Unique Hen Party Ideas: Avoiding The Typical Party

Hen parties can be among the craziest, funniest, most unforgettable events of a woman’s life… if they’re done right. The usual hen-party fall-backs can become repetitive and simply boring at times. There are only so many willy straws and cocktail classes one woman can take! With that in mind, it’s definitely worth reading our list of unique hen party ideas before you dive into planning the bride’s last hurrah. Have a look below and start thinking outside the box – by the end, you’ll be well on your way to throwing a hen party that’s far from typical!


1. Keep the bride away from the planning
Usually, nobody knows the bride better than her maid of honour, not even the bride herself, so it’s a good job she’s in charge of the hen party! The idea of a hen party is to give the bride a little break from planning the biggest day of her life, as well as it being her last night of freedom. Don’t let her take on the stress of planning a hen party on top of everything else. Let her put her feet up while you, her best friends, plan it all for her. Give her a night she’ll never forget by organising something outside-the-box, and keep it a surprise until the day, instead of following the tradition.

2. Avoid common activities
One of the best unique hen party ideas is to book some activities that are away from the norm. We all know the usual ones; cocktail making classes, dance classes and male strippers are considered the status quo for hen parties. Try to cater to the personality of the bride – if she’s sporty, book in for some water-sports or a game of bubble soccer. If she’s artistic, why not opt for a naked man life-drawing class? Picking a memorable activity will mix it up and ensure that nobody forgets the weekend in a hurry! Have a look at our list of activities for some inspiration.

unique hen party ideas - games

3. Try to include party games
Everybody loves a girl’s night out, but for the sake of the bride-to-be, you shouldn’t let her hen party turn into “just another night out”. Plan some unforgettable party games to keep everyone entertained and avoid the blandness of just sitting in the pub. To get you started, you should have a look through our list of hen party games for some inspiration, or get creative with it and make up your own games; games are a great way to fit in some unique hen party ideas.

4. Elect a Chief Party Planner
This will probably be the chief bridesmaid, but whomever it is, place them in charge and then leave it alone. Too many cooks spoil the broth. When many different people are involved in planning an event, conflicting personalities can clash and cause issues. This often leads to no real plans being made, and instead the typical hen party ideas are settled for. If the chief planner needs help or an opinion, then she will ask for it, ladies! Nobody likes a Nit-Picky Nora or a Domineering Debbie, so just trust in the party planner that she’ll do a good job and you’ve already done your bit to ensure that the hen party will be fabulous.

5. Themes 
One of the easiest ways to fit in some unique hen party ideas is to pick a theme. Throwing a themed hen party takes some forethought and planning, so it’s best to choose one at the beginning of planning and stick with it. Again, this is something that should be centred around the bride’s likes and dislikes. If she’s a girly-girl, maybe a Disney Princess themed party is just what she’s looking for. If she has a sense of humour, why not pick a theme you can have fun with like Pimps and Prostitutes? A list of Henit-recommended themes is available here to give you some ideas.

unique hen party ideas - themes

6. Make Sure The Party Suits Everyone’s Budget
We all love the idea of a bit of luxury or extravagance when it comes to planning an event, and that’s okay! What’s not okay is planning an entire hen party that ends up being wildly out of budget for some of the guests. You’ll end up having to downscale to the usual hen party activities because you’ve left it too late to organise anything else. Before you decide on anything, get a general idea of everybody’s budget and work from there; with plenty of planning time, you can look into unique hen party ideas that are in the budget for everyone involved, and still have a fantastic time.

unique hen party ideas - money

7. Plan a Smaller Second Hen
Planning a second hen party is one of the more unusual ways to throw a unique hen party, but depending on how well it’s organised, it can work out perfectly. The idea of this is to plan “The Big One” – the weekend away, the crazy activities, the wild partying, all of the good stuff – and then have a smaller, more intimate hen night at home. This way, the bride is getting the best of both worlds. She gets to say goodbye to the single life in style, before having an intimate, chilled-out night in her hometown with her closest friends and family. This is also perfect for anybody who doesn’t want to drag elderly relatives across the country to take part in an action-packed weekend.

8. DIY Decorations
If you have a flair for creativity (or even if you’re as crafty as a snake with a pair of safety scissors), DIY decorations are an excellent way to deliver a different hen party. There are ideas for DIY hen party decorations all over the internet, with step-by-step instructions that even the least artistic person will be able to follow. You can snip and stencil to your heart’s desire, creating cost-effective, quirky décor that’s specific to the hen and her party. Have a search on Pinterest to get you started, as there’s no shortage of unique hen party ideas for decorations on there.

unique hen party ideas - decorations

credit: colincowieweddings.com

9. Timing is Everything
No unique hen party is going to work out without proper planning and timekeeping. Don’t leave it too late to book the party, in terms of accommodation, activities and everything else. If you leave any of the essentials like accommodation until the last minute, you’re going to be rushing to find somewhere for the group to stay and you won’t have the time or the budget to focus on avoiding a typical hen party. Your hen deserves better than that, surely! Don’t try to cram too many activities into one day, either – leave some downtime between excursions to ensure everybody is relaxed and having fun, instead of rushing from place to place in a blur.

So now that you’re clued on on all the best ways to throw a unique hen party, it’s time to go ahead and get planning. Book with Henit today and our event coordinators will help you make the most of your unique hen party, whatever you choose to do!



Stunt Drive Ireland


Never available before in Ireland, first Irish Stunt driving experience now available to the general public as featured on RTE’s “The Movie Show” with Mairead Farrell & “The Craig Doyle Show”. Run by Ireland’s Stuntmen & Stuntwomen.


Half Day Stunt Drive Experience:

  1. 10am-1pm
  2. Welcome & safety briefing
  3. Tackle the slalom course
  4. Learn how to do 180 turns(hand brake turns)
  5. Have a go at a box park.)

Full Day Stunt Drive Experience:

  1. 10am-4.30pm
  2. Welcome & safety briefing
  3. Learn how to do 180 turns(hand brake turns)
  4. Have a go at a box park.
  5. Try your hand at high speed parallel parking.
  6. Learn how to preform J Turns(reverse 180)

Full Day Adrenaline Stunt Driving Course:

  1. 10am-5.30pm
  2. Welcome & safety briefing
  3. Tackle the slalom course
  4. Learn how to do 180 turns(hand brake turns)
  5. Have a go at a box park.
  6. Try your hand at high speed parallel parking.
  7. Learn how to preform J Turns(reverse 180)
  8. Demonstrations of 360 degree turns & drifting.
  9. DEntry to time trial for Leaders Board.
  10. Certificate of Participation

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Rapidfire Paintball

RapidFire Paintball Arena   One of the Finest Paintball Places Around

Welcome to RapidFire Paintball. If you want to play paintball, then you have come to the right place. Paintballing has become recognised as easily one of the fastest growing outdoor activities. Paintballing requires strategy, teamwork, skill and fitness as you attempt to outwit the opposition.

Welcome 4

‘Based just five minutes from Carlow, Rapid Fire Paintball can offer your party the makings of an enjoyable, excitable and memorable experience of the highest quality, safety and comfort and invites you to spend an action packed day with us. More importantly… it’s fun!! Experience the difference…’

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Focus Busterz: The Cube

the-cube4Games are based on challenges preformed on tv3s “The Cube” but with the twist that they are played on a head to head basis. Each pair will play a best of 3 for each challenge. We have 5 games, “Post It”, “Switch”, “Square Tower Move”, “Long Shot” and “Round Tower Build”. Groups compete head to head and we will also be timing their individual performance. The activity will take approximately 2 hours depending on group size of coarse. Each pair will take approx 3 mins to complete each challenege.

Focus Busterz: The Cube

 the cube hen partyHow’s it going, party planners and thrill-seekers? If you’re on the lookout for a hen party that’s not just your average cup of tea, but a whirlwind of excitement and challenges, then hold onto your shamrocks because we’ve got the scoop on something that’ll blow your mind – the legendary The Cube Hen Party!


Picture this: a party that’s all about testing your wits, skills, and nerves in a series of mind-boggling challenges. Inspired by the iconic ITV game show “The Cube,” this interactive extravaganza is hosted by none other than Focus Busterz, an Irish gem that specializes in whipping up unforgettable shindigs. 


So, if you’re ready to dive into a realm of fun and competition, keep reading!

The Lowdown on The Cube Challenge

So, what’s the fuss all about? Well, The Cube Challenge isn’t just any old game. It’s a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping experience that’ll have you and your hen party squad cheering, laughing, and maybe even throwing in a few “how did I manage that?!” exclamations.


Imagine being inside a see-through cube – yup, you read that right! Each challenge takes place in a transparent cube, adding a touch of futuristic flair to the proceedings. The challenge? To conquer five unique tests that’ll put your mental prowess and physical finesse to the ultimate test. And here’s the twist: you’ve got to do it all without making a single blunder. Talk about nerve-wracking fun!

Hen Party Challenges That’ll Get Your Heart Racing the cube hen party

Now, let’s spill the beans on the challenges that await you in The Cube Hen Party adventure. These aren’t your grandma’s garden games – these are challenges that’ll have you and your crew high-fiving like champions!

Post It Challenge

Remember those days when you were a master of balancing on one leg? Well, it’s time to put those skills to the test as you balance a ball on a rotating platform and stick it onto a post-it note. Piece of cake, right? You’d be surprised!

Switch Challenge

Your aim? To throw a ball through a series of hoops and smack that all-important switch. It’s like a mix of basketball and target practice, but with an Irish twist that makes it a true craic!

Square Tower Move Challenge

Ever tried moving a tower without actually touching it? Welcome to the Square Tower Move challenge! Channel your inner engineer as you slide and glide a square tower from one end of the cube to the other. Bonus points if you do it with a jig!

Long Shot Challenge

Step aside, Steph Curry! This challenge is all about nailing a long-distance shot through a hoop. It’s not just about accuracy – it’s about proving you’ve got the luck of the Irish on your side!

Round Tower Build Challenge

Last but not least, it’s time to channel your inner builder. Stack, balance, and create a round tower out of blocks. Just make sure it doesn’t come crashing down – we’re aiming for elegance, not chaos!

Hen Party Packages That Won’t Empty Your Pot of Gold

Alright, we know what you’re thinking: this sounds like a blast, but how much will it set you back? Hold onto your leprechaun hats, because the good news is that the magic of The Cube Hen Party won’t break the bank. They offer packages for hen and stag parties alike!


You can visit their website for an accurate price estimation for your hen squad.

Taking the Party All Across Ireland the cube hen party

Here’s the real kicker: Focus Busterz is like a genie that grants your party wishes all across Ireland! Whether you’re in the heart of Dublin, the charming streets of Galway, or soaking up the scenery in Cork, The Cube Hen Party is ready to rock your celebration.


So, if you’re up for a hen party that’s more thrilling than a rollercoaster and more challenging than a sudoku puzzle, gear up for a date with The Cube. It’s the ultimate blend of craic, camaraderie, and competition that’s guaranteed to leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Get Your Game On!

Ready to tackle the cube and give your hen party a twist that’ll have everyone talking for years to come? The Cube Hen Party is your golden ticket to laughter, excitement, and a whole lot of unforgettable moments. 


So, round up your squad, lace up your lucky shoes, and let the games begin – may the odds be ever in your favor, and the craic be unstoppable!


Looking for the ultimate hen party in Ireland? Explore a wide range of exciting options with henit!

Footgolf Dublin

footgolfdublinFootgolf has come to Dublin!
This fusion of Golf and Football is taking the world by storm and it’s easy to see why. All the fun of golf without stress and all the skill of football where everyone has the chance to score a goal.
The premise is quite simple: place the soccer ball into a hole measuring 52 centimeters in diameter, with the foot in the least amount of kicks possible. Sound simple, doesn’t it? Well think again. As you set off with a kick from the tee box, you will need to call upon all of your accuracy and strength to make it to the hole in the least amount of kicks possible, taking hills, bunkers, wind, ground and your nerves into consideration!

10419999_703513896357302_1289657609902304894_n (1)    998472_566235880085105_801936310_n

Footgolf was created in the Netherlands in 2009 when the The International FootGolf Association (IFGA) was founded in Geneva (Switzerland) in January of that year. With over twenty countries now hopping aboard the Footgolf train, this brand new sport shows no sign of slowing down.

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ODD (Out-Doors & Dirty)​


odd (1)

ODD (Out Doors & Dirty) is Ireland’s only Extreme Experience Park focused on adult entertainment for stag and hen parties and corporate away days.

Our activity packages are pretty crazy, quite unique, designed to suit groups of 8 or more, and the ideal kick-start to a great weekend.

No other venue offers solo hovercraft racing from grass out onto wild, open water. We introduced Rage Motorsport 620cc buggies to Ireland, so with years of experience and an all-weather track guaranteeing an exhilarating ride we are the place to go for off-road fun!
To add to the adrenaline mix our combos include clay pigeon shooting, pulling wheelies in crazy Powerturn Dragsters, and Woodland Combat games, plus more familiar activities such as archery, tug of war or Space hopper racing.

rage-buggies-at-odd     hovercraft-a-odd

We’re located at Brackley Lake on the Leitrim/Cavan/Fermanagh border near Ballyconnell and open year round.  We have great deals for groups, some including Free Stag or Hen, and a choice of activity-only or all-inclusive packages with  accommodation, meals and nightlife. added.  Plus, Last Minute offers for those who didn​’​t get round to booking yet!​ So get Out-Doors and Dirty at our place soon!

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Hen Night Hair Fun!

For most brides, their wedding day is about looking pretty, sophisticated, or classic. The beautiful white dress paired with an elegant updo is the style of choice in many wedding parties. The bridesmaids usually follow suit with simple style so they don’t upstage the bride. However, for a bride’s Hen Night, it is the time to let loose a little and go for a fun, flirty hairstyle. If these hairstyle ideas interest you, search for About Yen for more information on potential hen night hairstyles!


A Hen Night out is the perfect opportunity to play with colour. One popular choice is to find wigs of different colours for you and all of your bridesmaids to wear out on the town. Or perhaps the bride could wear one bright, fun colour while her bridesmaids go with all blonde or black wigs so that she stands out a bit more. You could even coordinate your outfits to compliment this style.

Up and Out There

Up and Out There
Another choice for a fun hairstyle at the Hen Party is to try some outrageous updo styles for the evening. There are some amazing braided, twisted, pinned updo styles that bring an elegant flair to your hair. Try placing a starfish comb, flower, or other themed accessory to make the updo pop and go with something the bride loves or with the theme of the wedding. Or have the bride wear her hair down while the bridesmaids wear a simple bun or vice versa.

Extend the Fun

Extend the fun
If it is in the budget and the brides style choice, consider getting extensions put in to make your hair choice more versatile. If a sew-in option is too permanent or not affordable, a clip-in extension in a fun colour could be a nice choice. Having some extra hair to work with can make it easy to create a cool Hen Party hairstyle.


bling bling
The bride’s ring doesn’t have to be the only thing sparkling at the Hen Party. Adding hair glitter and makeup can make your girls stand out in a big way. If you are going to a nightclub with dance lights, the reflection off the sparkle will make for a fun party atmosphere. Another way to add some bling is too get tiaras for the bride and bridesmaids to wear out for the party. The bride’s tiara could be a little more extravagant or maybe have a veil attached.

Bubble Soccer Waterford

Play bubble soccer with friends and have loads of fun! Bubble Soccer is the perfect addition to your stag!

Bubble Soccer (or Bubble Football) is a hilarious sport where you get inside an inflatable ball and attempt to play football. It can be played indoors or outdoors and it’s perfect for stag parties. A 5-a-side game is normally laid out with 15 mins of 5-a-side, a short break, a couple of ridiculous mini games, and another 15 mins of 5-a-side.


Try something different.  This is a great way to let loose and have fun with your friends on the stag’s big day out. Gauranteed to have you all in tears from laugher by the end of the day!  Book us now!

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Watchtower Adventures

Watchtower Adventures is an exciting new venture based in the foothills of the great Sliabh Gullion mountain with 3 fully functional paintballing sites which are the Tyre Depot, Gadaffi’s Gaff and Arms Dump Ambush. Paintballing is a great game for first timers or pros, our three specialised sites are designed to test your abilities and keep your adrenaline pumping throughout!!



Our 5 a side football pitch is the home to our body zorbs which are more fun than you could imagine spending more time upside down than on your feet! all in the safety of a 3 foot cushion of air. No need to organize pitch or anything. We have our own pitch.

We offer an alternative day out, and promise you an action packed one at that! We can tailor to your needs whether it be family/ friends outing, corporate days, team bonding, or stags/ hen doos!
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