Dance Class – Dance Fix Ireland

What better way for your group to mingle and get in the party mood than to start the weekend off with a dance lesson!

Choose what dance style you like. If you have no preference and just want some feel-good girly songs and current hits, then leave it up to them as they know what works and what will suit everyone in the group. It’s all about having fun! The choreography is not too difficult as they don’t want people in the group to be nervous or uncomfortable or frustrated. They break down the steps and repeat it and just have fun with it. The end result always looks great and many groups have gone on to strut their new moves in the club that night or at the wedding itself!

You can choose from a variety of dance styles e.g. Hip hop, 80s Disco, 50s swing, jazz, tap, Irish Dance, Bollywood, Latino, a commercial burlesque piece, jazz, or vintage.

Maybe your group has a particular song you like or the bride-to-be has a favourite artist – let them know and they will cater to your needs.

The dance lesson is suitable for all ages and no dance experience is required.

For bookings and further info, please use the contact details below.
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