Five Hen Party Ideas to Create an Unforgettable Night

Your best friends is getting married and it’s time to plan for that hen party that she will never forget… Where do you start? There are so many things to take into consideration and so many details to go over. Nevertheless, the planning process can be a lot of fun as it is a chance to really get creative.

For those that need more inspiration, here are five hen party ideas that can help anyone come up with an unforgettable hen night. Hen party games, themes, activities, and other ideas can definitely make that day, night, or weekend memorable for the bride-to-be.


A party will always be a lot more fun with games and a hen party is no different. What can make it difficult to choose the games to include is the fact that there are so many to choose from. How does one choose the games to play? Well, it will all depend on the people that will be participating.

Games can be as wild as one wants them to be. On the flip side, the games to include can be wholesome as well. It really depends on the willingness of the participants to play a particular game.

To give folks an idea, some of the popular games played for such a party will include Ice Breaker, Piñata, Truth or Dare, and Male Model. Just make it a point to choose games that everyone else will be willing to play to make sure that everyone gets to have fun!


Themed parties are always a lot more fun. Going with a particular theme can make the planning process a lot easier as well. Everything else can be based on the chosen theme. Such parties are always fun especially when the guests enjoy dressing up for the occasion.


Do not forget to get some hen party accessories for the celebration. With the right hen party accessories and fancy dress, any party will be a lot more memorable for the celebrant. As accessories go, there are a lot of stores that carry items made especially for the celebrant.


Choosing the activities to enjoy during the celebration will be similar to the task of choosing games to include. Though there are a lot of popular hen party activities to choose from, those popular activities might not be what the celebrant and the other guests want.

Typically, most hens choose to spend their evening partying. However, other hens might want something different or unique. Hens that enjoy want to try their luck can rub elbows with high rollers and try their luck on the tables. Those that enjoy the great outdoors can pick certain outdoor recreational activities to enjoy during the day or night.


Where will the party take place? Pubs, bars, clubs, hotel rooms, self-catering accommodations, and even restaurants are popular choices. However, to truly make the most out of the evening, how about choosing a unique venue for the party itself?

Party buses and cruise ships are awesome party venues as well. What’s more, they’re a cool means of transportation too. If pub crawling is part of the itinerary, a party bus makes sure that the party will not really stop after leaving each pub.

These are just five hen party ideas that can help anyone plan for an unforgettable hen do in Ireland or any other location. By adding some of these into the mix, that party will, no doubt, be a memorable one.