4×4 Driving

4 x 4 Off Road Driving is without doubt one of the most deceptive events we offer. If you have never driven a 4×4 off road I am sure you may be thinking what’s the fuss all about?

You have to trust the instructor as much as the machine. When you’re told to take both your feet off the pedals as you’re facing down hill at 45 degrees heading into a deep pit full of sludge you may give a double take, but both he and the vehicle know what they are doing. Come and test your skills on one of the most demanding 4×4 off road courses in the Midlands.

After you’ve been given a short briefing on technique and a demonstration from your instructor in the vehicle you will then get behind the wheel to tackle the specially designed off road challenge. Your instructor will be beside you, helping with advice to ensure you enjoy the experience to the maximum as you scale crazy gradients and negotiate axle-twisting cambers. The course has features that will provide a challenge for experienced off road drivers as well as for beginners.