Five Things to Consider Doing for Your Dublin Hen Party

Hens from Ireland and beyond choose to spend their last night of freedom in Dublin. Why wouldn’t they? Dublin is home of fine Irish brew, has more than six hundred pubs, has a lively music and nightlife scene. All of those are enough reasons for a lot of hens to have their hen party in Dublin.

Now, for anyone that will be partying in Dublin soon, here are five things to consider doing to fully enjoy that hen night or hen weekend. There is always great “craic” to be had in this Irish city if one knows what to do and where to go.

Immerse in Gaelic Culture

As the capital city of Ireland, Dublin is one of the best places to immerse in Irish culture. Since there are more than six hundred pubs in this city, a lot of those will have traditional Irish music sessions allowing hens and their closest friends to enjoy the best of Irish music. Perhaps, the group can learn some Irish dances too. Locals are usually willing to teach anyone those Riverdance moves.

Hen groups can watch live games of Gaelic sports at sport stadiums in Dublin. Gaelic football and hurling are both popular sports throughout the country. There is no better place to catch a great game of Gaelic football than Dublin.

Choose to Take the Ferry

Hens and their companions that are thinking about taking the plane to Dublin should consider taking another mode of transportation. By taking the ferry, one can appreciate the view from the water as they approach the city. It really is better than flying.

A ferry ride to Dublin will also be a lot cheaper than riding an airplane. The ferry boats are well-equipped with facilities for entertainment and leisure as well. There are some boats that have bars and cinemas. That can be a fun and relaxing way to spend the day with one’s closest girlfriends.

Other Hen Party Activities

After getting off the ferry, there are a lot of hen party activities in store for hen groups. More adventurous hens can choose to enjoy activities like go karting or even white water rafting during the day.

Those that would rather rest and relax during the day can enjoy taking various lessons too. The whole group can learn how to make cocktails or works of art. Other might prefer a different sort of activity. They can take dance lessons or, perhaps, enjoy a treasure hunting experience that will take them all over the city.

Ladies’ Day at the Race

A day at the race can be a lot of fun, but Ladies’ Day will definitely be something to look forward to. Hens that love horses or enjoy watching the horse race will certainly have fun during Ladies’ Day.

For other hens, such a day can be a good opportunity to simply look good, see, and be seen. Some may not know that there’s a prize to be awarded to the best dressed lady in the stadium!

Party on a Party Bus

Though Dublin is a great place for pub crawling as the city’s nightlife scene is concentrated in two areas, there are other ways to celebrate that hen night. One of those would be to rent a party bus.

Riding a party bus is the ultimate way to go about pub crawling in a city with over six hundred pubs. By riding one, the party does not really have to stop as the group transfers from one nightlife establishment to another.

These are just five things to consider for those that will be going to Dublin for a hen party or weekend. Some of those will apply to stag parties too. There are definitely a lot of other things to look forward to. It is just a matter of knowing what the city has to offer. So, start planning for that party and have a great time in the capital city of Ireland.