Advice for the Bride


You will need:

  • A cardboard cut into any shape desired (most would go for a heart),

  • A fish bowl or any container for the cardboard cutouts, and

  • Markers

  • Optional: Keepsake box where the hen can keep the written advices as memento from her hen night

When guests arrive, hand them a piece of the cardboard cutout and ask them to write any marital advice for the bride to be.

You can give one of the classics like “Choose your arguments wisely. Some things just aren’t worth getting in a fight over.”   Advices like “Act like he discovered the cure for cancer if he loads a dish in the dishwasher.” never fails to lighten up the mood of the room.   For the bold guests who want to make the bride blush, you can write something similar to “Never go to bed angry. Besides, you want to make sure you clear the air before you crawl between the sheets so you can have great make-up sex.”

There are no holds barred for the advices, so channel the inner love guru in you and share your wisdom with the hen!

Once done, ask the guests to fold their cardboard into half and to to drop it into the bowl/container.  Later on in the party, the bride to be will then be asked to read each of the advices out loud. If you have some prizes to spare, you can also ask the bride to pick which advice she loves the most.