Battlebridge Paintball

Battlebridge Paintball is a superb location for any group that’s looking for a fantastic hen party experience. This sport is played worldwide by men and women of all ages, and in 15 short years it has become recognised as one of the world’s most exciting outdoor persuits. Battlebridge Paintball’s custom-built GameZones provide a superior gaming experience compared to all other facilities in Ireland and their army/outdoor adventure knowledge ensures they stay second to none in terms of military authenticity. Their new purpose-built ‘Working French Village’ complete with cemetery, mine, and train station is a big hit among groups.

Paintball is also considered a good workout as you can burn an average of 7 calories per minute while running, crouching, jumping, and ducking. That’s a total of 420 calories burned if you play for an hour!

Now, how’s that for an adrenalin-pumping, action-packed, hen party activity?

For more info and for bookings, please contact Battlebridge Paintball using the details below.

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