Crowdfund Your Leisure Busines with


A new crowdfunding website allows operators and owners of leisure businesses use thepower of crowdfunding to setup or expand their business.

iCrowdfund comes from the iDonate stable, which supports over 600 non-profits with theassistance of over 7000 fundraisers.

iCrowdFund supports both donation and reward crowdfunding. An equity crowdfundingoption is currently under development.

The website caters for ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘Keep it All’ funding type campaigns.

All or Nothing means that the full target must be reached, or else nothing is received, whereasthe Keep it All option allows for any amounts pledged to be transacted.

The way it works is :

– a project owner registers with iCrowdfund.

– a campaign is setup with a target amount to raised, plus the duration for the campaign.

– people contribute to the project for the duration of the campaign.

– on reaching the end of the campaign, the systems processes the credit cards of those contributing to the campaign.

The reward option is of particular interest to the leisure business. Business owners could give a reward in the form of membership or credits to those subscribing. Those subscribing to the campaign are in effect a large marketing team, as it is in their interest that the project


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Bubble Soccer Waterford

Play bubble soccer with friends and have loads of fun! Bubble Soccer is the perfect addition to your stag!

Bubble Soccer (or Bubble Football) is a hilarious sport where you get inside an inflatable ball and attempt to play football. It can be played indoors or outdoors and it’s perfect for stag parties. A 5-a-side game is normally laid out with 15 mins of 5-a-side, a short break, a couple of ridiculous mini games, and another 15 mins of 5-a-side.


Try something different.  This is a great way to let loose and have fun with your friends on the stag’s big day out. Gauranteed to have you all in tears from laugher by the end of the day!  Book us now!

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Watchtower Adventures

Watchtower Adventures is an exciting new venture based in the foothills of the great Sliabh Gullion mountain with 3 fully functional paintballing sites which are the Tyre Depot, Gadaffi’s Gaff and Arms Dump Ambush. Paintballing is a great game for first timers or pros, our three specialised sites are designed to test your abilities and keep your adrenaline pumping throughout!!



Our 5 a side football pitch is the home to our body zorbs which are more fun than you could imagine spending more time upside down than on your feet! all in the safety of a 3 foot cushion of air. No need to organize pitch or anything. We have our own pitch.

We offer an alternative day out, and promise you an action packed one at that! We can tailor to your needs whether it be family/ friends outing, corporate days, team bonding, or stags/ hen doos!
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Naked Man Painting at Arty Hens

Enter Our hen party packages’ are the most fun and exciting packages in Ireland. We cater for hens so we make sure that every minute is perfect. Each class will be about 90min long and consists of the follows.

Our teacher will come and set up all her drawing gear. Our teacher will meet and greet you and set some background music (Dont forget the wine ladies) Our man will then come in and take off his robe for the drawing. The girls start into the drawing. After about 10mins our man will bare all unannounced to the group of giggling hens. 🙂 After 5-10mins, you will all settle back down and get back into the swing of drawing. Once you have the drawing complete, our man will walk around and judge the best drawing.

Our packages can be done in any hotel room. We travel all over the country with our “nudest” men and bags of drawing equipment.

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