Dance Class – Salsa Nation

Salsa Nation has 2 classes specifically designed for hen parties to choose from and both have proved very popular. They are an hour and a half long of salsa and merengue. They are fun and even though quite energetic, they are manageable for all ages, making sure everyone is involved.

Choose from their Salsa for Hen class, a 1 hour of Salsa with partner work and ladies styling and 30 minutes of crazy Merengue or the Dirty Dancing class which is based on every girl’s favourite movie, a mixture of Salsa, Mambo and Merengue on these tunes that we all know so well!

Salsa Nation understands that beyond the obvious pleasures of the Latin dance and the Latin music, a fun interactive class can be the key to a great weekend as it is the perfect opportunity for a group of people who may not all know each other to bond and have fun together thus setting the tone for the rest of the weekend.

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