Bridal Pictionary

Drawing skills are always a bonus, but not really that necessary. Bridal Pictionary is just like the ordinary Pictionary game with an added twist!

Preparing for this game is relatively easy. The game’s organizer should write words that are related to marriage or weddings on scraps of paper. Those pieces of paper are then placed inside a bag or any other container.

How do you start playing? First, divide all the guests into team A and B. Then, for each round, a member of a particular team will be requested to be the “artist.” She should pick a word and draw in such a way that her team mates can guess what the word she just picked. If her team mates do not have the correct answer, the other team has a minute to get the right answer. The team gets a point for each correct answer. Of course, at the end, the team with the highest number of points… wins!