Dancing Class

Ladies, buckle up those heels and prepare to salsa, shimmy, and shake joyfully! At Henit, we’re all about turning your hen party into a legendary dance-off that’ll have your bride tribe talking for years. 

dance classes for adults

Say goodbye to the boring girl’s night in; it’s time to groove and giggle with our exclusive hen party dance classes for adults Package!

The Experience

Imagine you and your squad, surrounded by the electric beats of the latest tunes, guided by the coolest dance instructors in town. Our Dance Classes for Adults are not just about learning the latest moves; they’re about creating memories that’ll make your hen party the stuff of legends.

Dance like Everyone’s Watching

We’ve roped in the city’s hottest dance instructors, and no, they won’t judge your two-left-feet situation! From salsa to hip-hop, they’ve got the moves to make our dance classes for adults unforgettable. Get ready to unleash your inner dance diva!

Tailored to Your Fabulousness

Whether you’re a dance-floor rookie or a seasoned pro, our classes cater to all skill levels. Take your pick from a smorgasbord of dance styles and create a routine that’s as unique as your bride-to-be. It’s all about celebrating your fabulousness!

Bond, Giggle, Repeat

Because dancing isn’t just about footwork; it’s about creating memories. Strengthen your bond with the bride tribe as you giggle, spin, and twirl together. Trust us; these memories will be your secret weapons against future dull moments!

Your Party, Your Rules

We’re all about customization. Choose your dance style, set the class duration, and sprinkle in personal touches like hen party themes. It’s your party, darling – make it as wild or sophisticated as possible!

What’s Included:

  • Bride’s Special Moment: Surprise everyone at the wedding with a jaw-dropping, specially choreographed routine for the bride. It’s the glitter on the dance floor, the sparkle in her eye – pure magic!
  • Tune Up the Fun: Dance to your beat! We’ll craft a playlist that mirrors your dance style, creating the ultimate vibe for your hen party. Your dance, your music, your rules!
  • Flashbulb Moments: Capture every twirl and dip with a dedicated photo and video session. Relive the laughter, joy, and sheer fabulousness long after the music stops.

But wait, there’s more! Our Hen Party Dancing Classes Package comes with an all-inclusive deal that includes a Central Self Catering Apartment, a mouthwatering 3-course dinner, access to the hottest nightclub in town with VIP treatment – a reserved table and a round of drinks included! Plus, all the usual PREMIUM extras and a foolproof Group Management System.

Let’s make your hen party in Ireland the talk of the town with dance classes for adults extravaganza with Henit because every step counts when you’re dancing forever!