7 Best Hen Party Games

What is a hen party without fun games that get you giggling and most importantly a little bit tipsy? These hen party games are bound to make you LOL. Here are the seven best hen party games out there that will create your last day of freedom a day to remember!

1 – Maltesers Mouth

This game is very simple but is sure to bring out those laughs. First, get  all your hens to sit around in a circle and empty a packet of those delightful Maltesers into a bowl. Leave the Maltesers bowl in the middle of the table (you might see some hens drooling at this pleasant site.) 

Pass a drinking straw around along with a bowl for each hen.
Each member has exactly 30 seconds to try and pick up Maltesers using the straw and pop it in their own bowl. No hands allowed!

The game finishes when everyone has had their turn. 

Member with the most Maltesers in their bowl wins! They might get another packet of Maltesers all for themselves as a prize!

What you need: Maltesers, drinking straws, bowls.

hen party games - chocolate

2- The Bubble Gum Game 

This game requires a bride-to- be.

All hens should start by writing down few questions about the groom (hens should drill the groom before the party to dish out those juicy secrets) 

Once all the questions have been written down, gather them all into a bowl and hand the bowl to the bride.

The bride opens each note and tries to answer the questions.

For any wrong answer, she must put the bubble gum in her mouth. 

The harder the questions, more fun the game becomes, so make sure to drill the groom down for the deep stuff. 

All fun and laughs sides, do make sure that the bride doesn’t choke! 

What you need: Bubble gum, bowl, questions about the groom.hen party games - bubble gum

3 – Pop that Balloon

This hen party game can be as risky or as hilarious as you want. All you need to do is brainstorm some reckless dares and write them down on a piece of paper. 

Put each dare into a balloon. 

Line up all the hens and ask them to pop each balloon, whichever dare they get, they must do! 

Make it extra funny – they must pop the balloon with their bum. 

What you need: Balloons, notes with dares. hen party games - balloons

4 – DIY Bride

Hens, it’s time to get those fashion designing talents out. This is one of the simplest yet creative hen party games out there!

Simply divide the group into two parts: Hen Plucker and Hen Clucker. Each group must come up with a wedding dress made out of toilet paper ONLY! The design with the best and most creative dress wins! 

The prize ideas are beyond limit but let’s face it, shots or cocktails will be the best one!

What you need: toilet paper

5 – Drink if

Now this is one my favourite hen party games. All you will need is this printable version of drink if tasks and some drinks and away you go!

Follow the tasks on the list and drink if any applies to you! 

The objective of the game is – get drunk! 

(You can access the printable version by also clicking on the image below.)

What you need: Alcohol, task list.

Hen party games- drinks

6 – Words not allowed 

This is one of the most common hen party games that is bound to make everyone drunk.

Get a list of words (5- 10 words max), these will be the words you are not allowed to say. 

If any member ends up saying it, they must drink. 

Make it extra crazier and entertaining by adding dares for everytime someone says the forbidden word.

What you need: List of words, a list of dares. 

7 – Trip down memory lane.

Last but definitely the most amusing one of all, might even leave you a bit emotional. 
Each hen at the party should write down the place where and how they met the bride. After every hen has written is down, put all the notes in the bowl. 

Now, it’s time for the bride to match the memory to the correct hen. 

For every wrong answer, the bride must be punished! Punishments can be from dares to drinking, the ultimate power resides with the hens. 

Make the memories as funny and embarrassing as possible, this will sure to get some laughs out. 

What you need: notes for writing the memory, dares, drinks, bowl.

hen party games

So now that hen party games are out of the way, why not finally plan that hen party with us! Book with us or get a quote for free. 


7 Of The Best Sophisticated Hen Party Ideas

These days, women are beginning to branch out when it comes to hen party ideas – naughty straws, veils and pub crawls are slowly being swapped for daintier, more sophisticated soirées. While a traditional hen party is still the most popular type, posh hen parties are becoming more and more popular. If you’ve found yourself reading this article, chances are you’re interested in throwing a posh party to celebrate your last night of freedom. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for some idea inspiration when planning your sophisticated hen party.


posh hen party ideas - gatsby theme

credit: InstantQuotes on etsy.com

Themes are without a doubt the most versatile point on our list of posh hen party ideas. Themes don’t always have to be kitschy or common. There’s a world of themes out there that are perfect for a sophisticated hen party! Themes such as a vintage party, The Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, boho-chic or even a Disney theme like The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party can all be tweaked to fit a perfectly posh party. A theme is what you make of it, so it all depends on your approach, but when it’s done right themed parties can turn out fabulously. Kick it up a notch by serving themed foods and drinks. 

Tea Party
A sophisticated hen party idea that’s growing in popularity is the tea party. High tea is an adorable, original way to celebrate your hen party. The internet is bursting with pretty ideas for tea party décor and activities. Grab some vintage teacups, cakes and macaroons and enjoy! Tea parties don’t have to be strictly non-alcoholic tea, either. There are plenty of alcoholic iced-tea recipes online for you to choose from (This one is our personal favourite – it tastes fab and it’s pink!). Sip from your china cup wearing your best white gloves and your prettiest tea dress, while all of your closest friends do the same. Cute and classy!

posh hen party ideas - high tea

Brunch: even just the word conjures up images of female CEOs wearing tailored two-pieces and taking power lunches. A hen party brunch is the perfect way to remain sophisticated and get tipsy at the same time. Organise brunch in your favourite restaurant and sip on mimosas while nibbling on breakfast foods. You’ll look like an adult who’s got her life together while sitting there secretly buzzed at 2 in the afternoon. What’s not to love?! If you’re not keen on going out for brunch, you can just as easily set up at home.

Spa Day
Avoid the debauchery of a drunken weekend and set off with your ladies to a spa instead. Spa days are cream of the crop when it comes to sophisticated hen party ideas. A day of champagne and strawberries while you indulge in your favourite spa treatments, is there any better way to unwind from months of wedding planning? Team this with a meal in a nice restaurant that evening for the perfect sophisticated hen party. You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the wedding of your dreams by the end!

posh hen party ideas - spa day

Dinner Party
Dinner parties are the epitome of adult sophistication. Good silverware, great wine and the best friends are three key ingredients for this posh hen party idea – and food, of course! If you’re something of a whiz in the kitchen or just feel like a challenge then you can cook the meal yourself. Print up fancy menus on the backs of the hen party invitations for a personal touch. If cooking isn’t on your agenda, then you could designate everyone to bring a dish or a bottle of wine for the group. You could even hire a personal chef for the evening if you’re looking to splash out. Nothing is too good for our classy hens 😉

Castle Stay
Ireland has no shortage of residential castles, and a night away in a converted castle is one of many excellent posh hen party ideas. Treat yourself like the queen you are and book into a room with a four-poster bed, clawed bathtub and rich furnishings. You and your ladies will be wined and dined to your heart’s desire in the finest of fortresses. Depending on the castle, you can also indulge in some spa treatments to pass the time. Dressed to the nines and with a bottle of champagne chilling in the room, what more could a lady want?

posh hen party ideas - castle stay

City Break
City breaks are modern, cosmopolitan and the epitome of the high-society lifestyle. Gather your girlies and jet off to Paris, London, Amsterdam or wherever your heart desires for a weekend full of culture and cocktails. Instead of spending your entire hen party ossified in your local pub, why not spend it tipsy off champagne in a foreign city instead? While city breaks aren’t going to be inside everyone’s budget, there are some fantastic deals online if you have a look around and spend savvy. City breaks are the ultimate in posh hen party ideas.

posh hen party ideas - city break


Planning that posh hen do seem like a lot effort now? Don’t worry! Here at Henit, we have a fab selection of up-scale hen party services, including city breaks, tea parties and spa days. Go ahead and enquire now so we can get started building your perfect hen party.

Unique Hen Party Ideas: Avoiding The Typical Party

Hen parties can be among the craziest, funniest, most unforgettable events of a woman’s life… if they’re done right. The usual hen-party fall-backs can become repetitive and simply boring at times. There are only so many willy straws and cocktail classes one woman can take! With that in mind, it’s definitely worth reading our list of unique hen party ideas before you dive into planning the bride’s last hurrah. Have a look below and start thinking outside the box – by the end, you’ll be well on your way to throwing a hen party that’s far from typical!


1. Keep the bride away from the planning
Usually, nobody knows the bride better than her maid of honour, not even the bride herself, so it’s a good job she’s in charge of the hen party! The idea of a hen party is to give the bride a little break from planning the biggest day of her life, as well as it being her last night of freedom. Don’t let her take on the stress of planning a hen party on top of everything else. Let her put her feet up while you, her best friends, plan it all for her. Give her a night she’ll never forget by organising something outside-the-box, and keep it a surprise until the day, instead of following the tradition.

2. Avoid common activities
One of the best unique hen party ideas is to book some activities that are away from the norm. We all know the usual ones; cocktail making classes, dance classes and male strippers are considered the status quo for hen parties. Try to cater to the personality of the bride – if she’s sporty, book in for some water-sports or a game of bubble soccer. If she’s artistic, why not opt for a naked man life-drawing class? Picking a memorable activity will mix it up and ensure that nobody forgets the weekend in a hurry! Have a look at our list of activities for some inspiration.

unique hen party ideas - games

3. Try to include party games
Everybody loves a girl’s night out, but for the sake of the bride-to-be, you shouldn’t let her hen party turn into “just another night out”. Plan some unforgettable party games to keep everyone entertained and avoid the blandness of just sitting in the pub. To get you started, you should have a look through our list of hen party games for some inspiration, or get creative with it and make up your own games; games are a great way to fit in some unique hen party ideas.

4. Elect a Chief Party Planner
This will probably be the chief bridesmaid, but whomever it is, place them in charge and then leave it alone. Too many cooks spoil the broth. When many different people are involved in planning an event, conflicting personalities can clash and cause issues. This often leads to no real plans being made, and instead the typical hen party ideas are settled for. If the chief planner needs help or an opinion, then she will ask for it, ladies! Nobody likes a Nit-Picky Nora or a Domineering Debbie, so just trust in the party planner that she’ll do a good job and you’ve already done your bit to ensure that the hen party will be fabulous.

5. Themes 
One of the easiest ways to fit in some unique hen party ideas is to pick a theme. Throwing a themed hen party takes some forethought and planning, so it’s best to choose one at the beginning of planning and stick with it. Again, this is something that should be centred around the bride’s likes and dislikes. If she’s a girly-girl, maybe a Disney Princess themed party is just what she’s looking for. If she has a sense of humour, why not pick a theme you can have fun with like Pimps and Prostitutes? A list of Henit-recommended themes is available here to give you some ideas.

unique hen party ideas - themes

6. Make Sure The Party Suits Everyone’s Budget
We all love the idea of a bit of luxury or extravagance when it comes to planning an event, and that’s okay! What’s not okay is planning an entire hen party that ends up being wildly out of budget for some of the guests. You’ll end up having to downscale to the usual hen party activities because you’ve left it too late to organise anything else. Before you decide on anything, get a general idea of everybody’s budget and work from there; with plenty of planning time, you can look into unique hen party ideas that are in the budget for everyone involved, and still have a fantastic time.

unique hen party ideas - money

7. Plan a Smaller Second Hen
Planning a second hen party is one of the more unusual ways to throw a unique hen party, but depending on how well it’s organised, it can work out perfectly. The idea of this is to plan “The Big One” – the weekend away, the crazy activities, the wild partying, all of the good stuff – and then have a smaller, more intimate hen night at home. This way, the bride is getting the best of both worlds. She gets to say goodbye to the single life in style, before having an intimate, chilled-out night in her hometown with her closest friends and family. This is also perfect for anybody who doesn’t want to drag elderly relatives across the country to take part in an action-packed weekend.

8. DIY Decorations
If you have a flair for creativity (or even if you’re as crafty as a snake with a pair of safety scissors), DIY decorations are an excellent way to deliver a different hen party. There are ideas for DIY hen party decorations all over the internet, with step-by-step instructions that even the least artistic person will be able to follow. You can snip and stencil to your heart’s desire, creating cost-effective, quirky décor that’s specific to the hen and her party. Have a search on Pinterest to get you started, as there’s no shortage of unique hen party ideas for decorations on there.

unique hen party ideas - decorations

credit: colincowieweddings.com

9. Timing is Everything
No unique hen party is going to work out without proper planning and timekeeping. Don’t leave it too late to book the party, in terms of accommodation, activities and everything else. If you leave any of the essentials like accommodation until the last minute, you’re going to be rushing to find somewhere for the group to stay and you won’t have the time or the budget to focus on avoiding a typical hen party. Your hen deserves better than that, surely! Don’t try to cram too many activities into one day, either – leave some downtime between excursions to ensure everybody is relaxed and having fun, instead of rushing from place to place in a blur.

So now that you’re clued on on all the best ways to throw a unique hen party, it’s time to go ahead and get planning. Book with Henit today and our event coordinators will help you make the most of your unique hen party, whatever you choose to do!



Planning A Hen Party On A Budget

Planning a hen party on a budget can be a tricky affair. Between accommodation, food, drinks, travel, outfits and decorations, the cost can really start sky-rocketing if you’re not careful. At Henit, we pride ourselves on being able to cater to every kind of hen with any sort of budget. If you’re trying to watch your spending, if some of the guests aren’t able to afford something extravagant, or even if the hen simply doesn’t want a big fancy affair, then Henit are the organisers for you! Below, we’ve compiled a list of cost-saving qualities that our company provides.

1. Fully Customisable Packages
Our hen-party packages are completely interchangeable and customisable. You can pick and choose from our wide range of options and settle on the accommodation and activities that best suit your budget. We pride ourselves on providing an experience that is both entertaining and excellent value. If you and your group decide after booking that the package is too expensive or doesn’t suit everyone, don’t worry! All aspects of our packages can be changed up even after you’ve booked, and there’s no penalisation costs for swapping either. It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, after all 😉 For more, check out a full list of our hen-party packages in Ireland.

2. Accommodation and Activity Options
We know that when planning a hen party on a budget, often it can be difficult to decide where to cut corners. Henit offer a large range of different accommodation options, with prices to suit every budget plan. From affordable hostels to top hotels, our organisers will work with you to help you decide which choice is right for you. We can base this on budget, location and whatever other factors are important to your group. The list of activities we provide is lengthy and also has something to suit every kind of hen party budget, from the most fuss-free females to the big spenders. Location-wise, you can pick accommodation within the area of your chosen activity or the town you’ll be partying in that night. This will take pressure off your party with regards to travel expenses, and leave you with more bucks in your back pocket to have a good time with.

planning a hen party on a budget - activities

3. Night Out Options
When you book with Henit, no matter what package you choose, guest-list entry to a nightclub and (depending on the club) a round of complimentary shots will be available for your party upon arrival. This spares the often too-expensive cost of paying your entire group into a club, which can be pricey depending on the nightclub and the amount of people in your posse. The complimentary shots are a nice little bonus, too – just make sure they’re part of your nightclub entry before arrival to avoid any awkward confrontation! We also offer Henit/Stagit wristbands, entitling the wearers to promotional drinks for the entirety of the party in a range of pubs and bars.

4. Food and Catering
When planning a hen party on a budget, it can be quite tempting to say “screw it” and skip booking the party in for food, opting instead to let each lady feed themselves. But wait! Food is another completely customisable part of our packages at Henit. Depending on what you’re willing to spend, our options include discounted pub grub and 2 or 3-course meals in a restaurant or in your hotel. If eating out isn’t part of your plan, you can book into self-catering accommodation; it’s all entirely up to you, and if you should change your mind before the big event, our staff will be more than happy to help you decide on a different place for you and your hungry hen party to chow down. Bonus!: When you book with us, complimentary finger food will be on offer in the pub or bar of your choice, meaning you won’t have to fork out for a feed every few hours. Bon appetit on a budget!

planning a hen party on a budget - catering

5. One or Two-Night Packages
Our packages can be planned over the course of either one or two nights, so if you’d like to plan an action-packed party for your hen but are worried about the cost of an entire weekend, you can narrow it down to one night. Our packages are all completely customisable and you can pick the length of your hen party to suit your price range. We’re here to provide you with the best bang for your buck, on a budget or otherwise! If you’ve chosen to book for two nights but some of your ladies aren’t keen on the idea, individual attendees who may not be able to afford the entire weekend can decide to stay and pay for just the one night; that way everyone is happy and nobody gets left out. Planning a hen party on a budget has never been so stress-free!

6. Payment System
At Henit, all of our bookings are payed for through a handy online-payment system. Each party member is responsible for their own payment, so the organiser doesn’t have the unenviable task of chasing up every individual guest for money. This will also remove the hassle of sorting out the separate payments of party members who won’t be attending for two nights, meaning less time spent by you poring over numbers and more time getting organised for the big event. And, because everyone is responsible for their own payments, it takes a lot of the responsibility off the shoulders of the organiser. It also eliminates the potential of any awkward conversations or (god forbid!) arguments over unpaid fees or missing money. 

Planning A Hen Party On A Budget - payment

7. Time-Frame for Payment
When it comes to planning a hen party on a budget, preparation is key and it’s best to begin organising everything in advance. If you decide to book with Henit, you have from the day you booked with us until three weeks prior to the party to make your payment. This feature is perfect for any parties counting their pennies, because if the booking is made well in advance, all guests will have an ample amount of time to get their money together and make their payments. Best start filling up those piggy banks, girls! 

8. Final Numbers for Your Party
Did you book a hen weekend away for twenty-five fine females, only for some of them to drop out prior to the event? Not to worry! When you book with Henit, you have until three weeks before the event to tell us your final numbers. For example, if you make a booking for 25 attendees and come back to tell us the number is now 21, as long as it’s before the three-week mark we will rectify the booking and at no extra cost to the rest of the party. This means the price won’t change for any of the remaining guests, no matter what, so anyone planning a hen party on a budget needn’t worry about potential drop-outs. Just be sure to get in touch and let us know before the party!

So, now that you’ve seen what we have to offer you, you can go ahead and book with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Planning A Hen Party on a Budget

Top 10 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland

Planning a hen party? Don’t fancy a pub crawl of your usual local haunts? We hear ya! Luckily, here in Ireland we are more than spoiled for choice when it comes to great destinations for hen weekends. Our little island is famed for its light-hearted, craic-centric approach to pretty much everything, so it’s no surprise that we have so many fun places to throw a hen do. Compiled below is a handy list of the top 10 best hen party locations in Ireland. What are you waiting for? Read on and get planning, ladies!


  1. Carrick-on-Shannon

A hugely popular hen-and-stag-party destination in Ireland, Carrick-on-Shannon is an excellent choice for any hen looking to celebrate her last night of freedom in an unforgettable fashion. Relax on a boat cruise along the Shannon, play some bubble soccer with your gal pals, take a naked-man life-drawing class… the options are endless and there’s something to suit every hen. Carrick hasn’t become such a popular destination for no reason; the town boasts a great selection of pubs, clubs and bars to party in with your ladies, and the spirited atmosphere of the the town is the reason it claimed no.1 on our list of the best hen party locations in Ireland. A full list of Henit packages for Carrick-on-Shannon is available here.  

 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Carrick-On-Shannon

  1. Galway

Known as the Cultural Heart of Ireland, Galway is a perfect hen party destination for any group looking for an authentic, Irish hen do.  Attend a trad session, fill up on a selection of the city’s fresh seafood and take a drive around the beautiful hills of Connemara during your stay. In the evening, you can look forward to having a brilliant night as Galway’s renowned night-life scene is vibrant, diverse and full of craic. Enjoy some trad music if that’s what you’re looking for, or partake in some late-night bopping in one of Galway’s top nightclubs. A full list of Henit packages for Galway is available here.

 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Galway City


  1. Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a medieval city located in Ireland’s sunny south-east. The city prides itself as a historical hub, with lots of interesting, fun activities to do during your hen weekend. Kilkenny is probably the best hen party location in Ireland for any history-buff hens in search of an excellent weekend. Walk around the Medieval Mile and drink in the rich history of Kilkenny as you explore the city. Plan activities such as the new and popular game of Footgolf. Partake in some naked man life-drawing or learn some new moves in a dance class to give you and your girlies a good giggle before heading to the pub later on that evening to celebrate. Kilkenny has a lively, engaging night-life with plenty of locations for your party to sip on some cocktails and have a fantastic time. A full list of Henit packages to Kilkenny is available here.

 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Kilkenny

  1. Mullingar

Mullingar is a town located in County Westmeath, in the heart of the Midlands. It’s quickly climbing through the ranks of best hen party locations in Ireland, and with good reason. Located an hour outside of Dublin, the town is famous for its many musical residents. Mullingar has produced quite a few household names such as Joe Dolan, Niall Horan, and Bressie. If you’re looking for a craic-filled hen weekend, then Mullingar is the hen-party destination for you! Take on dinner and drinks at the Greyhound Track, mix it up with a cocktail class or play a round of bubble soccer to make the most of your time here. In the evening, Mullingar has a massive list of pubs to choose from, as well as late bars and nightclubs, so there’s no excuse not to have a good night. A full list of Henit packages available here.

Best Hen Party Locations In Ireland - Mullingar

  1. Sligo

Buss Buddies Booking

Sligo is a town on the west coast, known for its popularity amongst tourists. The birthplace of W.B. Yeats, Sligo is alive with vibrant culture and beautiful views. Its night-life is also notorious, earning it the label of a “party town” and making it perfect for any hens looking to let loose and enjoy a night on the gargle! Due to its reputation for wildness and partying, Sligo makes the Top 5 cut on this list of best hen party locations in Ireland. Go on a treasure hunt, take a dance class or throw a saucy Ann Summers party for your group to make the most of your Sligo getaway. A full list of Henit packages for Sligo is available here.

 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Sligo


  1. Carlingford

A coastal town in County Louth, Carlingford is quickly climbing up the list of popular hen party destinations in Ireland. The location is steeped in history, dating all the way back to the Norman invasion. There is literally no end to the interesting things to see and do here. When you’ve finished sightseeing try your arm at archery, take part in a fancy afternoon tea party or have the craic at a cupcake baking class; whatever activities you choose, make sure you work up a thirst for the evening! A full list of Henit packages for Carlingford is available here.

 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Carlingford

  1. Athlone

Located smack-bang in the centre of Ireland, Athlone town is a popular destination for hen parties. It’s primarily a student town and this is reflected in its general vibe and night-life; youthful, lively and up-for-anything! Take a river cruise along the Shannon and sip on some cocktails with your crew before hitting up one of Athlone’s best clubs or bars to dance away your last night of freedom. A full list of Henit packages for Athlone is available here.

 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Athlone

  1. Cork

Sitting pretty in the south of Ireland, Cork is a fantastic destination for any prospective hen party. Cork City Centre sits surrounded by the River Lee, making it an island, providing an excellent area for water-sports activities. An exciting prospect for a daring and adventurous hen party! If you don’t fancy splashing about on your hen weekend, then you can choose to take a cocktail-making class or take in a show at a comedy club. By night, Cork comes alive, with plenty of excellent pubs, clubs and bars to take your pick from; wherever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. A full list of Henit packages for Cork is available here.

Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Cork

  1. Limerick

Limerick City is the capital of Ireland’s Mid-Western region. The area has a colourful medieval history, having been conquered by the Vikings in the 9th century, so plenty to see and do for the history-buff-hen! If history doesn’t factor in your hen party plans, why not try some white-water kayaking, naked-man drawing, or a salsa-dance class? Whatever you and your ladies settle on, make sure you’re not too tired to take on a pub crawl at the end of the day! Limerick City has a wonderful range of venues to pick from when it comes to the session, so get your glad rags on girls! Henit.ie Limerick directory available here.

 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Limerick

  1. Dublin

We couldn’t make a list of the best hen party locations in Ireland without mentioning the fair city of Dublin! The nation’s capital, Dublin is naturally a hugely popular destination for hen parties. Spend your afternoon shopping on Grafton Street, or have a go at paint-balling or go-karting if you’re looking for a hen party with a difference! Famed for its night-life, Dublin is bursting with top-quality pubs, clubs and bars. Partake in a tipple in Temple Bar, or choose somewhere a little less traditional if you’d like. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. Sláinte! A full list of Henit packages for Dublin available here.

 Best Hen Party Locations in Ireland - Dublin