A Way to Get the Best Value from Hen Weekend Accommodations

How can you get the best value? Sean from pureholidayhomes.com provides some tips  on getting the best value from hen weekend accommodations.

Planning a hen weekend can be a challenge. You’ve got a big responsibility to show the bride a fantastic time. She’ll expect to do something fun, to have a weekend of luxury and treats, and to be surrounded by friends in high spirits! So it certainly can be tough – you need to plan a fantastic time but you also need to make sure it’s affordable for everybody!

Costs for a hen weekend also stack up fairly quickly – transport, food, accommodation, and going out – but a fantastic way to consolidate these costs and increase the quality of the experience can be to organise a self-catered hen weekend.

Getting better value for money with a self-catered hen weekend

Better value accommodation

A self-catered holiday home, cottage or apartment can be a great place to host a hen weekend. Self-catered accommodation offers great accommodation for your whole group at a much better rate than hotels. There’s no need to squeeze your hens into separate, cheap hotel rooms, instead you all share one property and you can fit lots of guests overnight, in bedrooms, on a sofa bed – or you can use your accommodation for a sleeping bag pyjama party!

Cheaper than going out

By shacking up your hens in a cottage or apartment, you can start the party right away! Popping to the local shops and stacking up on your drinks will give you big savings compared to going to a pub. You can use your own ‘mixologist’ friends to make each other luxurious cocktails without paying ridiculous prices in bars.

Culinary treats without premium prices

Rather than researching a restaurant and being unsure if the food, wine and service will be up to expectations, you can organise among the group to share the cooking to create a more intimate, fun and personal experience. For a fraction of the cost of dining out you can each create different dishes in your own private kitchen, to enjoy in your properties dining area.

No keeping tabs on taxis!

If you do head out you can simplify transportation because you’ll all be coming from and heading back to one place! You can avoid needing a taxi altogether if you’ve located a lovely self-catered apartment near the nightlife in your city of choice!

Adding to the experience by going self-catered.

Choosing accommodations well can change the hen weekend from a standard party to something far more exciting. Many self-catered apartments and cottages come with luxurious additions such as games rooms, swimming pools and hot-tubs!

Plan party games too – with your own space to get as silly or naughty as you want, you can ramp up the fun! Seek out the best hen party accommodation for your hen party!