Are flights included in the package?

No, you will have to make the necessary arrangements for that. We noticed that it is important to check constantly in order to get cheap flights.

Even so, if you need help, we will  provide you with our recommendations. If you need further assistance, just contact us.

Will you provide the transportation from activity centres / airports?

None of our packages will include transport because we noticed that most of our customers bring their own vehicles. However, if you need us to make the necessary arrangements, we can also do that for you.

Is it possible to just book an activity?

Yes, even if we recommend booking packages because our packages will give you the best value for your money, you can choose to book an activity.

Will our accommodations be far from clubs / pubs / activity centres?

In choosing accommodations, we always have our customers in mind. So, we make an effort to get you accommodations that are centrally located. We will try to make sure that there will be very little travel involved.

Will you allow for late bookings?

We will try our best to deal with late bookings. It can be rather difficult to accommodate a big group on short notice as most places would be booked out.

We highly recommend booking at least 2 months in advance to avoid any issues.

How can we pay?

We have setup an online payment system wherein each group member can log in and make their own payment. This way, the party’s organiser does not have to run around to get money off all the group members.

Once the order is secured, you will get the log in details. Once you get that, you can then invite everyone who will be joining the event.