Footgolf Dublin

footgolfdublinFootgolf has come to Dublin!
This fusion of Golf and Football is taking the world by storm and it’s easy to see why. All the fun of golf without stress and all the skill of football where everyone has the chance to score a goal.
The premise is quite simple: place the soccer ball into a hole measuring 52 centimeters in diameter, with the foot in the least amount of kicks possible. Sound simple, doesn’t it? Well think again. As you set off with a kick from the tee box, you will need to call upon all of your accuracy and strength to make it to the hole in the least amount of kicks possible, taking hills, bunkers, wind, ground and your nerves into consideration!

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Footgolf was created in the Netherlands in 2009 when the The International FootGolf Association (IFGA) was founded in Geneva (Switzerland) in January of that year. With over twenty countries now hopping aboard the Footgolf train, this brand new sport shows no sign of slowing down.

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ODD (Out-Doors & Dirty)​


odd (1)

ODD (Out Doors & Dirty) is Ireland’s only Extreme Experience Park focused on adult entertainment for stag and hen parties and corporate away days.

Our activity packages are pretty crazy, quite unique, designed to suit groups of 8 or more, and the ideal kick-start to a great weekend.

No other venue offers solo hovercraft racing from grass out onto wild, open water. We introduced Rage Motorsport 620cc buggies to Ireland, so with years of experience and an all-weather track guaranteeing an exhilarating ride we are the place to go for off-road fun!
To add to the adrenaline mix our combos include clay pigeon shooting, pulling wheelies in crazy Powerturn Dragsters, and Woodland Combat games, plus more familiar activities such as archery, tug of war or Space hopper racing.

rage-buggies-at-odd     hovercraft-a-odd

We’re located at Brackley Lake on the Leitrim/Cavan/Fermanagh border near Ballyconnell and open year round.  We have great deals for groups, some including Free Stag or Hen, and a choice of activity-only or all-inclusive packages with  accommodation, meals and nightlife. added.  Plus, Last Minute offers for those who didn​’​t get round to booking yet!​ So get Out-Doors and Dirty at our place soon!

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Hen Night Hair Fun!

For most brides, their wedding day is about looking pretty, sophisticated, or classic. The beautiful white dress paired with an elegant updo is the style of choice in many wedding parties. The bridesmaids usually follow suit with simple style so they don’t upstage the bride. However, for a bride’s Hen Night, it is the time to let loose a little and go for a fun, flirty hairstyle. If these hairstyle ideas interest you, search for About Yen for more information on potential hen night hairstyles!


A Hen Night out is the perfect opportunity to play with colour. One popular choice is to find wigs of different colours for you and all of your bridesmaids to wear out on the town. Or perhaps the bride could wear one bright, fun colour while her bridesmaids go with all blonde or black wigs so that she stands out a bit more. You could even coordinate your outfits to compliment this style.

Up and Out There

Up and Out There
Another choice for a fun hairstyle at the Hen Party is to try some outrageous updo styles for the evening. There are some amazing braided, twisted, pinned updo styles that bring an elegant flair to your hair. Try placing a starfish comb, flower, or other themed accessory to make the updo pop and go with something the bride loves or with the theme of the wedding. Or have the bride wear her hair down while the bridesmaids wear a simple bun or vice versa.

Extend the Fun

Extend the fun
If it is in the budget and the brides style choice, consider getting extensions put in to make your hair choice more versatile. If a sew-in option is too permanent or not affordable, a clip-in extension in a fun colour could be a nice choice. Having some extra hair to work with can make it easy to create a cool Hen Party hairstyle.


bling bling
The bride’s ring doesn’t have to be the only thing sparkling at the Hen Party. Adding hair glitter and makeup can make your girls stand out in a big way. If you are going to a nightclub with dance lights, the reflection off the sparkle will make for a fun party atmosphere. Another way to add some bling is too get tiaras for the bride and bridesmaids to wear out for the party. The bride’s tiara could be a little more extravagant or maybe have a veil attached.