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How to Have a Fun Girls’ Night In

Hens that do not really like the idea of a traditional hen night will be better off with a girls’ night in rather than a wild night on the town. This is also true for mature hens that would rather just spend time having fun with their closest friends.

A girls’ night in does not really have to be boring as there are still so many ways to make the night fun and unforgettable. Check out these hen party ideas to start planning for an awesome hen night.

These tips will also be useful for hen groups that are spending a hen weekend and have a night free for such activities. A girls’ night in can be just as much fun as a night out with the right activities..


To have an evening of pure fun, do away with cooking and have some food delivered. You don’t really have to order everything in one place so that everyone can get what they actually want. A lot of fast food chains and restaurants can be found online no matter where you happen to be at.

movie hen night

Order food online and make sure there is enough food to last for the whole evening. Also, it will be a lot easier to order online in case your hen group is quite big.

In case you and the girls do enjoy cooking your own food, you can have that as part of the evening’s activities. Head to the market early to get all the ingredients you need to cook up everyone’s favorite dish.

Movie Night

A movie will be perfect with all that food. You can all eat while enjoying the movie. Make sure to bring a DVD of your favorite movie for the occasion. Popcorn works too in case you choose to have dinner first before watching a movie. There are microwavable ones are like an instant solution.

In case the hotel room has no DVD player, get a laptop and connect it to the television. Having internet connection helps too as you can just connect the computer to the television and have a wireless stream of the movie you have in mind.

Games and Other Activities

The fun does not have to stop once the movie ends as you can also enjoy various games and activities. Get an adult party pack or bring some games with you. Twister is always a fun and funny game especially when everyone happens to be drunk already. Playing Twister will always be good for laughs,

Having a home spa set comes in handy too. It can be quite fun to have facials and paint each other’s nails as additional activities. Get creative and come up with certain activities for the evening and have a fun night in with the girls!

There will be a few stags that can appreciate having something similar for their stag do. Of course, they tend to enjoy other sorts of activities.

How to Find Your Zen This Spring While Planning for a Wedding

hen party planningSpring season is the season for planning weddings. Bride-to-be’s that are involved in such plans are probably searching for tips or wedding ideas to make sure that the event goes perfectly or as planned. Moreover, they are probably in need of tips that can prevent them from turning into “bridezillas.” All that stress inevitably transforms some brides into that.

In an effort to help those that need more ideas and tips, or for those that are about to break under the pressure, here are some things that might help anyone planning for their wedding find their Zen, stay calm and sane. Planning for such events may be time-consuming, but it can also be a lot of fun with the right perspective.

Dealing with Mothers

Let’s face it, some mothers and mothers-in-law-to-be will want to have their own opinion about everything that has to do with the wedding. During a stressful time, anyone will crack at that sort of pressure.

In order to avoid undue stress, it might be a good idea to keep them busy at something. Give them special tasks to work on so that they do not feel left out. At times, all they really want is to feel important and giving them a task to work on can give them that feeling.

Handling the Budget

Without a doubt, a wedding can get really expensive. It pays to have a beautiful wedding, but that’s only if one can actually pay for a beautiful wedding. At times, getting the things that one really want can make one go beyond your set budget.

hen party budget

That is why handling the budget can get quite stressful too. Though the couple getting married will inevitably have to dish out some cash, here are some ways to lessen the chance of going over the budget.

First, do not be afraid to prioritize. What’s the point of having ten bridesmaids when five will do? For those that will be paying for those dresses, limiting the people in the entourage might help them save a bit more for the reception or other expenses.

What about plus ones? It is not your obligation to allow plus ones especially if one do not really know the person a friend or relative is bringing along. One’s wedding is supposed to include the people that really matter.

One other way to get some help with the cost of the wedding is to ask for money instead of other things on the gifts list. Nowadays, couples tend to live together before they even tie the knot which means that they do not always need new pots, pans, linens, or any of those things. Let the guests pay for the honeymoon instead. There are agencies that can help with that. There are agencies that can do the same for hen and stag parties.

In a sense, the guests will be paying for tickets, accommodations, and other activities for the honeymoon. At least, the couple will not really have to shell out money for that and they can focus their resources for the wedding day.

Keeping the Peace

after the hen night

Most couples’ idea of their dream wedding is one that is in order or organized. That’s why kids are not always part of that. For couples that wish to adopt a “no kids” policy on their wedding day should simply do so. Not all the guests will be happy, but it is their wedding day. Have an “adult only” event stamp on the invitation or find a good way to let the guests know that kids are not allowed.

Traditional seating plans during the reception can be reason for more distress especially when there are underlying issues that might surface when two relatives sit too closely to each other. So, it helps to get rid of the top or presidential table. By doing so, divorced parents will not really have to deal with their ex’s in one table. Allow guests to sit wherever they want with their closest relatives or friends.

Those are just are just some tips that can help any bride-to-be find their Zen before and during the wedding. Bride-to-be’s that really need to de-stress can also choose to do so during their hen night or hen party. A day at the spa can do wonders. Other hen party activities can also help. In a way, that’s what hen parties are for. A hen party can serve as a much needed break from party planning by having a fun time with their closest friends.

Hen Party Minibus Crashes Near Junction 32 Castleford

It is really unfortunate that a mini bus on its way to a Liverpool hen party crashed near junction 32 at Castleford last Friday. The mini bus collided with a lorry and was thrown sideways on the road.

Out of twenty one hen party guests from South Elmsall, one of them, eighteen year old Bethany Jones died at the scene. The other twenty were injured. Seven of them were seriously injured and brought to two different hospitals. Stephanie Firth, 24, the bride-to-be was in intensive care though that was not confirmed.

The Accident

A group of women that were on their way to a Liverpool hen party did not really think their day would end in such a way. Everyone was definitely looking forward to having a wonderful time in Liverpool.

However, that morning, on their way to Liverpool, their mini bus collided with a lorry on the M62. The mini bus was hit hard as it overturned and landed on its side on the road. The bus was severely damaged. According to the crew members of the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, it was the worst crash that they had seen in years.

As mentioned earlier, trainee nurse, Bethany Jones, 18, died at the scene of the crash. The rest were injured and those that were severely injured were brought to the hospital. Seven women that were badly injured are now stable after spending three nights in intensive care at the Leeds General Infirmary. Though they will definitely recover, this hen party is already unforgettable for the wrong reasons.

Fund Raising

Beth Jones, well-loved by her friends, was the only one that did not survive the accident. Initially, her friends could not believe the news as she just eighteen and really has the rest of her life ahead of her. Now, her friends are aiming to raise £50,000 for air ambulances as a tribute to her.

Six air ambulances were used to transport twenty injured women from the scene of the accident to hospitals. This is her friends’ way of giving back to those air ambulances that helped them. So far, the group already received over £3,000 in donations alone for those air ambulances.

In addition to those efforts, the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Brass Band will be having a charity concert in town on May 20, 2013. It can be said that the community where the girls came from, south Elmsall, was shook up with they are a tight knit community wherein everyone knows everyone else.

The lorry driver was actually arrested, but was bailed out. In general, the road just isn’t “unsafe” for hen and stag parties. It is unsafe for everyone especially whenever there are some folks that can cause deaths with dangerous driving like this lorry driver.

What’s Hot in the Hen Party Industry This Year?

Summer is the best time for weddings and that is also why a lot of hen parties will be taking place soon enough as well for all those June brides. So, for those that will be celebrating their last night of freedom soon, here are some of the latest trends in the hen party industry.

Those tasked with organizing for the party should take a look as well especially those that do not know how to get started with the whole planning process. It helps to know what other hens want for their hen night or hen weekend to have some hen party ideas.

Think of horse drawn carriages, disco cruises, personalized shirts, vintage themed party… those are just some ideas to get you started. Most of the hottest trends in the hen party industry were carried over from last year.

Glamour and Glitz

Though some hens would still rather have traditional hen nights with male strippers, free flowing alcohol, and outrageous antics, more and more hens are going for more elegant and stylish experiences. A lady’s day at the race and high society tea parties are now popular hen party activities.

Instead of the usual L-plate theme, more hens opt for themes like the Sex and the City or vintage theme. Such themes allow them to dress up for the occasion, but in a more fashionable and sophisticated way.

Cool Lessons

As hen party activities go, cocktail master classes and dance lessons are also the most popular hen party activities. Hens nowadays opt for such classes that put everyone in the mood for the hen night celebration.

Learning how to mix cocktails is not only a useful skill for hosting future parties, it is also a way to start the party. Hens do get the chance to sample whatever they mix. The same can be said for dance lessons. Those new moves might even be useful for an evening of dancing.

Close to Home

Due to the current economic situation, there are some hens that choose to stay closer to home instead of flying to Amsterdam or Prague for their hen party. Some would even choose to have a girls’ night in if a night on the town is not really that appealing.

By having the party nearby, more guests will be able to attend as opposed to having a hen weekend in another country or location. For some hens, the attendance of their closest friends rate higher than the adventure to be had elsewhere.

Those are just some of the hottest trends today in the hen party industry. Still, it need not be said that all hens will want to celebrate their hen party in such a manner. Other hens might opt for other outdoor recreational activities such as surfing, rock climbing, gorge walking, or racing and there is nothing wrong with going for such activities.

After all, the party should still be about what the bride-to-be wants. That is also true for husbands-to-be and their stag parties.