Do Something You Love to Enjoy Your Hen Party

Hens celebrate their hen party so that they can officially say goodbye to the life of being single. That should happen before they start their life as married women. In many countries, it is tradition to celebrate that hen night and a lot of people tend to do it in a particular way.

It is a common misconception that a hen night should always involve alcohol and wild behavior. Though that seems to be the trend nowadays, that does not mean that all hens should follow suit.

What Women Usually Do

So, how do women usually celebrate their last night of freedom? Though different women tend to want different things, most hen party organizers plan for hen nights in the same manner.

They’d make sure that they get in the top club, bar, or pub in that area. Wearing hen party T-shirts, costumes, and armed with hen party accessories, they’d storm the establishment, drink, dance, and party all night. There are a number of hen party games to enjoy throughout the night too if they bring along Hen Night Dare Dice or Cards with them.

As an alternative, there are hens that choose to have a more private party. That can be a lot more fun as the group can enjoy more hen party games. To spice up the evening, some hen do organizers would even hire an exotic dancer for the night.

Something Different and New

Instead of having the usual hen night, some hens choose to have more time to enjoy their last moments of freedom by going on a hen weekend. Hen weekends have become more popular nowadays. These are much like mini vacations at a chosen destination. So, instead of just partying all night, this might be a lot better for some hens.

The usual activities can still be completely different from the usual hen party activities too. This is even more important if the hen herself does not drink or cannot really appreciate a typical hen party.

For one hen party, the main activity was a cupcake baking contest since the celebrant did not really drink. All the participants were split into two groups and had to wear aprons instead of the typical hen party T-shirt. There was no male entertainment, wild dares, alcohol, or other things that are found in typical hen parties. Even stag night activities can be different from typical stag activities especially when the groom-to-be does not really drink.

For another hen party, the whole group spent time in the stadium watching the horse race. The hen grew up with horses and have always loved them. Since her maid of honor knew that, she decided that a day watching the horse race will be the best hen party activity for the group. It was a success and the bride-to-be had a great time.

All things considered, what matters is that the celebrant enjoys herself. So, in planning for any hen party, try to think of what the celebrant will really love.