Irish Shooting Sports

Irish Shooting Sports Range is the door to shooting sports in Ireland’s southwest, situated in an ideal location at the gateway to Kerry, in close proximity to Limerick and Cork. The Shooting Range is ideally positioned to cater for all clay pigeon shooting, archery , rifle and Pistol needs for the Munster province. Irish Shooting Sports specializes in group activities from stag/hen days to corporate and team building days. Our all weather shooting ranges are open in all seasons with flood lighting available throughout the winter. The enclosed ranges guarantees your day will not be ruined by our unpredictable weather.

Shooting ranges are a great way to unwind and release the stress of everyday life. As a sport, rifle shooting can be a commanding and rewarding experience. It demands calm and concentration, much like Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Irish Shooting Sports specialises in both individual and group entertainment, offering a wide variety of targets and disciplines with individual tuition for each participant. Safety is paramount and all our expert instructors are experienced and qualified in all aspects of safe gun handling and rifle marksmanship.

There is an all-weather enclosed shooting layout planned so that adverse weather conditions will not interfere with any shooting. All equipment that is required is provided onsite or you can bring your own – ammunition, targets, hearing protection, and of course, guns!
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A Day in the Life of Salsa Nation

Salsa Nation brings those hot Latin dance moves to the Emerald Isle. Founded by an accomplished Latin dancer whose main goal was to bring some spice into the heart and soul of music and dance enthusiasts, Salsa Nation is now an establishment where people just go to have a great time.

He did meet his goal. No longer limited to teaching salsa and other Latin dances, this establishment has become a place for people of all ages and dance skill levels to just enjoy the feeling of dancing. Let us take a closer look at what a typical day is like for the founder of Salsa Nation.

What made you decide to start Salsa Nation?

The love of music and dance

Describe a typical day in the life of Salsa Nation.

I get up (usually late, around 10am), have breakfast, and play with my daughter for a while.

Then, I hit the PC and do some admin work and check my email.

Around 2pm I will have lunch with my wife or friends if she is working.

Then, it’s time for dance practice or back to the PC depending on the day.

Around 5.30pm, I get in to my car and drive to wherever I am teaching that evening. Usually it’s an hour and a half or two hour drive each way.

I teach my fist class at 8pm and an advanced class at 9.30pm.

I dance until 11pm and get home around 1 am.

I get something to eat and relax for a while.

I go to bed around 2.30 am or 3 am.

What has been your best achievement?

I represented Ireland in the Salsa World Championships in Miami in 2002

What are all the activities you have to offer?

Lots of dance styles: Beyoncé, Bollywood, Burlesque, Charleston, Dirty Dancing, Disco Divas, Irish Dancing, Line Dancing, Salsa, Swing, Thriller, Vintage, Zumba, First Dance…

Obviously I don’t teach them all myself. We are a team of teachers.

What is your hobbies/past-time?

Badminton and swimming

Coffee or ice cream?

Coffee, strong 🙂


A Day in the Life of Barnacles

Barnacles is a multi-awarded hostel that now operates in two major Irish cities, Dublin and Galway. Gathering various awards over the years for its location, staff, fun, character, cleanliness, and security, it is easy to see why a lot of people choose to stay in this hostel.

Let us now take a closer look at what a day in Barnacles is like.

Describe a typical day in the life of Barnacles?

As with every hostel, so many different things happen all the time. There are times we are busy organizing tours or different activities for groups, we could be running gigs or special event nights in the hostel, or even just giving directions and tips for the best time out in Galway.

Of course, there is always a big team of people behind the scenes who make sure guests are happy with their stay, their rooms are clean, and there is breakfast for them every morning.

What has been your best achievement?

We have celebrated 20 years in Galway last year and have grown from 40 something to 118 beds hostel. It is amazing how things have changed in such a short time! All our rooms are ensuite now and WiFi is free throughout the building. When we started, the fax machine was the hottest piece of technology!

Coffee or Ice Cream?

Coffee. Unless you are having ice cream on Salthill. Then, it’s ice cream.


Visit Carlingford

We will build you a customised package in Carlingford to suit your group and relieve you of the effort and worry of organising your stay.

While the town has much to offer in terms of sightseeing, history, hotels in Carlingford, restaurants and pubs in Carlingford it also offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits in Carlingford that will challenge the most competitive people in your group. Activities such as golf in Carlingford, (Four Clubs within 25mins) horse riding, archery, windsurfing, kayaking, sea angling, sailing, rock climbing, hill walking or abseiling, to mention but a few. If it’s shopping your after why not spend some time in the local Boutiques including ladies fashion, crafts and jewellery?
For the evening session, there are excellent Sea food and authentic traditional restaurants, tea rooms and delis. There are a number of old traditional style pubs where the craic is mighty and in very close proximity. All with live music and DJ’s that will keep you on your feet all weekend.

We’re here to provide hens and stags with great weekends in Carlingford

Accommodation is plentiful with hotels to budget, B&B’s and including many self-catering establishments.
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Paintballing at

Welcome to
Ireland’s largest indoor Paintball Venue

In a corner of the Marina in Cork, young men once worked the paint pits deep in the bowels of the old Ford Motors factory – today, there’s an altogether different activity going on….

Now the paint is being fired from semi-automatic weapons and not spray guns – and the target is not a new car, but the opposition … The old factory floor is playing host to pitched battles as friends and foe alike engage in urban warfare at, Ireland’s only Indoor paintball arena. Can you successfully lead your troops through a series of challenges where only the strongest willed and best organised will emerge victorious? Do you dare attempt to rescue hostages, capture enemy territory or evade capture yourself? Test yourself, your friends, your colleagues, your team-mates or even your enemies and come to Outdoor action, Indoors! 7 days a week, 9am till late!
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Mining Experience at Arigna Mining Experience

Welcome to the Arigna Mining Experience

Arigna Mining Experience center  was developed to preserve the energy heritage of the Arigna Valley and to ensure that Arigna maintains its link with Energy themes: Past, Present & Future.

This Energy Centre provides visitors with a unique insight into what coal mining life was like in the Arigna Valley, since its beginning in the 1700’s until closure in 1990.

Underground Experience

During the underground tour, visitors will experience what it was like to work in some of the narrowest coal seams in the western world. The tour which will last 45 minutes brings visitors to the  coal face of the mine,  where the methods used to extract  coal are demonstrated.  Lighting and sound effects in the mine, add to the authenticity of the underground experience.

The Tour

Since its opening in 2003,  Arigna Mining Experience has welcomed over 350,000 visitors. Our greatest form of advertisement  “word of mouth” is proof that people are greatly impressed by their visit which appeals  to both young and old.
Accompany an ex-miner on a tour which is literally a journey through a miner’s life. The dripping of water, the intensity of the darkness, the sight of the cramped areas in which the miners lay on their sides in pools of water, leaves  visitors astounded that such working conditions existed until relatively recent times.

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