alice Faulkner will be marrying cancer sufferer Liam Thompson on October 21, 2012 at the St. Hybald’s Church in Scawby. Fully knowing what she is getting herself into, will she still have a hen night? Yes, she did actually have one. However, instead of having a wild night out, she chose to have a girls’ night in.

Though her friends did keep her on edge saying a male stripper will be coming, they actually just cooked, played Wii, and put on face packs. Even if some hens might not think of that as the ultimate hen party, the important thing is that Alice had a great time!

A Quasi Tragic Love Story

Before Liam was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, the couple already had plans to get married in 2014. After all, both are still young, Liam is 22 and Alice is 21 years of age. The couple did not exactly see the cancer coming, when Liam was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, last year. It wasn’t long after that when Liam had to lose one leg because of his condition.

Now, with the help of a lot of people, the couple will be getting married sooner than they planned! People may say that it will not be wedding made for a fairy tale, but both are happy with their decision and that’s all that matters.

A Birthday Celebration and Stag Do in One

For Liam who will be turning 23 on Friday, it will be a double celebration as he celebrates his birthday and last night of freedom in one night. On Friday, he will be with the lads playing games of pool for his stag night at, a pool club within Scunthorpe, Riley’s.

Liam did stop with chemotherapy for a while to make sure that his body gets some recovery time before his wedding. From an outsider’s point of view, things are not looking good for the couple. Still, that does not really matter much to them. At least, they will be spending whatever time they have left with each other… in sickness and in health.

Cole Exposes What Kate Middleton Did for Her Hen Night

What are the elements of a successful hen night? For sure, the night should be fun, funny, entertaining, and unforgettable. For some hens, “wild” is what it should be. Now, for Kate Middleton, who is now the Duchess of Cambridge, there was no better way for her to spend her hen party than to be the pop icon Cheryl Cole for the night!

Usually, what happens on your hen night stays in your hen night. However, now that Cheryl Cole is launching her autobiography, Cheryl: My Story, the story of Kate Middleton’s hen night leaked out to the press. Come to think of it, her hen do is not as wild as the most recent photos from the south of France circulating the media.

What Happened During Her Hen Do?

Should the Duchess choose to be a celebrity, Cheryl Cole definitely has some competition. Both are icons in the fashion industry for one. Second, after the Duchess of Cambridge’s hen night, her closest friends and even Prince William discovered that she can sing and dance just like Cheryl Cole!

For her hen party, she dressed up in the exact same costume Cheryl Cole wore for the Queen’s Jubilee Concert. That means the Duchess donned a similar military themed bodysuit and split trousers as she sang “Fight for This Love” which was the fourth best-selling single of 2009 in the UK. This song also topped the charts in Ireland, Norway, Hungary, and Denmark.

In a way, she did have to “Fight for This Love” as her romantic relationship with the Prince was not always smooth sailing especially in 2007. That was the time when Prince William took the liberty to enjoy his bachelorhood and focus on his military career.

What to Do for Your Hen Do

Kate Middleton’s hen party was not even as wild as other hen parties get. In fact, choosing to go for a military themed costume is not even out of the ordinary. It’s just that, different hens choose different themes.

Our website has a list of the most popular themes hens usually go for in our ideas section. This includes the angel, policewoman, disco, naughty nurse, the all-time favorite Playboy bunny, and lots of other hen party themes.

Hens do not usually do sing and dance numbers during their last moments of freedom, but they can always do so if they want to. A good alternative hen party activity for any musically inclined hen would be to have a recording session in a recording studio.

For hens that are not into that, there are a lot of other hen party activities to choose from. Just make sure to choose the ones you enjoy doing and make your last moments of freedom truly unforgettable!

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Less Stag and Hen Party Fun in the Grassmarket Area

As most people know, Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area, the historic market square in the Old Town, is one of the most popular destinations for mankini wearing men and women in all sorts of costumes. In other words, it is a very popular stag and hen party destination.

Now, it does seem like the party is over as local shop and bar owners start voting for the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID). What for? For those who have never been to an Edinburgh hen party or hen weekend, this particular area is already associated with bad behavior and excessive drinking. Creating the BID aims to give the whole area a makeover to get rid of that reputation.

Proposed Changes within Greater Grassmarket

In the past, the Grassmarket area was known for being one of the poorer areas in the city of Edinburgh. From the 1980s, that started to change as price of real estate within the area started to rise. A few years after, the area began to be known for having lots of public houses and shops.

The fact that the area has a lot of pubs made it the perfect place for lots of stag and hen nights. Needless to say, those can get out of hand at times.

Pub, bar, and shop owners within the area have had it with wild stag and hen nights. For that reason, they are planning to remodel the entire area to attract more “genteel” clients. That means changing the whole image this area has been known for.

In addition, the Greater Grassmarket BID scheme aims to attract other tourists and families to go to the area. Issues regarding security and cleanliness are also given high priority.

Since it seems like pub owners are all in, they are probably aware that this will turn away a number of customers. Combined with the smoking ban, it will be interesting to see if this whole endeavor pushes through.

What Those Changes Mean for Stags and Hens

The manager of The Black Bull said, “We don’t discourage stag and hen parties, but we just focus on managing it and making sure that everyone has a good time.” Even so, not all managers and owners have the same opinion. Some of them are already turning away guys wearing mankinis.

Even if all those changes push through, hens and stags can still have a fun hen or stag weekend in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area. The key is in toning it down a bit. Try getting a self-catering accommodation. That way, the whole group can still get drunk in the Grassmarket area and then continue the party and the drinking in their accommodation.

There are so many things to do in Edinburgh for a stag or hen weekend. Stags and hens should not stop going there just because of those proposed changes in the Greater Grassmarket area. However, unfortunately, those that cannot do without bad behavior on their last moments of freedom will have to look for alternative stag or hen party locations.