We looked after Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s party when they were in Kilkenny & we will look after your party too. Ten pin bowling is an ideal activity for a hen or stag party as its not to taxing on the body or brain…… yet its loads of fun. Nothing beats the satisfaction of a strike and the bragging rights that go with it.

KBowl Kilkenny is located at the front of MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre in the heart of the city within walking distance of the most popular pubs, clubs and restaurants.

As part of the package KBowl will add some spice to your game with a highest score prize plus an exciting “strike” competition where every player gets one shot to knock all 10 pins. However the penalty for a gutter ball is up to you!rsz_dsc_8964

A newly installed video jukebox plays the latest hits across multi screens throughout KBowl. Watch the memories flood back with a photo/video display of old photo of the hen / stag on our large screens. To avail of this complimentary facility just load them on a disc or memory stick and we will display them on the screens in the centre.

As well as bowling there are a variety of arcade games and pool which are played on a redemption basis with prizes ranging from key rings to fun electrical products.

We serve pizza plus light refreshments and drinks including latte, cappuccinos. Eddie Rockets is right beside us for that all important “soakage”.

KBowl Features:
Large screens to display old photos of the hen or stag.
Video jukebox
Arcade games including pool & air hockey
Freshly cooked pizza
Refreshments include popcorn, latte, cappuccino and chocolates
10 lanes with automated scoring
Located close to many pubs, clubs & restaurants

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