How to Avoid Turning Into a Bridezilla During Your Hen Party

Are you a budding bridezilla? Weddings can get quite stressful which is why some people tend to be “more understanding” when it comes to the bride’s mood swings as the big day gets closer. Still, no one really wants a bridezilla and here are some ways to avoid turning into one.

As early as your hen party, you’d probably start showing signs of transforming into a dreaded henzilla as it starts there. So, keep your hen party free from all the drama and arguments and here are some tips to go about it.

What You Want

Well before your hen do starts, make sure to let your bridesmaids know what you want. After all, your hen do is supposed to be a way for you to de-stress before the big day. Though you’re close to your bridesmaids, they are not mind readers.

That is why you should let them know what you want and do not want. This way, they can avoid planning certain hen party activities that will only annoy you or add to your stress.

Lay Down Reasonable Rules

Just last month, an article on the New York Daily News website featured a bridezilla’s email to her prospective bridesmaids. This email included outrageous requirements such as their financial ability to contribute for the hen do, to buy a dress, and other wedding-related expenses.

The email also had something to say about communication. Bridesmaids are expected to reply to all emails and being out of the country is no excuse. The woman who sent the email is a certified bridezilla.

Some would understand that she really only wants her wedding to be perfect. Though money and communication are both important, those are needless rules. Think about it, if you’re sister is giving birth soon. She cannot really postpone something like that until after the big day.

So, make sure to give out reasonable rules. Take the other people’s needs into consideration as well. If you’re bridesmaids are your friends, you’d want to keep it that way as well and some effort on your part might be needed.

Communication and Updates

Whenever you feel compelled to give daily updates, stop and postpone sending your text blast for a few days. Your friends also have to deal with their own lives and cannot really focus on the things you have to say each and every day.

After saying your piece, trust your friends to plan the ultimate hen weekend or hen party for you. There really is no need for you to keep sending them daily text messages.

Relax and Have a Great Time

On your hen night, stop thinking about everything else that can go wrong. Stop thinking about all the other things you still need to do for the wedding. Do not even start thinking about what your husband-to-be is doing for his stag do. Just sit back, relax, and have a great time.

Trust your bridesmaids and in their capacity to plan the festivities to celebrate your last moments of freedom. Just make sure to make the most out of it and enjoy!

What Happens on Your Hen Do Stays in Your Hen Do

Who lies about their hen or stag party activities? Almost everyone does. That really should not be surprising because as the saying goes, “what happens on your hen night, stays in your hen night.” What’s more surprising is that there are people who do not really lie to their partners about it. Of course, they are a minority.

So, how many people lie about it? To give you an idea, here are the statistics. For those that want to know, the results are really interesting.

Men vs. Women

If it’s to be a battle of the sexes, women win hands down. According to a survey, when it comes to stag party activities, 74% of men would lie about it. On the flip side, only 43% of hens will lie to their partners about hen party activities.

Compared to stags, hens win when it comes to being honest. This also means that there are probably less hen parties that actually involve wild activities. Usually, hens that lie about their hen night only lie about going to strip clubs more than anything else. It just goes to show that there are still a lot of wholesome hen party activities.

As opposed to hens, stag parties usually involve going to strip clubs and other wild antics that their partner will not really like to hear about. For that reason, more men lie about their stag night.

What Hens Do for Their Hen Do

As mentioned earlier, it seems as if a lot of hens do not really engage in activities that their partners will not like to hear about. So, let us take a look at what some hens actually enjoy doing during their last moments of freedom.

When it comes to hen party activities, there are just so many to choose from. Of course, the best hen party activities would be the ones that the bride-to-be actually enjoys. Hens that do not really want to go on a night on the town can choose to have a girls’ night in instead.

For a girls’ night in, they can choose to have a cool slumber party painting their toes and nails. As an alternative, they can also choose to cook dishes together or bake together. Of course, any hen with such a hen night can easily tell their partner what they actually did.

Activities That People Choose

Male strippers aside, there are hens that prefer other activities such as dance lessons, a day at the spa, perfume making lessons, cupcake decorating lessons, sampling different cuisines, and similar activities. In short, the main reason why there are hens that can really tell their partners what they did during their last moments of freedom.

In a similar manner, if a stag spends his stag night just like McFly drummer, Harry Judd, he really has nothing to hide from his partner. Recently, Judd spent his last moments of freedom with a sleep over, complete with a pillow fight, in his old alma mater. Such stag or hen parties are examples of those that you can always tell your partner about.

How to Top a Geordie Shore Hen Night

Star of the British adaptation of Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore lass, Vicky Pattison is all fired up with her upcoming hen night and wedding. Since Ricci Guarnaccio was casted in the show’s second season, things have been going well for the couple. While they were filming season 3, Ricci proposed to Vicky. The couple will be tying the knot next year.

As early as now, Vicky is already busy planning for the wedding next year. She even said that she wanted bridesmaid dresses inspired by the movie Bridesmaids. Naturally, her house mates in the reality TV show series are going to be the bridesmaids for her wedding.

Plans for Their Stag and Hen Do

Of course, in line with Geordie tradition, the couple will be celebrating their last moments of freedom before the big day. However, the party will not be in Newcastle. After all, they have already done all of that for the show.

It can be rather difficult to top the whole Geordie Shore experience as they have been going to the best beaches to drink and party. So, Ricci will be having a Las Vegas stag do with his mates. On the other hand, Vicky plans to have a hen party in Ibiza.

Since the bridesmaids are in charge of planning for Vicky’s three day hen party, she does not really know what her bridesmaids, Dopey (Charlotte), Slutty (Holly), and Vulgar (Sophie) have planned for her. Holly did say that it will be the best party they’d ever have with lads, a lot of strippers, shots, and, of course, dancing. Charlotte said that it will include a trip to the Alton Towers with shots, rides, and the haunted house.

How will the hen weekend in Ibiza actually go? At this point, no one really knows as plans are still being made. Still, these Geordie shore lasses know a lot about partying and it will surely be off the charts.

Having a Lot of Fun in the Sun

As an island paradise in the Mediterranean, Ibiza is famous for being the ultimate clubbing location. It is THE place to be if you plan to party all day. There are even “after party clubs” that open whenever the other clubs start to close. This way, the party does not really have to stop even when the sun is up.

Besides being the ultimate place to party, it is also a beautiful place to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. If you do not really like the thought of partying during the day, you can choose to laze by the shore and get a tan while sipping cocktails. There are world class spas on the island which will be perfect for hens that want to just rest and relax.

If you’d rather make the most out of your time on the island, take a catamaran cruise or enjoy various beach activities. In addition to being a relaxing activity, you get to see the island from a different point of view and appreciate its beauty.

Ways to Celebrate Your Hen Party in Ireland

Every year, a substantial amount of people get married in Ireland. For this reason, the hen and stag party industry thrives. In addition to being good for local tourism, a lot of other businesses benefit from such weddings as well.

It is a fact that there are so many towns and cities in Ireland worth visiting. Furthermore, some of those popular tourist destinations have become popular hen party locations as well. Now, though that may make it difficult to choose a particular location, it might be much easier if you base your choice on the type of hen party activities you can enjoy in that part of Ireland.

Here are some ways to celebrate your hen party in Ireland:

Your Own Girly Space

Have your own girl space at a hotel, or even better, a self-catering accommodation. There, you can line up activities to enjoy. Get dance, painting, make-up, or other lessons in the comfort of your own girly space.

Dance or make-up lessons will definitely be good hen party activities before the evening festivities start. When the evening comes, you either have new dance moves to show off at the dance floor or just look fabulous after the makeover.

Murder Mystery Game

For an evening of mystery, intrigue, and excitement, how about playing a murder mystery game on your hen night? You and your girlfriends can portray different characters involved in a murder mystery. Throughout the night, there will be clues and evidences as the night unfolds to let you guess who the murderer is.

Different towns in County Mayo can be perfect for such a game. You can actually just buy the game and play it, but there are also businesses that can arrange all of that for you.

Be the Perfect Homemaker

Aside from dance and make-up lessons, there are also other lessons that can help you become the perfect homemaker. For one, you can always take cooking or baking lessons.

If neither appeals to you, take pottery lessons instead. By taking a pottery lesson, you can easily create pots, vases, and other decorations that can make your home a “sweet home.”

Kilkenny and Dublin have businesses that specialize in pottery. Though you can actually just shop for new furniture or decorations, they also offer lessons that will allow you to make them yourself. That’s actually better in the long run.

Hen Party Activities

Though a murder mystery night might appeal for some stags on their stag night, most of those activities are activities that most hens will appreciate. So, start planning for your own hen party by choosing certain hen activities to enjoy.

Once you have chosen certain activities, you can start looking for the best location to enjoy all of those activities you plan to do. For sure, certain cities and towns in Ireland will be much better for certain activities. By basing your chosen location on the hen party activities you plan to enjoy, you can have the hen do that you have always wanted!

Go Kart Company Sued for an Incident at a Dublin Hen Party

Three years ago, a group of fifteen English women went to Dublin for a hen party. Of all the hen party activities to enjoy in the capital city of Ireland, they choose to get a taste of life at the fast lane. So, the group went to Killeen Road to enjoy go karting at the Kylemore Industrial Estate.

Karen Wimpory, then 29 years of age, went go karting with the bride-to-be, Jenny Pallet, and 13 of the bride’s closest friends. Go karting is usually more popular as a stag do activity, but hens that have that need for speed opt to enjoy this activity as well. Though go karting is usually a daytime activity, Wimpory’s group chose to enjoy it at the start of their evening.

What Happened at the Race Track?

Before they even rode a go kart, the group had to sign a disclaimer. Then, they had to watch a safety video that gave instructions on how to use the safety gear they will be using. After watching the instructional video, they warmed up, wore the safety helmet and bib with their race number.

That time, there were four marshals that night to assist them on the race track. Once they were all set, the group went for a practice run. This happens before the actual race. The incident with Wimpory happened during that practice run.

As the drivers went through the track, a marshal suddenly stepped inside the track and waved them to go to the pits to start the actual race. Almost all of the drivers managed to stop in time except the one behind Wimpory. This caused her whiplash, as her neck and shoulders were pushed backwards, and law suit against the go karting company.

The Verdict After Three Years

Pat Culleton, a forensic engineer, looked into her case and examined go karts used. Culleton noted that the vehicles did not have a neck restraint or back rest. In that case, the inexperienced go kart drivers should have been drilled to sit at full extension to avoid a whiplash injury.

It is just too bad that the marshal involved in the incident already passed away. Due to this, Judge Deery had to make do with what he had.

Last Thursday, November 8, 2012, Karen Wimpory, now 32 years of age, did not exactly get the €38,000 she asked for. However, she was awarded €9,064 for all the damages and the legal fees.

Hen Party Activities

There are actually a lot of other hen party activities that involve a certain amount of risk. Most outdoor recreational activities will definitely have that risk. Still, it helps to know what to expect.

In this case, hens that will be go karting for the first time should at least know all the safety measures beforehand. Even without the back rest and neck restraint, that whiplash could have been avoided if the drivers were in the right position.

Such incidents can always ruin the fun. Imagine if this also happened during your Dublin hen party. That’s why it is always much better to stay on the safe side.

Vintage Is All the Rage, Plan a Vintage Hen Party

Naturally, vintage is nothing new, but as a theme, it seems to be quite popular these days. It is commonly used as a theme for parties, weddings, and even hen parties. Now, if you want to have an elegant or posh hen party, plan a vintage themed hen party.

If you do not know how to get started, here are some tips to get you started. Of course, the planning process will include dressing up in vintage clothing, choosing suitable hen party activities, and setting up the perfect venue.

Dress to Kill!

It is not really so surprising that vintage clothing made a comeback after famous celebrities and models chose to start wearing such clothing. This will include Julia Roberts, Tatiana Sorokko, Renee Zellweger, Kate Moss, and more.

What is vintage clothing? Clothes that have existed before 1920 are considered antique clothing and everything from the 1920s up to the last decade are considered vintage clothing. This means that all you have to do is pick an era for your vintage hen party.

Choose an era and stick with that. You can go for a 20s, 40s, 60s, or any other era in between. Make sure that the clothes your “look” will match that particular era. That will include accessories, hair and makeup as well. This also works for vintage themed stag dos.

The Right Hen Activities

Your vintage inspired hen do should also include the right activities to make it feel more authentic. Though you can always choose to have a posh tea party, cook together, or have a cocktail party, there are other fun hen party activities that you can include.

How about learning new dance moves that will be appropriate for that era? Burlesque regained its popularity from the 1930s up to the 1960s. You and your girlfriends can have a lot of laughs and enjoy learning the moves of this risqué dance.

For certified shopaholics, a day shopping for vintage clothing can also be a fun hen activity. Get a professional fashion consultant’s opinion while you’re at it. You can then get a full vintage makeover with cosmetics to boot!

A Stylish and Elegant Venue

The Ritz will definitely be one of the best venues for a vintage hen do. However, you should not limit your options to that. There are other venues that can be perfect for any vintage wedding or hen do.

The Foundling Museum located in Brunswick Square can also be the perfect venue for your vintage themed hen night. You can have an intimate lunch or dinner for 30 in its stylish, beautiful, and elegant Court Room.

Aside from the Ritz, the Savoy is another hotel that can be the perfect venue for your hen do. Its Art Deco design will definitely go well with your vintage theme.

If none of those venues appeal to you, you can always turn any room into the perfect venue for your vintage hen party with the right vintage decorations. So, start planning and have a vintage hen weekend or hen night to remember!

Bournemouth Will Start to Turn Away Hen Parties

As a coastal resort town, Bournemouth is also one of the most popular hen and stag party locations for a lot of stags and hens. It particularly appeals to those that love the beach and beach activities.

Now, local residents and officials of this resort town are not so happy about its popularity in the hen and stag party scene. As a matter of fact, Martyn Underhill, a former Metropolitan police officer said that the local residents are afraid of the crimes that can result from hen and stag groups that spend their nights drinking in town.

What Makes Bournemouth Appealing

Naturally, the very first thing that makes this location appealing would be its beach and coastline. The beach itself makes it perfect for all sorts of outdoor recreational activities.

The other reason would be its nightlife. There are a lot of pubs and clubs within the city. Underhill himself said that there are too many of those within this town. As of now, there are approximately 800 licensed nightlife establishments.

More bad news as the licensing of those pubs and clubs, that a lot of people enjoy, is also being taken into consideration. It does seem as if the fun will soon stop in Bournemouth.

Other Places Taking Action

Bournemouth is not alone in limiting the number of stag and hen parties within its territory. Parts of Edinburgh and Newquay are also taking precautionary measures to minimize the “bad behavior” in their community. In line with this, these locations are actually aiming to make their community more enticing tourist destinations for families.

Newquay started banning mankinis which have become popular stag do wear. In addition, there are some nightlife establishments that refuse entry to same sex groups wearing other “inappropriate” clothing.

For Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area, local establishments are banding together to refuse entry to stag and hen party groups as well. All in all, this does not look good for those who plan to celebrate their last moments of freedom in those areas.

Who’s to Blame?

Anyone who has been following the news would know that a lot of stag parties have become worse. In fact, this seems to be a period of time wherein stag pranks tend to go too far.

There was a time when the stag’s neighbors thought that they were witnessing an actual kidnapping and called the police. More recently, some stag pranks also involved torture and interrogation inside a prison cell or some other place that’s just as bad.

In a way, such stag parties are to blame. That is just in addition to the trashed premises of hotels and the surroundings of stag and hen party destinations. Local residents will certainly complain about the noise, public live shows, and the fact that some hens flash their assets in front of their underage kids.

Now knowing those things, it is easy to see why local officials are taking matters in their own hands. All things considered, they really won’t be taking action if there are no reasons for them to do so.



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Evening Activity


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Have a Chocoholic Frolic Hen Party or Hen Weekend

For something that has been around for at least three millennia, there are very few things in life that are better than chocolate. Chocoholics might even disagree and say that chocolates are truly is the best thing in this life.

So, for a certified chocoholic bride-to-be, the ultimate hen party should involve a chocoholic frolic. If you choose to do so, then look forward to a hen party in London. Of course, your stay in the city can include a lot of other hen party activities as well.

Potential Health Benefits of Chocolate

Though people eat chocolate for pleasure more than anything else, it does have a number of positive benefits. It need not be said that most parents would control their child’s chocolate consumption because it does cause obesity and cavities. Despite all of that, taken in regulation, chocolate has a number of benefits too.

It has been said that dark chocolate can help with cardiovascular health. Other studies also show that dark chocolate has the potential to help reduce the risk of coughs and cancer. Also, if you’ve been having migraines, you might want to eat some chocolate as well.

Did you ever wonder why chocolates are usually given during courtship, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries? This is mainly because, in romantic lore, chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Eating chocolate decreases a person’s inhibitions which can lead to arousal.

A Chocoholic’s Hen Weekend or Party

If you want to have a chocoholic frolic, have a London hen party and take the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour. Hens that love chocolate will definitely have a wonderful time licking all of those chocolate L-plates that they will be getting a taste of.

So, start booking that chocolate-filled tour and enjoy! You can choose to have the tour as a daytime or nighttime activity. It’s really up to you. You can even choose to have a private tour if your group is composed of five to twelve people.

The tour allows your group to explore all of those hidden chocolate shops, establishments that serve chocolate cocktails, and to top it all off, you get a VIP discount in those establishments guaranteeing that you get your fill of all those chocolate goodies.

Other Hen Activities to Enjoy in London

Besides sampling all that chocolate, you can still choose to add other activities that can make any hen or stag weekend in London truly unforgettable. For instance, you can choose to burn all those calories by partying and dancing all night at a local club or a double decker disco bus of your own!

If you enjoy baking, take your cupcake making skills one step further and enjoy cupcake decorating with cocktails while you’re in the city. Perhaps, a quiet evening meal is more to your liking. After spending a day eating chocolates, enjoy classic afternoon tea and an evening meal with a London High Society Tea Party package.

Regardless of the other activities you choose while you’re in the city, make sure to make the most out of your hen do. Choose hen activities that you truly enjoy and have a great time!

Pubs You Should Not Miss While You Are in London

A trip to London will not be complete without sampling its pubs. After all, what would London be without pubs? Pubs and pubbing are part of London’s culture and history. As a matter of fact, some of the best pubs in the city are centuries old and were featured in The Epicure’s Almanack which was published in 1815.

This global city is known for a lot of things. It was called a world cultural capital that has a huge influence in today’s fashion, art, and entertainment. In addition, it is the “world’s most visited city” in terms of international arrivals.

So, if you’re in the city for your hen or stag weekend and you do not know where to go, here are some pubs that you should definitely check out while you’re in the city. Even if you have been to London in the past, these pubs are well-worth visiting.

Old Bell Tavern

Located on 95 Fleet Street, The Old Bell Tavern was built in the 1670s. Until now, it can still give off that medieval feel. As far back as 1815, this tavern was already known for moderately priced food and good beverage.

The George and Vulture Tavern

Located in one of the dark alleys of St. Michael’s Churchyard, 3 Castle Court, which was associated with Charles Dickens, you will find George Inn which has been around since the 1470s. A well-preserved historical landmark in its own right, it is still known for its hearty fare. If you’re in the mood to sample mouthwatering roast beef, Welsh rarebit, kidney pie, and steak, head to this tavern.

Barley Mow/Marylebone

Located in 8 Dorset Street, the Barley Mow has been around since 1791. Though it is not as old as some of the other pubs in the city, it does offer Pieminster lunches. What’s more, this pub serves lots of different ales and lagers. If you want some live entertainment while drinking a pint, this is one of the best pubs to go to.

Gordon’s Wine Bar

If you’re not really into beer and would rather have some wine, Gordon’s Wine Bar, located in 47 Villiers Street, is the perfect place for you. Built in the 1890s, this wine bar offers a fine selection of Madeira, sherry, and port. For a quiet hen night, you can sip fine wine with a selection of mature cheese in this candlelit bar and enjoy!


You can get a taste of Germany in London by going to Zeitgeist. Located in 49-51 Black Prince Road, this German gastropub has German staff, football, pub fare, and beers. They offer 32 German bottled beers and 16 on draught.

Greenwich Union

Have you ever had chocolate or raspberry beer? If you haven’t Greenwich Union, located in 56 Royal Hill, is the place to sample those unique flavored beers while basking in its lovely beer garden. You can be sure that this pub is always well stocked because the beer in this pub is supplied by nearby Meantime Brewery.

These are just some London pubs that are truly worth visiting. If you’re planning to go pub crawling in a certain part of London, use the Random Pub Finder. London does have a lot of pubs that are worth visiting and pub crawling is the best way to make the most out of your night out in the city.

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