Four Seasons

This self catering accommodation is centrally located in Carrick on Shannon allowing an easy reach to all the amenities of the town. Their comfortable and clean rooms, along with their friendly staff provide guests a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.



When booking your accommodation we can only provide you with the accommodation details once a deposit is secured. We advise our customers to book early to get the best accommodation for your group. Our locations book out in advance so we advise customers to secure their weekend with a deposit at the earliest convenience.

Please note: If you would like a different accommodation provider we have hostels, B&B’s, Hotels and self-catering apartments available in most locations. (Please ask for more details)


A good behaviour deposit will be required upon arrival to the accommodation (refundable on check-out)
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John Healy Accommodation

This homey property prides itself with high-standard comfort and a friendly atmosphere with a good location. Their rooms are designed with its guests in mind, thus a convenient and comfortable stay is guaranteed. The accommodation is centrally located and is well within walking distance from several city attractions, restaurants, and shopping centres.

When booking your accommodation we can only provide you with the accommodation details once a deposit is secured. We advise our customers to book early to get the best accommodation for your group. Our locations book out in advance so we advise customers to secure their weekend with a deposit at the earliest convenience.

Please note: If you would like a different accommodation provider we have hostels, B&B’s, Hotels and self-catering apartments available in most locations. (Please ask for more details)


A good behaviour deposit will be required upon arrival to the accommodation (refundable on check-out)
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McGees Bar & Accommodation

Welcome to Jim McGee’s Traditional Bar & Guest Accommodation – ‘your Home Away From Home in the Sunny South East’!

Established in the 1840’s, Jim McGee’s is a well known bar located in the heart of Wexford Town – just 5 minutes from the Train & Bus Station, Main Shopping Area and Exciting Nightlife. Whether your looking for a lively night of Music and Song – or a Quiet Pint by the Fire – enjoy the craic in Jim McGee’s Bar where you will immediately feel like a regular!

Jim McGee’s Bar is a hotspot for fans of all Sporting Events with its many well positioned Flat-Screen TV’s throughout the Bar.

Guest Accommodation adjoins the bar – but can be accessed via a seperate entrance, making this perfect for Singles, Couples, Groups and Families.
The sun terrace provides a great environment to relax, benefitting from All-Day Sunshine!

You will always find a welcome smile and a friendly face each time you visit Wexford that will keep drawing you back again and again!
Jim McGee’s Traditional Bar & Guest Accommodation offers 14 En-Suite Rooms fully equiped with Flat Screen TV and Tea & Coffee making facilities designed to offer a Comfortable Restful Night!


Are you planning a Party? Why not Contact us for our special Party/Accommodation Packages!
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Laser Combat at

All of the fun, none of the bruises!
You go to paintball games when you want to have a good round of gun combat fun. Whether you get your fun or not, you do get your distinguished medals before you leave the battlefield – BRUISES!

If only there was a way to enjoy a good, exciting gunfight without hurting yourself. The perfect way to do that is Laser Combat aka Laser Tag.
The laser technology in Laser Combat ‘takes care’ of your enemies as well as yourself!


Choose from three locations:

LaserCombat – Kilkenny is located at the heart of Kilkenny.

LaserCombat – Cork is only 30 minutes away from the Cork city.

LaserCombat -Gap of Dunloe, Killarney is 10 minutes drive from town centre.

So now you don’t have to think twice before jumping in guns blazing into the heat of a battle and save the day!
Laser Combat beats Paintball in a number of ways.

  • Painless. Paintball is painful when hit and you risk injuries.
  • Safer. The harmless infrared light removes any bruising and painful concerns, making Laser Combat a thousand times safer than paintball.
  • No mess. Paintball’s paint creates a big mess.
  • More people. Younger kids, older adults and even ladies who were afraid to try paintball can play Laser Combat as its pain free and safe.
  • More comfortable. No protective gear or fogged up masks, so playing is more comfortable than paintball.
  • Playable anywhere. Unlike paintball, where its paintballs require safety netting, a Laser Tag game can be set up more freely, even at your home!
  • Economical. In paintball you have to buy ammo at about €10 per recharge. In Laser Combat, no physical ammo means no extra cash spent.

All in all, Laser Combat is pretty painless, economical fun. Paintball’s painful playing often makes you resent indulging in your passion for gun sport. As such, Laser Tag will give you that fulfilled feeling, whether your team loses or wins the game.

Compared to paintball, the laser technology of Laser Combat Ireland takes it to a whole new level of gun fun!
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The Funniest Wedding Prank Calls

Wedding prank calls are not that common, but common enough to be quite controversial for the bride, groom, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and folks that are close to them. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Worst case scenario… the couple calls the wedding off. Those that can take a joke will find humor in the situation.

In a sense, a prank call can, sometimes, make or break the couple’s relationship. It can happen. Like an unsuspecting test that should not really break strong bonds. Witness the funniest and most popular wedding prank call videos online.

Mom, I’m Pregnant

Couples get married for a lot of different reasons, but what if the bride-to-be was pregnant and her mom did not even know about it? Hence, a rush wedding…

Marriage License

Getting married comes with a lot of expenses. How would you react if you had to pay more just for your marriage license?

Wedding Ring

How much does your wedding ring mean to you? How would you feel if you lost it before the big day?

Your Wedding & a Funeral

As the bride, will you be willing to dress up beside a corpse?

Wedding Venue

If the hotel for the wedding only has 10 rooms? Will you bring your own rooms as well?

Unacceptable Fiancé

What’s wrong with marrying someone from another country, of another religion, or culture? Nothing really…

Wedding Dress

Scots can be quite difficult to understand especially when they’re angry. Here’s one angry Scot. Hilarious for those that understand it.

Wedding Cake

So many things can go wrong in the wedding planning process. What if the cake supplier is a problem?

Walmart Wedding

Walmart is a one-stop shop for a lot of things. Though destination weddings are not unheard of, who would actually think of getting married in Walmart?

During the Wedding

Pranks can also be played during the wedding especially when the bestman and his crew did not have enough of it during the stag night. Here’s one funny prank pulled during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding pranks are the worst of the lot since all brides want their wedding day to be perfect. From another perspective, however, most brides and grooms won’t even notice such pranks since they tend to be in cloud 9 during the ceremony.

So, which prank call would you react violently to? Or, were you also the victim of a wedding prank call? Tell us and leave a comment below.

Midland Karting

From karting to paintball to virtual racing, this purpose-built, one-stop adventure centre offers action-packed events that are both rewarding and fun. Whether youre trigger happy or a speed junkie (or both), youre guaranteed to have an action-packed day here.

 To experience the real thrill and excitement of karting, nothing compares to driving on an outdoor track. At Midland Karting you can participate in your chosen event in our fleet of Sodi karts. There’s plenty of events to choose from such as the Arrive & Drive session for small groups or individuals or a full Grand Prix for the larger group. We also hire the track out so you can use your own kart and perfect your karting skills!
Other Services we offer:

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Karting at Athboy Karting Centre Ltd.

Welcome to Athboy Karting Centre, one of Irelands largest and fastest Karting Circuits. With a 950 metre National kart racing Circuit it provides thrills and excitement to both professional and Novice karting enthusiast.

The track hosts a wide array of yearly events including The National Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship, National Mini Moto Championship, TullyAllen Karting Club Championship and the Leinster Karting Club Championship.

We run a fleet of fifteen 270cc Sodi Karts which are open to hire for Individual Karting Sessions, Group Bookings, Corporate Team Building Events, Stag & Hen Parties, Kids Parties and Fun Days out.

We also provide Kart testing for both leisure purposes and for the professional kart racer. The track is equipped with two magnetic timing strips for use with onboard timing systems. We also provide an in house timing system compatible with all AMB and MY laps Transponders.
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Countryside Leisure Activity Centre

Countryside Leisure, Bonnettsrath ( on golf links road ), offer a range of activities including clay pigeon shooting, indoor rifle target shooting, bocarts and archery.

All equipment are provided for and full instructions will be given before the activities commence.

Countryside Leisure Activity Centre is a centre that provides outdoor activities that vary to the usual adventure centre. Individuals and groups are catered for and the centre is located 2 miles outside of Kilkenny City. Age requirement varies depending on the activity.
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An Poc Fada

Home cooked food served daily from 10am to 5pm.

Private function room available for meetings, parties and all social occasions.

Finger food and music supplied.

Live bar music nightly – weekly trad sessions coming soon.

All sporting entertainment covered on our numerous large screens.

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Westport Wargames Paintball

You are guaranteed an action packed visit of fun, exhilaration and excitement on the safest site in Ireland.
Paintball is not just a sport for the “Rambos” of this world, paintball with Westport Wargames is a well organised, safe and exciting action sport that appeals to individuals of all fitness levels and both men and women find it equally as enjoyable.

It is the ideal choice for a Stag or Hen Party, we cater for both large and small groups and are open seven days a week- early till late (we are also floodlit for those dark winter evenings!!) Whatever the weather we aren’t afraid to go to battle. In fact we find the rain adds to the fun!!

Birthday parties or family get togethers’ are a common occurrence at our venue and due to our flexibility and experience we are also a popular choice for corporate outings be it as a team building exercise or as a thank you to some valued staff members, especially at Christmas time.

We have an exemplary safety record and our staff hold occupational first aid certificates issued by the Irish Red Cross Society. We are also experienced in catering for groups with special needs and are happy to work with organisers to ensure everyone has a fulfilling experience here at Westport Paintball Wargames.

A typical outing with us begins at either 9:00am sharp or 12.30pm however we advise players to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to these times to ensure registration forms are completed fully by the entire group. Once registration forms have been completed, each player will be issued with all the equipment they need for the games and given a brief demonstration on correct use of same, their hopper will be pre-loaded with ammunition and extra ammunition is available as and when required during the games.

“Also now one of the only sites in Ireland offering SPLATBALL …A low impact form of Paintball that everyone can play”


Splatball 0

Splatball is a fantastic way to experience all the thrill and adrenaline of Traditional Paintball with none of the “pain”!! Played outdoors in woodland and fields, a great selection of game zones with missions designed to test your strategy and skill. Experienced marshalls will guide you to victory during two hours of action packed fun!

Assault Course

Assault course Wall
Can you all stop laughing long enough to balance, climb & clamber across our Assault Course….With over ten challenging elements rain will not stop play here!! Your against the clock and you must complete each element fully to be in with a chance of getting on the leader board….Chicken out and you’ll lose points for your team!
Give the bride a day she’ll remember!

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