The A to Z of The Irish Hen Party

A Is For Activity

Ahh, the notorious activity. Cocktail classes, pole-dancing, and paintball are all fair game for a hen party. Nobody really knows why activities are a thing, but hey, it’s tradition. And if you’re lucky, an excuse to drink! (see: cocktail class.)

irish hen party
B is for Besties

Sure what good would a hen party be if you didn’t have your best friends there with you?! Hen parties are a fab opportunity to reconnect with old friends, or even just spend some quality time with current ones.

irish hen party
C is for Carrick-On-Shannon

Carrick-on-Shannon, the home of hen and stag parties since the dawn of time. The town is well-known for its influx of brides-to-be every weekend, meaning the craic is always mighty there! Check out our packages for Carrick-on-Shannon here.

irish hen party
D is for Drink

Look, you’re lying to yourself if you think you’ll be sober at the end of a hen party. Between champagne, shots, cocktails, toasts and drinking games, you’ll never want to look at alcohol again.

irish hen party
E is for Emotional

There’s guaranteed to be a few tears shed. Not just by the bride, but her mum, sisters, bridesmaids, single friends who’ve realised they’re never going to get married… You get the idea. Bring hankies.

irish hen party
F is for Fights

There’s always one. Either the bride and her chief bridesmaid end up killing each other in the middle of the club, or the girl that no-one really likes ends up kicking off for nothing. Eejits.

irish hen party
G is for Games

Games are a hen-party staple, ladies! Never Have I Ever, Mr. and Mrs. Quiz, many willy-related games - they’re good craic, and a fab ice-breaker between guests who might be strangers to each other. Have a gawk at our post on games here.

irish hen party
H is for Hangover 

It’s inevitable. You’re gonna wake up with dry eyes, a pounding head, and glitter and mascara everywhere. Do yourself a favour and have two Panadol and a pint-glass of water waiting on the bedside locker.

irish hen party
I is for Inebriated

The stage of drunkenness where it’s impossible to sober up without sleep. There will be some girls who hit this alcoholic no-man’s-land early on, and you must carry them to the finish line. It’s the hen-party code!

irish hen party
J is for Jelly Shots

Does anyone like them? Is there anything appealing about the taste of watery jelly-vodka? No and no, but they’re a hen party tradition. Man up!

irish hen party
K is for Killjoys

There’ll always be at least one guest who just dislikes everything. The activity, the venue, the accommodation, even the other guests. Your best bet is to let her sit in the corner and stew. Some people just can’t be pleased.

irish hen party
L is for L-Plates

Another Irish hen party staple. Hang around the bride’s neck or waist for good measure. We’re still not sure of the origin of L-Plates as hen party gear, but hey, when in Rome.

irish hen party
N is for Neurotic

The bride (and possibly some guests) will switch between crying and laughing for the entire party, more so if alcohol is involved. It’s an emotional night! One of you is about to get married. It seems like only yesterday ye were braiding each other's hair and gossiping in the back of class. *sniffle*

irish hen party
O is for Old Times

While we're on it, be prepared to reminisce to the point of ridiculousness at a hen party, especially if you’re a relative or you’ve known the bride for many years. Swapping old stories, remembering funny times and poring over the past is essential.

irish hen party
P is for Prosecco

Another hen party staple, Prosecco is the ultimate Irish hen party drink. It’s fizzy, pleasant and not too strong to sip on. Grab a glass and treat yo'self.

irish hen party
Q is for Quirky

Every hen wants her hen party to be unique, quirky and unlike any other. The result is often a fantastic theme, destination or activity that makes the party unforgettable. Have a look at our masterpost of quirky hen party ideas to get some inspo.

irish hen party
R is for Roadtrip

Applies only if you’re leaving town for the party. Snacks, gossip and good tunes on the radio are the perfect ingredients for this mini-roadtrip. There’s fun to be had in every aspect of a hen party!

irish hen party
S is for Strippers

Because how can you kiss your singledom goodbye without watching a gyrating, oily hunk take his clothes off for money? Embrace it, ladies. He's there for you to gawk at, so get your fill! (PS: Henit offer a Stripogram and Butler in the Buff service. Enquire here!)

irish hen party
T is for Themes

The infamous theme. Pimps and hoes, cowgirls, and angels and devils are all on the more traditional end of the spectrum, but themes are becoming a lot more creative and universal in 2016.

irish hen party
U is for Uploads

The utter fear on the morning after the night before, when you’re lying face-down dying of a hangover… and the phone starts to beep with Instagram and Facebook notifications. It can only mean one thing. That cow Mary is at it again with her unflattering photos of EVERYONE but her.

irish hen party
V is for Vanishing Act

The one, lone friend who’ll be laughing and chatting with everyone at 11:59, and gone by the stroke of midnight. Where’d she go? Did she tell anyone she was leaving? Did she leave with a lad? Who knows? You get back to the hotel and she’s in bed, no explanation. Every single time.

irish hen party
W is for Willies

Willies. Willies everywhere. Willies on straws, willies on headbands, willies on cupcakes, blow-up willies. There is an unspoken assumption that once a woman marries, she’ll never see a willy again, so best to let her see as many as possible on her last night of freedom.

irish hen party
X is for X-Rated

In the same vein as willies, the party games will be x-rated, the cocktails will have names like “slippery nipple” and “dirty orgasm”, all in the name of the hen party. Embrace this too, young hen, for it is tradition.

irish hen party
Y is for Yum, Chipper Food!

It happens every time. You leave the pub/club and are just about to undertake the arduous journey home, when suddenly you spot the neon sign just ahead on the street. The best part of the night - a massive feed from the takeaway to soak up the drink. Massive cheesy chips and chicken tenders please, sound!

irish hen party
Z is for Zzzzzzzz

A moments' silence for the entire day lost to sleeping off the hen party weekend. You'll be up on the couch on Sunday, passed out with a cold cup of tea and a half-eaten Chinese next to you, the way it should be. Godspeed. 

irish hen party

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